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As COVID-19 continues to alter our everyday lives and how we operate, many organizations have found it necessary to precautionarily screen employees and patrons for symptoms or exposure to limit the chances of further infection. Many businesses have opted for e-forms and questionnaires in order to digitally deliver and collect these responses. Below, we’ve listed how different organizations can benefit from creating their own online health screening forms, along with how OnTask’s software can help you distribute them safely and easily.

How To Build Screening Forms With OnTask

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In order to build an effective questionnaire workflow and protect your employees or visitors, first know and understand the local COVID guidelines and recommendations. Not only will these help you to understand proper conduct, but can also help you to design a better form.

Using OnTask, you can utilize pre-existing digital health screening forms, customize template forms, or create your own form. Within OnTask, you can find a workflow design studio, which allows you to customize recipients, alter question information, and further optimize form workflows to best suit your needs. Then, through the easy-to-use interface, you can select your employees or create a workflow that sends forms to attendees upon reservation creation.

If you’d like to experience what a pre-built health questionnaire is like yourself, try out OnTask’s demo here.

Implementing eForms Into Organization For Covid-19

Many organizations are requiring employees to be on-site to maintain functionality and have been slowly returning to normal function as the year progresses. Simultaneously, many schools are also preparing to return to in-class sessions to maximize student learning potential. With this, compulsory screening is a must to ensure safety and reduce outbreaks of COVID.

For Workers in Essential Businesses

For staff working in medical fields, manufacturing, or other critical industries, daily or weekly questionnaire forms are highly recommended and can be easily distributed via OnTask’s automation process. Any staff who will be in close proximity to one another throughout the course of the day should regularly respond to questionnaires as well as practice social distancing and wear proper PPE.

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For Students and Teachers

Incorporating these questionnaires into a regular work or school schedule is foundational to their effectiveness, as it maintains employee and student obligations to complete them. Their effectivity is foundational on mutual accountability, and having a regularly scheduled form is critical to achieving this.

Accountability of students to respond accurately is also incredibly important, and parents could also be asked to complete separate questionnaires on behalf of their children to double the scrutiny and limit any false responses. This is especially helpful for younger students in elementary and middle school, who may not be able to detect or correlate symptoms of COVID.


For Customers, Patrons, and Members

Health questionnaires should also be utilized in preventing guests and customers from spreading COVID. Places such as gyms, spas, physical therapy centers, and other recently-reopened health businesses can take advantage of questionnaires to warn customers of risks as well as reduce transmission to workers.

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For Appointments and Attendees

In addition to questionnaires, liability waivers can also be created and distributed in conjunction with questionnaires to appointment holders or attendees to warn them of the potential risks. Liability waivers, in relation to COVID, can protect your business from lawsuits stemming from the accidental transmission and other potential issues. These waivers can be used in a variety of situations from museums to grooming appointments.


For Contact Tracing in All Organizations and Businesses

Another important form that OnTask can manage are contract tracing forms. Contact tracing forms could be sent out with a positive COVID diagnosis, allowing contact tracing organizations to quickly connect with potential carriers and others exposed. OnTask can manage and compile responses to make data access easy and straight-forward. And with OnTask, any of these created forms can be incorporated within other digital forms, such as enrollment forms, business contracts, or job applications.


Fostering a Safe Work Environment

One important consideration that applies to every workplace, is to foster an environment in which employees or students will not feel obligated to answer no, even if they are experiencing symptoms. This compromises the integrity of the forms and negates their purpose. Fostering a safe environment by providing information on local testing sites and educating everyone on whether or not they should be tested will higher public safety.

COVID-19 Employee Policies & Procedures Sample:
The following images is a document reviewed and signed through OnTask.


Regardless of where you plan to implement a digital health questionnaire, OnTask can provide all of the necessary tools to do so with ease and convenience. Its workflow management suite makes it incredibly easy to utilize form responses and create reports to help better curb the potential of further transmission. Implementing e-forms, as well as other screening techniques, protects employees and guests from the threat of infection and fosters a less stressful in-person experience for all. If you’re considering adding a health questionnaire to your employee or guest workflow, look no further than OnTask.

Keep your customers safe.
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