5 Ways AP Automations Help Your Team Work from Home

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Companies around the globe have rolled out remote working policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home mitigates the transmission of COVID from one employee to another.

While the reduction of COVID transmission is critical, many companies have found it difficult to adjust to an entirely remote work-life. Organizations that are still mired in manual and paper-based business procedures have found it especially difficult to contribute remotely, as many lack digital infrastructure to support such work.


Value Invoice Processing can help your business maintain workflow continuity within your business’ digital workspace environment during the Coronavirus pandemic, and for years to come. In this blog, we will discuss five key aspects of VIP which highlight its efficacy within an increasingly digital workspace.

1. Limit staff from opening physical mail, by receiving digital invoices.

VIP provides direct receipt of emailed and mailed invoices (optional), to eliminate the need for staff to open the mail and scan invoices. This can help mitigate the transmission of COVID-19, as well as reduce time spent receiving, tracking, and distributing physical mail. Many states, including Minnesota, have restricted in-person office work to essential workers only. Reducing the number of employees within an office creates a safer and expedited mail handling system.


2. Limit mistakes and efficiently submit invoices into processes through outsourced data entry.

VIP provides data entry services to efficiently submit all AP invoices into the approval and/or payment processes. In-house data entry from various sources can lead to mistypes, file-saving errors, or other miscalculations. Our data entry process involves crosschecking and verification to ensure that all data meets the specific parameters.


3. Allow staff to access electronic invoices and data from anywhere with our secure platform.

VIP provides a secure, hosted platform to allow AP personnel, managers, and approvers easy access to electronic invoices and data from virtually anywhere. VIP provides a browser-accessible interface for on-the-go viewing and processing, even from mobile devices.


4. Manage and customize multiple workflows from invoice approvals to purchase requests.

VIP offers unique workflows for invoice approvals, PO matching, purchase requests, receiving and check requests.  Custom workflows can be configured to create effortless automation with minimal need for maintenance. Automated invoice processing also offers a great increase in efficiency by minimizing human intervention and reducing manual data recording.


5. Stay up to date on that status of all invoices.

VIP’s secure web interface provides real-time status updates for all invoices received, distributed for approvals and ready for payment; ensuring that you are always on top of processing or posted AP/ARs.


Eliminate roadblocks, bottlenecks, and delayed invoices with the efficiency and flexibility of Value Invoice Processing. VIP’s intuitive setup, operation, and interface can have your operation processing AP invoices remotely in days. Here at Mid-America, we offer complete deployment and integration 100% remotely.  We’ll have your employees processing AP invoices from home while maintaining total social distancing!

Automate your team's AP processes.
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Value Invoice Processing (VIP)
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Value Invoice Processing (VIP)
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