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5 Ways AP Automations Help Your Team Work from Home
Document Imaging

Companies around the globe have rolled out remote working policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home mitigates the transmission of COVID from one employee to another.

While the reduction of COVID transmission is critical, many companies have found it difficult to adjust to an entirely remote work-life. Organizations that are still mired in manual and paper-based business procedures have found it especially difficult to contribute remotely, as many lack digital infrastructure to support such work.


Value Invoice Processing can help your business maintain workflow continuity within your business’ digital workspace environment during the Coronavirus pandemic, and for years to come. In this blog, we will discuss five key aspects of VIP which highlight its efficacy within an increasingly digital workspace.

1. Limit staff from opening physical mail, by receiving digital invoices.

VIP provides direct receipt of emailed and mailed invoices (optional), to eliminate the need for staff to open the mail and scan invoices. This can help mitigate the transmission of COVID-19, as well as reduce time spent receiving, tracking, and distributing physical mail. Many states, including Minnesota, have restricted in-person office work to essential workers only. Reducing the number of employees within an office creates a safer and expedited mail handling system.


2. Limit mistakes and efficiently submit invoices into processes through outsourced data entry.

VIP provides data entry services to efficiently submit all AP invoices into the approval and/or payment processes. In-house data entry from various sources can lead to mistypes, file-saving errors, or other miscalculations. Our data entry process involves crosschecking and verification to ensure that all data meets the specific parameters.


3. Allow staff to access electronic invoices and data from anywhere with our secure platform.

VIP provides a secure, hosted platform to allow AP personnel, managers, and approvers easy access to electronic invoices and data from virtually anywhere. VIP provides a browser-accessible interface for on-the-go viewing and processing, even from mobile devices.


4. Manage and customize multiple workflows from invoice approvals to purchase requests.

VIP offers unique workflows for invoice approvals, PO matching, purchase requests, receiving and check requests.  Custom workflows can be configured to create effortless automation with minimal need for maintenance. Automated invoice processing also offers a great increase in efficiency by minimizing human intervention and reducing manual data recording.


5. Stay up to date on that status of all invoices.

VIP’s secure web interface provides real-time status updates for all invoices received, distributed for approvals and ready for payment; ensuring that you are always on top of processing or posted AP/ARs.


Eliminate roadblocks, bottlenecks, and delayed invoices with the efficiency and flexibility of Value Invoice Processing. VIP’s intuitive setup, operation, and interface can have your operation processing AP invoices remotely in days. Here at Mid-America, we offer complete deployment and integration 100% remotely.  We’ll have your employees processing AP invoices from home while maintaining total social distancing!

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How Bedlifts Can Benefit Your Hospital During and After Covid
Material Handling

One nagging issue that hospitals often face is the shortage of hospital beds for intake patients. This issue has only been exacerbated by COVID-19, which has strained hospital resources to the breaking point. Many hospitals face full bed capacity from the influx of COVID patients, lacking a single bed for ER patients or severe COVID cases.

Benefits of Vidir Bedlifts

Within a hospital, supply storage must be efficiently compiled to maximize open spaces to reduce walkway congestion and backups. However, hospital beds can occupy substantial amounts of space, especially when not in use. Their size and oblong shape make efficient storage near impossible. To effectively provide hospitals with proper medical bed storage, Vidir designed their Bedlift storage system.

Vidir Bedlifts are an automated storage system providing hospitals with stackable, motorized vertical bed storage. These lifts can be installed at various points within the hospital, providing ‘hallway beds’ with a permanent location. These storage systems alleviate clutter in critical pathways and help hospitals to meet JHACO standards of practice.  

Vidir Bedlifts function by sliding hospital beds into the system from either the front or the side (depending on model), where they are attached to the internal mechanism for storage compaction. From there, the bed is lifted up with the push of a button, exposing an open slot for the next bed to be slid in.

How Deer Valley Medical Center Increased Patient Services

When Deer Valley Medical Center, located within the Phoenix metro area, was regularly hitting ‘surge capacity,’ they needed to reconsider their hospital bed count and facility operation. Snowbirds, who regularly visit and stay for extended periods within the greater Phoenix area, were often attending the Deer Valley Facility. The large fluctuation of patients created a difficult problem for the facility: they needed to have beds on hand for patients during the winter surge, but could not afford to house the necessary beds within the limited storage spaces at hand.  


Therefore, they chose to implement Vidir Bedlifts into their facility, decreasing their storage space greatly and alleviating storage strain on busy hallways. These Bedlifts also permitted the hospital to provide service to their increasing number of patients, while also operating within JHACO patient safety parameters.

Vidir Lift Models

Vidir offers four different Bedlift models to provide hospitals of various sizes and storage needs.  

BedliftR (Standard)

The BedliftR is the standard Bedlift unit, designed to accept most standard hospital bed sizes with a 27” vertical pitch. It can store up to 600 pounds per position, and loads from the front of the unit.  


The BedliftX is built with a larger chassis, designed to fit wider hospital beds. It features a 33” vertical pitch and can handle 900 pounds per position. Like the BedliftR, this model also loads from the front.  


The BedliftS is similar to the BedliftR, except this model load from the side of the unit, rather than the front. This model is especially useful for spaces with unique floorspace constraints, or have smaller load/unload space.  


The BedliftN is specifically designed with lower-profile hospital beds, stretchers, and operating tables in mind. The unit features a 31.5” width, and loads from the front as a standard Bedlift does. These units are most useful in OR units, EMS drop-off locations, or other areas which regularly handle operating tables and stretchers.


With hospital spaces increasingly in high demand, administrators have frequently utilized Vidir’s Bedlift to provide ICU’s, OR’s, and other hospital units with on-scene, deployable hospital beds. Not only do Bedlifts offer the ability to store an increased bed count, they also declutter high-flow walkways and provide efficient storage for otherwise intrusive medical gear. If you are considering implementing a Vidir Bedlift in your medical center, contact us at Mid-America for more technical information, pricing contracts, and free quotes.

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6 Reasons to Digitize Your Microfilm
Document Imaging

Mid-America has been supporting microfilm systems for over 40 years. In addition to providing microfilm systems, we also offer digitization services for customers looking to switch to a completely digital workflow. Digitization of microfilm can provide your business with a variety of benefits, including but not limited to:

1. Ease of Access

With Mid-America, access to digitized documents can be quick and effortless. We provide online access to digitized microfilm and other documents for quick retrieval and viewing. In addition, we also provide users the ability to create word-searchable files during the conversion process to easily sort and retrieve specific documents. This can help users who are unfamiliar with the digitization process, as files can be named in more familiar, electronic formats. Digitzing your microfilm allows accessing images from virtually anywhere, supporting the work-from-home environments we are experiencing.


2. Improve Operational Efficiency

Digitization provides you with immediate access to a lexicon of files at your computer, allowing you to more quickly respond to inquiries from clients or file-pull requests. Furthermore, digitized files are accessible to view and download by multiple people at a time, providing more efficient file use and reducing time wasted manually transferring files. Digitized microfilm also does not require previous experience with using a microfilm viewer, negating the need for equipment and training.


3. Eliminate Special Storage Requirements for Microfilm

Unlike digital files, microfilm is a quite fragile medium and requires specific temperatures and humidity in order to stay intact. If temperatures fluctuate greatly, image quality can quickly deteriorate and degrade the overall clarity and readability of the microfilm. Additionally, the acetate in which microfilm is recorded on can degrade and ruin nearby microfilms, an effect known as ‘vinegar syndrome’.


4. Protect and Preserve the Quality of your Documents

On top of storage degradation, microfilm can also be damaged during viewing. Microfilm can become extremely brittle over time, making it difficult to use in a viewer. Viewing equipment can also create large streaks or scratches in the film if any particles become trapped between surfaces.


5. Eliminate Inadequate Microfilm Equipment

Another issue that traditional microfilm faces is the upkeeping of viewing equipment. Many microfilm viewers were produced during the 20th century and can easily become non-operational or unserviceable. If repairs are possible, specialized equipment repairs can be quite expensive. Furthermore, older microfilm equipment may not be capable of producing high-resolution images. In comparison, digitized microfilm can be imaged in extremely high clarity and quality.


6. Free up Space and Eliminate Costs

Lastly, microfilm equipment and rolls take up space. Microfilm imagers and viewers can be heavy, bulky, and overall a large investment in space. Not to mention the accompanying microfilm rolls themselves, which require specific storage techniques and climates. With digitized microfilm, all documents can be quickly accessed from the convenience of your desk—eliminating the need for any in-house equipment. Documents can easily be distributed and copied amongst coworkers and organizations alike. Duplication no longer requires a large, heavy microfilm duplicator. It can be done with the click of a button.

In addition to microfilm digitization and compilation, Mid-America offers:

• Free survey analysis for estimating your conversion project

• Free document retrieval of a microfilm record for you when it is in the conversion process

• Export formats and import services to upload your digital files to an ECM or destination of choice

• Hosted cloud storage of your electronic files with secure access

Using microfilm is still a great way to archive information for hundreds of years, but it is a more difficult medium to use for performing every-day retrievals Converting your microfilm can provide your organization with immediate access to organized, indexed digital reproductions of any microfilm image needed. Save money, time and stress with Mid-America. Let us provide you with top-notch microfilm digitization at an affordable price, quality-assured.

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How VIP Can Reduce AP Processing Delays and Errors
Document Imaging

Value Invoice Processing (VIP) is an Accounts Payable invoice processing platform from Mid-America. Constructed specifically with our customers in mind, this software aims to provide automated invoice processing at an affordable rate. Automated invoice processing, an industry technique that was once limited to large companies, can now be implemented and utilized by companies of all sizes at a lower cost.


How It Works

VIP is a secure, hosted environment that processes scanned or electronic documents with services that extract key data elements from each invoice. Mid-America can also provide the scanning services to eliminate the handling and manual data entry of your invoices. Clients view the electronic invoices in the VIP Workflow. Typically, within 24 hours of submission, your Accounts Payable department can access your invoices and send them through pre-configured workflows for approvals. If invoices are pre-approved and match all the requirements, they can be sent direct to your ERP or accounting software for payment.  

VIP can be customized to filter and distribute invoices based on department, keywords, vendor, and other criteria. VIP also has Smart AP, which can recognize repeating invoices and learn to correct any previous processing issues. Using this Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows the use of key values and learned values further automating your invoice processing in VIP.

How VIP Saves Time

VIP can save your organization hours of frustration and tedious work by eliminating your invoice handling, scanning and data entry while automating approvals. Rather than meticulously keying in data by hand, you can scan and email (or directly mail invoices to Mid-America for scanning) to VIP. From that point on, basic data extraction and processing are provided as a service.  

Managing invoices in VIP can be accomplished up to six times faster than traditional, manual processing. Once an invoice has been processed in VIP it becomes accessible to all appropriate personnel for review. Department managers and organization executives can approve or deny invoices in VIP with one click, from PCs and mobile devices. Email notification alerts approvers of a pending invoice and they can link to VIP. They can also approve or reject the invoice from the email message. VIP can be utilized anywhere you have access to the internet, making AP invoice processing viable in work-from-home environments.

How VIP Saves Money

With VIP automated invoice processing, accounting teams can spend more time addressing higher priority projects, and less time on invoice review. Fewer hours are required to process your current volume of invoices lowering your overall costs in this area.

VIP provides a view of all invoices in process or completed, reducing the chance of double payments, missed payments, or other financial mistakes. Early pay discount timeframes can be met, and past due payment fees avoided. Plus, you only pay for the volume of invoices that your process, making it efficient and affordable.

VIP process configuration can many times be completed in days at much lower costs than on-premise software implementations. Your dedicated VIP hosted site eliminates the need for more network servers and software licensing. VIP is also easy to learn how to use, with an intuitive user interface.

Completing the Payment Process

VIP efficiently manages your AP invoice data capture and approvals, making the necessary data available to your ERP or accounting software for payment processing. Integrations to vendor and PO tables can provide further automaton and accuracy. Optional Payment services are also available with VIP with payment s delivered via checks, ACH, Wire Transfer or a Virtual Credit Cards. Virtual Credit Cards can earn rebates adding to your VIP AP invoice processing cost savings.

The advantages that VIP can provide to your business help to streamline your workflow, bolster efficiency, and provide accurate invoice processing at an affordable rate. Providing a workflow platform with easy access and configurable process rules allows organizations to utilize the VIP automation from beginning to end, uncompromising in quality or efficiency.

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The Types of Art Spacesaver Can Store
Office Systems

Art pieces: often delicate, oddly-shaped, or of antiquity; require extensive storage and security measures to ensure the safety and integrity of each piece. In order to securely store large quantities of art, museums and other art repositories often choose to incorporate art-specific storage shelving systems. Spacesaver produces a variety of art-specific storage systems, including condensable, mobile storage systems as well as static hanging shelving. As art collections continue to expand with time, it is critical to consider effective storage for any repository.

Paintings and Other Framed Pieces

Paintings, one of the most common art pieces at most galleries and museums, are often delicate and fragile--often becoming exceptionally brittle with age. Therefore, it is imperative that their storage conditions and arrangement is secure and well-organized. Spacesaver offers an extensive line of hanging art solutions:

1. Art racks

Spacesaver’s suspended, pull-out art rack systems provide sturdy and condensable pegboard storage for paintings, prints, and other hanging pieces of nearly any size. This unit can be custom fit to storage spaces of various heights and widths, providing the storage solution you need in the space you have.

2. Modular hanging racks

Spacesaver also offers pull-out hanging racks in a modular, mobile design. Their modular pull-out rack exists as a unit within a steel chassis, capable of being entirely moved and repositioned as necessary.  However, the aforementioned suspended pull-out racks mount to the ceiling, meaning their ability to be repositioned is limited.

3. Mobile art racks

In addition to these storage options, Spacesaver also offers their hanging art racks, mounted atop their mobile storage carriages. These carriages are connected via metal tracking installed into the ground, allowing the carriages to be repositioned in relation to the room, and stacked against one-another to open up valuable floor space. A carriage-based hanging rack system offers the most condensed and efficient art storage possible.

4. Static art racks

Static hanging art racks offer the same signature design as the other Spacesaver models, but are mounted to a wall space rather than a mobile track system. Static hanging racks best suit smaller collections looking for a more cost effective storage solution. As with the other racks, these static hanging racks can also be used to display art on-the-floor, providing a clean and modular display for visiting patrons.

When a small art museum wanted to redo their storage space, they needed to reconsider a better storage solution than their current system. They utilized small wooden and cardboard boxes, stacked on top of another, on static shelving. Each box was draped with plastic covering, making location and access to each piece difficult. After consulting with an Ontario-based Spacesaver rep, they decided to implement an Eclipse powered mobile shelving system--complete with art racking for hanging art pieces. This allowed the institution employees to easily search for, locate, and access the hung art within the mobile storage system. Paired with Spacesaver’s TUSC mobile storage control application, available for mobile devices, workers can locate and open Eclipse units remotely for efficient access.

pasted image 0.png

Textiles, Oversized Prints, and Woven Pieces

Along with hanging art racks for paintings and prints, Spacesaver also provides storage solutions for textiles, fashion design pieces, and woven art pieces. With textiles, special care is needed to prevent deterioration, staining, and other damages that can be incurred during transport and display.

1. Cantilever racks for textiles

Spacesaver offers a roller-style cantilever rack system for oversized and long textiles. The textiles can be spun onto a roller system, which floats amid the cantilever system in a row. These rolls can be removed, swapped, and adjusted to fit various sizes and quantities of textile or prints.

Textile racks on cantilever shelving.jpg

2. Flat drawer storage

In addition to such roller-textile cantilever shelving, Spacesaver also offers flat drawer storage for smaller or more fragile items. Flat drawer storage can be implemented in a variety of settings, from small scale counter-heights to warehouse-scale mobile racking.

For smaller-scale implementation, Spacesaver offers Viking 395 oversized drawer storage cabinets, which can be outfitted as counter-height or full height storage. Drawer heights and widths are also adjustable to fit various items.

pasted image 0 (1).png

For larger-scale implementation, Spacesaver’s mobile racking carriages can be outfitted with drawer systems to provide warehouse-level textile storage. These best suit organizations such as museums and art auction houses.

When staff at the University of Rochester, New York needed space to store historical quilts, flags, and other textiles, they relied on Spacesaver’s textile racks to provide optimal storage conditions. The textile rolls helped to decrease the amount of creasing and folding, as well as keep an intact uniformity to the pieces. Additionally, they paired textile rolls with the Viking 920 storage cabinets to control the storage environment and protect their valuable pieces from any damage.

Sculptures and 3D Art

Storing sculptures, busts, and other 3D art forms, space constraints can vary drastically between each piece. Therefore, providing a secure storage solution for such a breadth of pieces can be somewhat challenging. Thankfully, Spacesaver’s mobile storage rack systems can be outfitted to provide safe art storage for art of any shape and size. Spacesaver’s ActivRAC and Eclipse powered-storage systems are constructed atop steel tracking to guide shelves into a condensed and locked position. On top of providing extra security measures, condensable mobile storage can also provide warehouse and large-scale storage settings with a vast increase in space efficiency--allowing for a larger catalogue of pieces to be stored.

Long term evidence storage solutions.jpg

When Frazier Museum in Louisville, KY decided to revamp their art and artifact storage archives, they wanted to maximize their storage potential within the limited space they had available. To do so, they contacted a local Spacesaver rep, who was able to help design and implement a mobile storage shelving system. Implementing a mobile storage system, outfitted with both cabinetry and racking, allowed the Frazier Museum staff to securely store large art and artifact pieces securely, with little concern of damage. They were able to reclaim vast amounts of storage space, opening their collection up for more pieces.

unnamed (6).jpg
unnamed (7).jpg

Regardless of art medium or size, Spacesaver’s wide range of art storage solutions are sure to provide safe and efficient storage. Reducing your institution’s storage footprints allows you to add more pieces to your collection, diversifying your archives while reducing space usage.

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How the Modula Slim Can Improve E-commerce Warehouse Logistics
Material Handling

As many businesses transition from brick and mortar stores to online, e-commerce operations, many are seeking to improve order fulfillment speeds and overall efficiency levels. To accomplish this, systemic workflow overhauls must be made; relying on upgrades in the technology to expedite the process. Various operations have transitioned to smart, automated storage systems, such as Modula Vertical Lifts. Modula offers lifts in a variety of sizes and weight capacities to provide intelligent, vertical storage systems for almost any setting. Within the market of retail e-commerce, the Modula Slim is the best solution as it’s relatively compact, easy to install, and offers incredibly high retrieval rates. Even one Modula unit can greatly expedite an e-commerce operation’s order fulfilment and store inventories.

Current Challenges for Brick and Mortar Stores


Currently, brick and mortar stores face many difficulties, from reduced customer presence to rising retail operational costs. In-person shopping experiences demand various additional costs to operate, such as rent, electricity, staffing, and general space maintenance. In addition to this, physical size limitations restrict stores’ abilities to carry wide selections of products and fully represent their brands’ lines.

Consumer trends demonstrate a large growth in digital shopping experiences. Online shops can provide a much wider variety of product options, greater market diversity, and much cheaper prices. The immense amount of e-commerce operations that sprawl the internet provide options for consumers, driving down costs for consumers, limiting product monopolies, and upholding companies to deliver on guarantees. Additionally, E-commerce operations have a significantly cheaper operational cost, as they do not need to own a storefront, employee sales workers, and distribute products to said location(s).

Covid-19’s Impact on E-commerce

Within the first month of the COVID pandemic, most non-essential retail stores and other storefronts were forced to close to prevent further transmission. At the same time, online retailers’ and e-commerce operations’ sales orders drastically increased. Many people resorted to shopping online for at-home essentials, attempting to avoid any unnecessary contact at grocery stores or other retailers. Additionally, many office workers transitioned to working from home, which presented e-commerce retailers with a new market of purchasers. E-commerce operations seized the opportunity, making significant profits from a population who may have been less lenient to buy online beforehand, but given circumstances, now rely on e-commerce for daily items and large purchases alike.

Some retailers feel as though this shift towards e-commerce may be the beginning of a permanent transition, and have opted to permanently close some of their stores. If this is the case, and the future of retail is 100% online, then transitioning early is critical to the success of an e-commerce operation.

Modula's Benefits for Warehouse Logistics

1. Increased storage capacity

Modula Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) take advantage of unused vertical space to compactly and neatly store items for e-commerce and other distribution needs.

Implementation of Modula VLMs can reduce floor space use by up to 90%, meaning a much larger (and more organized) inventory can be held in the same amount of space.

Additionally, the single access location of a Modula VLM access bay means much less time will be spent searching for a product. Instead, workers can queue and search for products within the VLMs via the CoPilot or WMS--directly in front of the unit.

2. Integration to WMS and ERP systems

Modula Systems, and accompanying WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) software, can be integrated into existing ERP software to provide e-commerce employees with up-to-date inventories and sales reports. Such information can be utilized to adjust employee scheduling, address bottlenecks, and handle other administrative tasks.

ERPs can also extract logistics information and automatically update web content to reflect existing on-hand counts for customers.

3. Easy installation process

The Modula Slim is unique in the fact that it is composed of a prefabricated chassis, which significantly expedites the installation process.

Its modular design allows installation specialists to construct the Modula Slim quickly and efficiently--usually complete and operational within 48 hours. This differs from other Modula lifts and competitors, which require a longer installation process.

Lower installation costs compared to other storage solutions due to prefab design.


As the world transitions to an e-commerce market, many businesses are taking the proper steps to prepare their operation for maximum functionality and efficiency. Making the change to a vertical storage system such as the Modula Slim can provide a high ROI in order efficiency, accuracy, and storage space; and, in turn, creating a retail warehouse capable of keeping up with the growing demands of a technology-driven society.

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3 Areas to Implement Spacesaver’s GROW System
Office Systems

As demand for space within cities continues to increase, sourcing and distribution of produce and fresh foods is becoming an increasingly difficult logistical task. Some restaurants have turned to growing their own produce on rooftops or sourcing from grow labs to cook with locally-sourced, easily-accessible produce products for maximum freshness and quality. In addition, recent recreational legalization in four US states (AZ, MT, NJ, SD), and medical legalization in two more (MS, SD), has instantiated opportunities for growers to begin cultivation. Spacesaver’s GROW systems technology can be implemented in new or existing grow operations to cultivate high-density, top-quality yields in limited spaces by utilizing vertical grow racking.

1. Spacesaver GROW for restaurants

Spacesaver’s GROW platform builds upon pre-existing ActivRAC mobile storage systems, augmenting the shelving to fit hydroponics systems and offering mounting points for UV lighting. These systems are constructed of high-density steel and can be custom-fitted to best suit the size of the operation. The mobile shelving can be condensed and opened as necessary, all while continuing to provide plants with proper lighting and hydroponics.

Cannabis Grow Room Spacesaver Vertical Racking.jpg

For these reasons, many restaurants choose to grow their own herbs, microgreens, and other small-scale produce items directly within the establishment. Whether a basement operation or a rooftop greenhouse, Spacesaver’s GROW systems can be customized to accommodate and maximize said operation. Additionally, upon purchase, peripheral light and hydroponics systems can be ordered and installed, courtesy of Hawthorne Gardening Company. This further streamlines the installation process and promises an up-and-running system upon completion.

2. GROW for high-efficiency farming

For many high-density urban environments, fresh and accessible produce can sometimes be difficult to find. Some nonprofits and other organizations have banded together to create urban farms; small-scale and high-density indoor farming operations within the thick of an urban environment. Indoor farms usually take advantage of small, otherwise unused facilities or constructed rooftop greenhouses--both of which are constricting spaces.


These indoor farms can be utilized for a variety of uses, such as providing disadvantaged and impoverished communities with healthy, sustainable produce goods; or be used for community cooperative farming for personal use! The options are limitless, and with Spacesaver’s GROW system, volunteers and workers can maximize limited space and resources to yield the highest amount of crop possible.

3. Spacesaver GROW for cannabis markets

unnamed (5).jpg

As you can imagine, Spacesaver GROW can easily be configured to serve cannabis growers with a mobile-rack, tiered growing infrastructure. Similar to the aforementioned uses, the Spacesaver GROW racks can be customized both in width and height, allowing for both large-and small-scale operations to benefit from their implementation.

There are a few major advantages to growing cannabis with a Spacesaver GROW system, as well as incentives to purchase via a Spacesaver rep. The advantages of the GROW system are as follows:

  • Vertical racking offers mounting points for lighting, HVAC, irrigation, etc.
  • Steel construction minimizes rust and tarnish
  • Non-off gassing paint coating
  • Customizable sizes and lengths
  • Versatile shelving points compatible with many standard shelving types
  • Mechanical assist mobile operation
  • Anti-tip shelving options available for areas with increased seismic activities
    (California, Nevada, etc.)
  • Increased weight capacity minimizes collapse, damage to systems, or employee injury
Cannabis Grow Increase Yields Spacesaver (1).jpg

When a medical cannabis grow facility was looking to expand their operation and harvest size, while minimizing their carbon footprint,  they turned to Spacesaver’s GROW mobile horticulture systems. By implementing GROW systems into their operation, they were able to quadruple their feasible growing space, all while improving environmental conditions for their plants. On top of this, they greatly reduced their carbon footprint through LED lighting and more conservative irrigation technology.

Another fantastic advantage for both existing grow operations looking to upgrade existing systems, or new operations looking to source equipment, is that Spacesaver offers exclusive horticulture supply packages for customers via Hawthorne Gardening Company. Spacesaver reps are able to provide consumers with GROW systems, as well as source any necessary irrigation, hydroponics, HVAC, and lighting equipment necessary to help an operation get up and running. Overall, Spacesaver’s GROW architecture, paired with Hawthorne horticulture supplies, provide any cannabis grower with ample technology to harvest quality yields, time and time again.

Whether you’re planning to use Spacesaver GROW in an urban farm, restaurant facility, or cannabis grow operation, the GROW system is perfectly designed and customized to accommodate any grow setting. Its modular design, paired with peripheral installations by Hawthorne Gardening Company, will have your operation up and running in no time. Experience bountiful harvests in optimal growing conditions with Spacesaver’s GROW mobile grow system.

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How Mid-America Can Solve Your Digitization Needs
Document Imaging

In today’s age, business practices continuously trend towards a more digital experience. Web content, digital marketing strategy, and online commerce are quickly becoming the norm in most organizations’ workflows. To meet the increased demand for digitized content, businesses must adapt by augmenting their workflow and document processing strategies to a more digital system. Some of the most important considerations to be made while doing this are: what to do with existing physical records, how to convert to digitized contract and invoice processing, and how to effectively provide employees and clients alike with such digital content.

Increased Accountability & Distribution

One major advantage of document digitization is increased document visibility and accountability. Converted documents can be easily uploaded to databases and accessed with proper credentials. Additionally, documents can be scanned and archived as digital duplicates to physical and high-value documents, protecting the information from any accidental damages or destruction. Off-site, cloud-based storage is the optimal way to ensure the protection of important invoices, HR documents, and other important content.

Another great advantage offered by digitized document management is the ease of distribution and duplication. With digital content, sharing of documents is as easy as attaching to an email, sharing a hosted file location, or providing viewers with direct access to file directories with the click of a button. In addition, multiple users can view, manage, and manipulate files accordingly simultaneously, without the need for wasted paper duplicates or file duplication.

unnamed (2).jpg

Future-proofing of Fragile Materials

When dealing with fragile or old files, paper deterioration is unfortunately common. Paper-based documents and microfilms can become extremely brittle or fragment, leaving little value in maintaining their records effectively. To prevent this, we highly recommend on-site document digitization through our digitization department, outfitted with specialized scanners and staff to deal with aged and fragile materials. During this process, we digitize, organize, and label documents for easy access and sortation. Once completed, documents can be uploaded to any existing cloud-suite software, or delivered via hard drives.

unnamed (3).jpg

How Mid-America Can Help You

Document Scanning and Conversion Services

In order to achieve a digitized workspace, Mid-America offers a variety of solutions for your organization to best suit your individual needs. As aforementioned, we offer in-house document conversion services, which is usually best suited for tackling large-scale, high-densities of documents for government bodies, large corporations, or other entities of the sort.

In this process, we gather the requested files from the customer, and hand them over to our document conversion team. Files can range in shape and size from 8x11 printer paper to large-scale images, maps, and construction blueprints. Our scanning team uses specialty, high-volume scanning systems to digitize, encode, and upload each respective document to a storage system of choice. After the documents are done being scanned, they are either returned to the customer, or are incinerated for protection of information. When all of the organization and indexing is complete for the digital files, they are either uploaded to an ECM, a cloud storage system, or a hard drive for physical delivery.


Software Implementation

Another option for organizations looking to implement digitization firsthand is digital form software such as OnTask or ancoraDocs, which can streamline form processing, AP/AR automation, and digital sales order processing--effectively eliminating the majority of paperwork from an office setting. These solutions offer increased visibility, traceability, and key insight data into your organization’s operation that help to keep customers satisfied, and business on track.

Softwares such as OnTask offer a variety of services, most prominently cloud-hosting document management, and digital form workflow automation. OnTask’s cloud services provide a permanent home for your enterprise content, while their workflow automation suite ensures that your company can maintain a paper-free operation. ancoraDocs, on the other hand, provide your business with the ability to digitally process and automate invoice processing.

In a world of increasingly digital commerce and communication, having digitized records is imperative to the success and organization of a business or institution. In order to best serve the needs of your clients and staff, having easily-accessible and transferable digital documents is essential in establishing and maintaining transparency, organizing projects, and retaining important fiscal information. Here at Mid-America, we have all of the necessary tools to serve you, or help you start on your own workflow transformation with digital document services.

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How Spacesaver Protects Artifacts and Historical Items
Office Systems

Artifact storage can be a somewhat difficult undertaking, as many artifacts require special humidity and temperature conditions, while others need proper lighting and ventilation to maintain composure. To provide such conditions for artifact storage, many museums and other institutions rely on Spacesaver’s various lines of storage solutions, such as: textile rolls, mobile storage systems, art racking, and metal cabinetry. In the blog below, we have outlined a few possible storage solutions for both large, oblong objects; and smaller, more delicate artifacts.

Secure Mobile Storage
for Large or Oblong Artifacts  

When storing large, long, or otherwise cumbersome artifacts, many considerations must be made to ensure the efficacy of storage and safety of the artifacts. Often, mobile storage solutions provide museums and other storage facilities with the customizable and efficient storage system needed to securely store delicate, large artifacts.

Museum Trays Civil War Artifact Storage Spacesaver (1).jpg

Spacesaver’s mobile storage systems, such as their ActivRAC and Eclipse powered carriage units, provide condensable and lockable storage for items both large and small. Such powered carriage units can be outfitted with many different shelving systems, ranging from Viking metal cabinetry, to industrial pallet racking for very large artifact storage. Regardless of what system is mounted, Spacesaver’s mobile storage systems help storage facilities to recover up to 90% of used floor space for additional storage space or other facility needs. The powered storage carriages’ ability to condense alongside one-another opens up otherwise wasted walkway space, meaning museums can grow their collections significantly without concern for space requirements.

Climate & Humidity Controlled Storage

When the University of Arizona, Tucson’s Arizona State Museum decided to update their existing storage spaces, they wanted a solution that could store their vast collection of delicate pottery work and woven goods securely and safely. Additionally, they needed to fit their collection within a space that could be climate- and humidity-controlled to prevent any rapid deterioration of said artifacts. Thankfully, with the help of their local Spacesaver rep, they were able to effectively incorporate a few different Spacesaver storage solutions into their museum--namely a Spacesaver mobile storage system. This provided adequate storage space for their pottery and woven artifacts within the temp-controlled location, and also allowed the museum to utilize the mobile storage carriages as displays for each artifact--building placquards and display information onto the shelves.

pasted image 0 (3).png
unnamed (1).png

Viking Cabinetry for Fragile or Small Artifacts

For the storage and protection of smaller or more delicate artifacts, Spacesaver offers Viking metal cabinets in a variety of shapes and sizes. Viking cabinetry comes in a multitude of specialized storage models, ranging from biological artifact storage to weaponry and firearm artifact storage. Coming in both a full-height and counter-height model, Spacesaver’s Viking 920 Preservation and 414/420 Archival cabinets offer secure, lockable storage systems. Spacesaver also provides full drawer height and width customization for both models, allowing customers to select the most useful interior storage layout for their needs.

Versatile Preservation Cabinet: Viking 920

Spacesaver’s Viking 920 Preservation model specializes in versatile storage, providing a secure and controllable environment for nearly any small-sized artifact. With adjustable interior shelf pegging, the 920 chassis can be reconfigured into a multitude of different storage layouts. Additionally, the 920 series can be customized to best suit storage needs with the following add-ons/adjustments:

  • Removable door hinges for unimpeded access
  • Optional ventilation ports
  • UV-protected glass paneling
  • Non-off gassing paint
  • Closed-cell gasketing for optional airtight seal
  • WaterShield cap to protect from fire sprinklers or other overhead water damage
  • 3-point locking latch system

Lockable Archival Storage: Viking 414/420

In comparison, the 414/420 series Archival storage cabinet is offered with most of the same features as the 920. However, the 414/420 series offers optimal storage for small textiles, maps, scripts, and other historical paper documents. Each offers two-inch drawers for controlled storage, all lockable from a single locking point at the top corner of the storage unit.

pasted image 0 (4).png

The main advantage of the 414 system, over the 420 counterpart, is that the 414 offers a glass-top counter built into the top of the tabletop-height models--allowing for synchronous display and storage (as seen below).


When a Richmond, VA based Civil War museum needed to rework their collections storage space, they called upon Spacesaver to help with the overhaul. Their local Spacesaver rep was able to outfit the museum with a variety of Spacesaver products, ranging from mobile storage carriages to Viking Preservation and Archival Cabinetry. Through the implementation of Spacesaver 920 and 420 cabinets, the museum was able to greatly condense their small artifact storage while vastly improving storage conditions for delicate materials. Lockable, sealable and ventilate-able Viking cabinetry provided a watertight, stainless steel home for delicate artifacts, most being over 150 years of age.

pasted image 0 (5).png

If you’re looking for an efficient, secure storage solution for your institution’s artifact collection, Spacesaver’s storage systems are the perfect solution. Spacesaver’s pairing of secured, controlled-environment cabinetry with mobile storage architecture provides any storage space with the shelving needed.

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Which WideTEK Scanner is Best for You?
Document Imaging

Which WideTEK Scanner Is Best For You?

With digitization becoming a far more common practice, many organizations are opting to create digital archives of fragile, rare, or oversized media items. Digital duplicates of physical media creates backup copies of irreplaceable content, further protecting its existence from natural disasters, fires, flooding, or other damages. Additionally, oversized scanning systems can provide effective conversion services en-suite for design firms, architects, and other organizations which utilize large renderings, drawings, paintings, and other oversized media.

Storing documents in electronic format provides ease of access for authorized users from virtually anywhere, using PCs, tablets and smartphones.  With many people working away from the office, secure access to images is more important than ever. Mid-America provides Enterprise Content Management software for storage and retrieval of documents in a cloud based or on-premise configuration.

What to Expect from a WideTEK Wide Format Scanner

WideTEK, ImageAccess’ signature wide-format scanner line, offers a multitude of scanner models to provide the best scanning solution for almost any setting. Each WideTEK scanner comes with an assortment of special features, making them a stand out choice for oversized scanning needs. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Built-in touchscreen for adjusting settings and walk-up scanning
  • Endless scanning of unlimited lengths to multipage PDF
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi max resolution scanning
  • Fast-paced color scanning
  • Integrated Linux OS with P2P FTP and network sharing capabilities
  • Face-up scanning capabilities
  • Automated crop and skew software
  • Virtual rescan and post-scan editing
  • LED lamps require no warm-up time
  • Standard output locations include Scan2USB, Scan2Print, and Scan2Network

Additional options for each model:

  • Optional 21-22” multifunction touchscreen
  • Transparent document holders for fragile and small documents
  • Foot switch for batch scanning
  • Multifunction stand for scanner
  • Batch Scan Wizard software for easier batch scanning


CCD scanning systems, a cutting edge image scanning technology, allow for easy scanning of fragile or partially deteriorated documents, photos, newspapers, etc. CCD-based scanning provides premium, high-definition scans with great efficiency. Contrarily, CIS scanners may some difficulties when scanning torn or fragile documents, and may also have trouble with newspapers and thinner documents. Compared to CCD, CIS scanning systems provides excellent clarity and scan quality at a more affordable price point.

WideTEK scanners come in both CCD and CIS models, to provide effective scanning solutions for almost any price point. The premium WideTEK scanners are constructed with two-or three-sensor CCD scanning systems, while the CL models are generally equipped with CIS imaging sensors to keep end consumer prices down. The CCD-equipped models generally provide faster scanning at similar dpi resolutions to their counterparts with CIS sensors.

WideTEK 36

WideTEK 36
WideTEK 36
WideTEK 36 CL
WideTEK 36 CL
WideTEK 36 DS
WideTEK 36 DS

The WideTEK 36 is the 36-inch variant of the WideTEK line. It is the smallest of the WideTek scanner series, perfect for settings that require a compact scanning solution. The WideTEK 36 excels in settings that require a compact solution, scanning smaller oversized items such as legal-length contracts, small maps, photos, and other printed media. As with all other models of WideTEK scanners, the 36 is capable of unlimited scan length, meaning long scrolls and other pieces of long-length media can be scanned in one piece.

Additionally, the WideTEK 36 comes in two models: the standard 36, as well as the 36CL. The 36 model features three CCD image sensors, while the 36CL utilizes CIS sensors. The 36 model provides faster scans, and can handle thin and fragile documents, but comes in at a higher price than its counterpart. The WideTEK 36 DS scans the front and back of a document in one pass. This is great for scanning newspapers. Contact us to learn more about auto pagination technology for scanning newspapers in duplex mode.

WideTEK 48

WideTEK 48
WideTEK 48
WideTEK 48 CL
WideTEK 48 CL

ImageAccess’ WideTEK 48 is the next step up, size-wise, from the WideTek 36. Spanning 48 inches, this scanner provides scanning for a multitude of large-scale media. From painting prints, photos, and artwork; to CAD sketches and blueprints, the WideTEK 48 can handle almost any media. In addition to the 36, the 48 also comes in both 48 and 48CL variants. The differences present between the two models is similar to that of the 36; the CL variant is equipped with CIS image sensors, versus the standard is a CCD image sensor system.

As with all WideTEK scanners, the WideTEK 48 offers a variety of export options, such as: Scan2NET (network-based delivery), and Scan2Pad (integration with tablet application for mobile delivery). Additionally, WideTEK also offers add-on softwares for TWAIN integration, Scan2PF (direct to PROGRAF software), Scan2EDIT (proprietary editing software for WideTEK scanners), and Scan2ICC (a subscription-based image color and correction suite for editing).

WideTEK 60

WideTEK 60
WideTEK 60

The WideTEK 60 is the largest scanner available in the WideTEK lineup, capable of scanning documents up to 60 inches wide. The WideTEK 60 makes for a perfect addition to architecture firms, engineering guilds, contractor offices, and other organizations that regularly handle large CAD sketches, blueprints, and other scalar schematics that require large prints. Additionally, the 60 can be utilized by art archivists and other museum workers to digitize large artworks for academic uses and digital archives.

In addition to being their widest scanner, the WideTEK 60 also has a few extra features to produce stunning, wide-scale scans. First most, the WideTEK 60 has an additional sensor upgrade, allowing the scanning dpi resolution to be expanded to 9600 dpi. On top of this, the 60 provides upgraded interface and user customizations to their editing suites and softwares within the onboard touchscreen device. These provide scanner operators with the proper tools for exceptional scan quality and precision.

ImageAccess’ WideTEK wide-format scanners provide the efficiency, clarity, and scan accuracy necessary to produce quality digital scans for almost any setting. Whether you’re looking for a CCD scanner, with cutting edge scanning technology, or a CIS scanner for top-notch scans within budget, WideTEK’s lineup is paired with a variety of models to effectively deliver scans of any size media.

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SSC Museum Cabinets: Geology, Botany, or Entomology?
Office Systems

Part 2:
Which Spacesaver Museum Cabinet is Best for You?

One major advantage of Spacesaver’s Viking cabinets is the offering of specialty cabinets for scientific specimen storage. Spacesaver designs and provides specimen storage solutions for many different needs, such as geology, entomology, and botany. Each Viking specimen storage cabinet is constructed with unique design aspects to create the optimal storage environment for fragile organic materials. Find out more about each individual model below.  

This blog is part one of two about Spacesaver’s Viking Cabinet selections. The previous blog about Preservation, Oversized, and Archival cabinets can be read here.

Geology Museum Storage

Geological samples can be large, dense, and often weigh quite a lot. Therefore, when storing large quantities of geological specimens, it is important to use storage systems designed specifically for rock and mineral samples. Spacesaver offers a special series of Viking cabinetry, specifically designed to store geological samples securely and efficiently.

The Viking geological cabinets are designed to accept existing drawers to make transitions from existing storage to Viking cabinets effortless. In addition to this, Spacesaver also offers these add-ons to optimize sample storage:

  • Lift-off door hinges
  • Elastomeric door seal
  • Watershield cap
  • Reinforced drawers for heavy samples
  • Easy-access cabinet levelers (with hex-wrench adjustability)
  • Multiple handle options
  • Three models of differing heights and widths

Arizona State University needed a solution to protect their growing geological specimen collection, as they were moving to a new facility and were granted funding to redesign their storage systems. The move to a larger facility granted the geology team time to consider the specific requirements for proper storage that would be necessary for their collection. Pairing with a local Spacesaver rep, they were able to implement Viking geological storage cabinets to store their meteorological and geological specimens.

Meteorite Storage Geology Cabinets Arizona State University-min (1).jpg
Display Storage Geology Cabinets Arizona State University Spacesaver-min (1).jpg

Storage of such materials requires important considerations, such as light exposure, air exchange, and paint off-gassing. To meet these criteria, the Spacesaver representative provided a custom, temperature-and humidity-controlled cabinet collection. The cabinets implemented were a full-steel chassis with wooden drawers; devoid of any silicone, off-gassing paints, or glues that may emit damaging chemicals. On top of this, the representative was able to custom-create alternating display shelving between storage cabinets, complete with LED backlighting and display holders.

Botany Museum Storage

Spacesaver’s Viking Botany cabinets excel at storing fragile botanical and herbarium samples and protecting such specimens from the elements. The Botany cabinet line (240, 241, 242) is customized to provide extra space between the front and back of drawers to promote free-air circulation. Along with built-in ventilation ports, fumigants and air can freely exchange to prevent humidity or decay.

Herbarium Cabinets model 241 (1).jpg
Cabinet storing botany samples with pull out reference shelf to review materials at California Academy of Sciences.jpg

Spacesaver also offers the following add-on and options for their Viking Botany cabinet series:

  • Elastomeric door seal for air-tight closure
  • Lift-off door hinges
  • WaterShield cap
  • A pull-out workshelf for examining specimens or taking notes on
  • Four different handle styles for easy access
240 Model: Tabletop Height
241 Model: Full Height, Single Wide
241 Model: Full Height, Single Wide
242 Model: Full Height, Double Wide
242 Model: Full Height, Double Wide

When a suburban Chicago botanical lab needed to redesign their specimen storage area, and rethink their intake and organization strategy, they relied on Spacesaver Viking cabinetry. Working alongside their Spacesaver rep, the botanical lab decided to implement Model 241 shelving systems, complete with customized storage bins to further protect sensitive specimens. These bins allowed researchers to keep track of intaken samples, their locations, and any accompanying data while providing a sturdy and secure cabinet space.


Entomology Museum Storage

Entomological specimens are incredibly sensitive to disturbances in environment and climate, making the storage and conditioning of such samples a precise task. Entomological specimens must be pinned, saturated in preserving fluid, or stored in jars to protect their integrity. Additionally, certain insect pests feed on dried insect remains, which can be disastrous to the samples of a collection. Therefore, Viking Entomological cabinets are constructed with significant consideration of air exchange, humidity control, and other factors which can catalyze decay. Such features include:

  • Optional fumigant pockets
  • Elastomeric seal
  • 3-point latch sealing system
  • Lift-off door hinges
  • WaterShield cap
  • Multiple handle options
  • Extra space in front and behind drawers to promote free-air exchange
Model 521
Model 522
Model 522

When the Field Museum in Chicago decided to upgrade their entomological storage cabinetry, they called upon a local Spacesaver rep to help them complete the task. The Spacesaver rep was able to outfit their storage center with a collection of Viking Entomological cabinets to best suit the needs of the tight space. Ultimately, the Viking cabinets were installed and now house the 12.5 million specimens that the field museum keeps within some of the 1,120 Viking cabinets spread across the Field Museum.

pasted image 0 (1).png
pasted image 0 (2).png
GBE - Chart (1).png


No matter what items you’re looking to store, Spacesaver’s Viking cabinet line offers a solution. Viking cabinets, constructed of high-grade steel, offer sturdy and efficient storage for a multitude of spaces. To learn more about how Viking cabinetry can resolve your storage issues, and protect your specimens, contact us at for information and quotes.

Product Insights
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SSC Museum Cabinets: Preservation, Oversized, or Archival?
Office Systems

Part 1:
Which Spacesaver Museum Cabinet is Best for You?

In 2016, Spacesaver acquired cabinetry company Viking Cabinets, expanding Spacesaver’s market potential for museum and archive storage greatly. Since then, Spacesaver has created thousands of Viking cabinetry solutions for customers across the United States. Viking cabinets come in many different models, each pertaining to specific disciplines or storage needs. Each cabinet model is designed around providing the most effective and secure specimen storage for each profession.  

This blog is part one of two about Spacesaver’s Viking Cabinet selections. In the next blog, we will be covering Viking cabinets for Geology, Botany, and Entomology.

Preservation: The New 920 Series

The 920 series is the newest addition to Spacesaver’s Viking cabinet series, designed for general sample or specimen preservation storage. The 920 series comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate various types of stored goods, including biological samples, chemical samples, records, or any other stored goods.


The Viking 920 cabinets come in a wide range of sizes, from tabletop under storage to full-height cabinetry. Additionally, their shelving and drawers can be fully customized to suit whatever size of storage is needed. You can choose between half-or full-width shelving, standard or heavy-duty shelving, multiple tray types, and multiple drawer sizes and widths.

In addition to these options, these configurations and customizations can also be made as add-ons:

  • The choice between turn-based or lever-style handles
  • Sliding closure vents
  • Glass-paneled ‘visual’ doors
  • Lift-off door hinges
  • Rolled textile storage unit
  • Multi-channel drawers
  • Safety-stop drawer inserts
  • WaterShield cap

When the Frazier Museum in Louisville, KY, was having difficulty storing their extensive weapons and accessories collection, they turned to Spacesaver’s Viking cabinetry as a solution. The 920 Viking cabinets implemented help to transform their 10,000 sq. ft. storage facility from an overcrowded, almost inaccessible maze to a compact and sleek storage room. Their Spacesaver rep also helped design custom mounting hardware for the immobile structural support beams, and maximize the storage potential within the limited available space. Learn more in Spacesaver’s case study.


Oversized museum storage

Similar to the 920 series, the 395 ‘Oversized’ model features customizable tray sizes, drawer widths, and many more options to best suit larger storage needs. However, the 395 model is specially designed to handle oversized and heavy items. They feature bi-fold doors, which fold accordion-style to provide maximum retrieval and storage space. On top of this, they also utilize reinforced shelving and drawer systems to provide proper support for large and heavy specimens.

Along with these standard features, as with every Viking shelving system, the 395 also has optional add-ons or customizations.

This includes:

  • Lift-off door hinges for unparalleled access
  • Four different handle styles
  • Sliding closure vents for free air exchange
  • Multi-channel drawers
  • Rolled-textile storage drawers
unnamed (6).png

When a D.C.-based museum decided to redesign its archive and storage areas for their undisplayed items, they relied on Spacesaver mobile storage and Viking cabinet systems. With a large collection of textiles and flags, it was important to implement a storage solution to protect the integrity and quality of each specimen without sacrificing storage space. Thankfully, Viking 395 cabinets can be augmented with optional textile roller systems and drawers to accommodate even the largest specimens with ease. By utilizing the 395 cabinets, they were able to store their textile collections without risk of deterioration or creasing.

unnamed (5).png

Another museum, based out of Maryland, was also having difficulty storing oversized specimens for their teaching exhibitions. Spacesaver was able to implement 395 oversized cabinets in conjunction with Spacesaver’s ActivRAC mobile storage system, creating a condensable hallway of 395 cabinets mounted to each ActivRAC shelf.

Archival museum storage

Although Viking offers a variety of specialized cabinetry, many institutions may need generalized archival storage for historical records, files, maps, and other documents. Vikings Archival cabinetry excels at storing flat media such as paintings, drawings, maps, and other fragile documents. The Archival 420 cabinetry line features a few different models of varying drawer widths and quantities. In addition, the Viking 414 model is designed with art and historical museums in mind, as it has a glass-top display to easily and securely display archival pieces without removal from storage.

The Spacesaver / Viking Archival cabinets also come with these options:

  • Optional tempered-glass display top
  • Cushioned drawer bumpers to protect from disturbance
  • Drawer safety stops to prevent from accidental damages
Model 414
Model 414

Model 403
Model 403

Model 402
Model 402

When a county museum needed a new system of archival storage for their growing collections, they chose to implement Viking Archival cabinetry for their papers, prints, and other flat media to be securely stored in. By utilizing such storage, as well as the implementation of other, custom Viking cabinetry, they were able to reduce their storage footprint greatly while augmenting their organizational strategy. Viking Archival cabinetry made possible a greater amount of archived items for display, an increase in storage efficiency, and many other benefits to this museum.

POA - Chart.png

Download the comparison chart.

No matter what items you’re looking to store, Spacesaver’s Viking cabinet line offers a solution. Viking cabinets, constructed of high-grade steel, ensure sturdy construction and rust protection. In addition, Spacesaver’s extensive line of preservation, oversized, and archival models provides storage solutions to a multitude of spaces. To learn more about how Viking cabinetry can resolve your storage issues, and protect your specimens, contact us at for information and quotes.

Product Insights
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How Libraries can Provide Books and Microfilm Digitally
Document Imaging

With COVID-19 effectively shutting down most public institutions to visitors, libraries have especially come under significant strain. The keystone of libraries’ success is the reliance on patrons utilizing materials for personal use or research, as well as leading community-oriented classes and workshops--both of which require in-person attendance. However, some libraries have turned to digital technologies to conquer such challenges. Specifically, many libraries have begun to digitize and distribute high-demand materials for online access. One of the many ways that libraries are adapting to fit new norms is through the digitization of content. This provides many benefits for patrons and institutions alike.

The Call for Digitization
and Innovation During a Pandemic

Functioning as a free public space, many libraries are frequented by many people daily--making them a hotspot for potential COVID transmission. And with many people furloughed, working from home, and self-quarantining, demand for books has vastly increased. To handle the vast swathe of library content requests, and an ever-growing demand for materials, many libraries have turned to digitization as a means of distribution.

gunnar-ridderstrom-VQlE0CG96ec-unsplash (1).jpg

The capturing and digitization of content is incredibly important to preserving the history and individual stories of world events, cultures, and personal lives of those living through each moment. Libraries are tasked with storing and preserving history for future use, but physical archives do have a shelf life. However, digital documents can be passed on, converted, and replicated as much as needed to preserve history and its events.

Use Wide-Format and
Book Scanners to Create a Digital Library

Libraries can utilize microfilm and book scanning equipment to create digital replicas of physical content, and publish it to their websites or Document Content Library (DCL) hosting sites. To prevent digital piracy and illegal distribution of content, libraries may create digital ‘checkouts’ or waitlists (such as Hennepin County’s OverDrive), limiting the amount of PDF’s that are already in circulation. Additionally, library staff may be able to create request sites or lines, where customers can request certain films or fiches to be scanned and digitized for at-home access.

Image Access’ Bookeye 5 Book Scanner can be utilized by library staff to efficiently scan and convert books into digital versions. The scanner comes equipped with a digital interface for easy settings adjustment, laser-assisted fold correction for accurate scan quality, and a customizable v-shaped book cradle for the highest-quality scans. In addition to these features, the scanner’s imaging hardware is capable of up to 600dpi, full-color scans at up to 25 pages a minute. Once scanning is complete, the scanner can export digital content via onboard USB ports, file transfer protocols, printers, or email for convenient access. It even features a Scan2Pad app-compatible interface, which allows scans to be viewed and altered within Image Access’ mobile app, Scan2Pad. Utilizing an FTP process can greatly expedite uploading and distribution of files to a DCL cloud service.


For large-scale prints of maps, blueprints, newspaper archives, and other general oversized media, both Canon and Image Access also offer wide-format scanning systems. Image Access’ WideTEK range offers scanners in a variety of sizes, ranging from 36” to 60” wide documents. WideTEK systems offer similar features as the Bookeye 5, including high-resolution scans, USB ports for export, and digital FTP and email file distribution services via the Scan2Net or Scan2Pad apps.

How to Create a Digital Content Library (DCL)

Libraries looking for a shared DCL platform that can quickly provide users with content should consider enrolling in OverDrive. OverDrive hosts library content within their site, and provides content to patrons of enrolled libraries, so long as they hold a library card at that institution. They also offer audiobooks, newspapers, and magazines--just as a physical library would. So long as the library holds the book on their shelf, they are allowed to host a digital version of that book. Certain limitations apply, such as format standardization and limited availability of certain content.

However, institutions that would like to create and supply patrons with firsthand content scans and specific editions of materials should choose to utilize their own DCL, rather than assimilate with systems such as OverDrive. Some institutions, such as the University of Minnesota, opt to create their own DCL hosting platforms to manage and distribute their personal digital content, as to provide students with specific digital content (such as scientific papers, legal briefs, schematics, etc)  that may not be readily available on places like OverDrive.

Providing Microform Viewing
Services with ScanPro Scanners

Libraries are one of the remaining spaces that keep microfilm available for the public access. With the inability for many to visit their public library at the moment, this makes browsing through microfilm and distributing it digitally a difficulty. Luckily the ScanPro Microfilm scanners can be used with Remote Access software. These microfilm scanners can be implemented for in-person use by library staff for quick and accurate film scanning or controlled remotely by patrons and researchers using the ScanPro Remote Access software.

The software is a free, at-home solution that allows users to connect to open scanner systems within institutions and control the scanning and viewing of microfilm/fiches. This alleviates the need for patrons to attend in-person, further reducing the chances of COVID transmission between patrons or staff.

While in-person attendance to library institutions has been significantly limited by COVID-19, administration teams have still found ways to provide for patrons virtually. By harnessing the power of products like the e-ImageData ScanPro, and accompanying Scanpro Remote Access software, digital visitors can utilize the archives to their best potential. Providing quality access to free information retains significant importance to the wellbeing and education of a community, and thankfully technologies can be implemented to further assist in overcoming the COVID pandemic. Even though physical library access is limited, library staff have still found effective ways of retaining important roles within the community and providing for the public.

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Implement Day Use Lockers During a Pandemic
Office Systems

As businesses and establishments begin to reopen with limited capacity and social distancing guidelines, many have taken the past few months to study and reconsider their workers’ and/or patrons’ experience. Some offices, while their workers are at home, have reconceptualized a socially-distanced office setting, one with minimal cubical organization; instead of focusing on open-concept spaces that foster natural distancing.

pexels-edward-jenner-4031817 (2).jpg

Additionally, libraries and museums have slowly reopened to limited audiences, many still operating with decreased capacity to foster safe operation. These institutions have also taken time to adjust to a ‘new normal’. Many have also introduced personal storage lockers for visiting guests, in hopes to reduce clutter and open up seating spaces and walkways for greater distancing.

Lockers on Business and Academic Campuses

In traditional office settings, employees keep personal effects within their cubicles and only inhabit limited spaces. However, many startups, technology companies, and other creative corporate forerunners have begun to adopt a more collaborative and open-air workspace, devoid of any cubicle-style organization. While this organizational strategy helps culminate collaboration, creativity, and other important factors, it also implicitly shapes optimal social distancing. Workers and students can inhabit areas further apart from each other than traditional cubicles, and open settings also can help increase airflow. This helps to protect personnel from any further COVID transmission, and return to working in a productive, collaborative environment.

Day Use Office Lockers Laminate Doors.jpg

One critical consideration to be made by campuses considering such open work and study spaces is the storage of personal belongings. Most operations opt for day-use lockers, which allow workers or students to securely and easily store belongings in entryways or break rooms--away from the quiet chaos of an active office. Storage in personal, day-use lockers prevents congestion in shared spaces, reduces inter-person contact of belongings, and promotes cleaner workspaces overall.

For example, a large technology company needed to protect their intellectual property by banning the use of personal devices within the research and development sector of their operation. To give their employees safe storage for their devices and other items, they chose to implement Spacesaver day-use locker systems. They provided efficient and secure storage areas for employees and their personal effects.

Office Lockers Secure Personal Belongings Spacesaver.jpg

Libraries and Museums

As libraries open again to serve the public, many have implemented additional safety measures to protect workers, patrons, and exhibits alike. One key instrument in transforming operations is the implementation of day-use lockers for visitors. Day-use lockers, strategically placed near the entrances of libraries and museums, helps to prevent accidental destruction of exhibits or materials due to the mishandling of bags, umbrellas, or other personal effects.

Duo-tone steel door lockers with combination locks.jpg

Additionally, if library patrons store coats and bags in personal lockers, librarian staff can reduce theft of library technology and books while decreasing personal clutter from seating areas--opening up more room for communal workspace and reading areas.

One East Coast library implemented Spacesaver day-use lockers for visiting guests to their special collections and archives. To protect special collections from damage and reduce food and drink spills, the library designers created banks of storage at the entrance, where patrons can store personal effects and bags. These locker systems complimented the aesthetics of the entryway, provided secure storage, and offered a workspace for visitors to the library.

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 3.01.00 PM.png

Gyms and Spas

New guidelines on business operation have allowed gyms and some spas to reopen partial services, with detailed rules about patrons wearing masks and increased facility cleaning. As these facilities prepare for reopening, many have implemented new or updated existing day-use lockers in locker rooms and main areas for use by visitors. Spacesaver offers sturdy, steel-core day-use lockers with a variety of different lock designs (such as ID swipe, device-enabled & touchless smart locks, and other technologies) for any necessary setting.

One Canadian spa decided to redesign its locker room to accommodate more guests and match the natural, holistic aesthetic that the spa retains. To curate such an experience, they installed a swathe of Spacesaver day-use lockers, complete with natural wood doors and finish. These lockers came equipped with RFID sensors, so the spa could eliminate the use of keys.

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 3.08.14 PM.png

Regardless of the locker use or location, Spacesaver’s high-durability steel and laminate locker solutions will ensure that your guests’ personal belongings are stored securely and accessibly. Make sure that you are providing a safe storage solution to your visitors with Spacesaver day-use locker systems.

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Meet Canon’s Wireless Desktop Scanning Solution
Document Imaging

Are you looking for the power, speed, and accuracy of a Canon scanner system, but the portability and size of a desktop scanner? Look no further than Canon’s imageFORMULA DR-C225 II Office Document Scanner. This Canon scanner is designed to produce crisp, high definition scans at rapid rates. Additionally, its portability and affordability mean it can serve office settings, home office settings, workgroups, and others with ease.

Space-Saving Design

The Canon DR-C225 is exceptional in size and design, with consideration of office spaces and user operation. It’s sleek and compact design allows the DR-C225 to sit atop a desk space with room to spare, allowing users to operate the scanner from the comfort of their workspace. Additionally, it can further fold and compact when not in use to reduce its already-small operational footprint. The size and relative affordability of this Canon scanner line allows for multiple scanner units to be implemented within an office setting, without breaking the bank or cramping the space.

gif (2).gif

Speed and Accuracy

Even with its small stature, the Canon DR-C225 is still a scanning powerhouse. Its efficient, top-loading scanning design means it can scan roughly 25 grayscale or color pages per minute. In addition to high scanning speeds, the Canon scanner can scan pages at a quality of up to 600 dpi, for exceptional readability and printing quality.

When it comes to scannable documents, the Canon DR-C225 is not a limited machine. It can scan a variety of documents, from business cards to 8.5” x 14” legal-length papers. Additionally, the scanner features a ‘long-document mode’, which allows for documents of up to 114” in length. For receipts or other long-form documents, this feature is incredibly useful in digitization.


Wireless Capabilities

The DR-C225 comes in two separate models: DR-C225, and the DR-C225W. The difference between the two options is the capability of wireless transmission and document generation. The DR-C225W supports digitization and distribution over wifi to mobile phones, tablets, and computers alike. For businesses that are frequently attending meetings, or on the go in general, having access to scanned documents from a mobile device can be a huge advantage in meetings or sales calls.

Whether you’re looking for an at-home scanner for photos, personal files, or tax documents; or looking to implement a portable scanning solution for members of your office, the Canon DR-C225 series scanner is the solution for you. With its compact and adaptive design, this scanner will make a handsome addition to any setting, and help digitize your documents for an increasingly digital future.

One-on-one demos are available with a Canon representative. Contact Mid-America Document Imaging to learn more and get a meeting set up.

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Introducing the New Bookeye 5
Document Imaging
Bookeye 5 V3 Professional
Bookeye 5 V3 Professional
Bookeye 5 V2 Kiosk
Bookeye 5 V2 Kiosk

As digital content becomes more relevant to academics and libraries, quick and effective text conversion methods are in necessity. Image Access’ Bookeye scanners have been a staple book scanning solution for libraries and other institutions for the past two decades. Bookeye scanners offer patrons and staff alike intuitive, rapid book scanning solutions that can convert printed text to a variety of digital formats.

Bookeye 5 Comparison

Each model of the Bookeye 5 shares universal features that are standard to the product line. Both the Bookeye 5 V2 and V3 models support Mac and PC compatibility, with USB ports and ethernet port connection for quick and easy transfer to either computer platform. Additionally, each Bookeye model features a touchscreen monitor with sizes that vary between the two.


All Bookeye 5 scanners are able to scan in color with LED illuminated scanning and a convertible flatbed that can pivot 120º to cradle books. They all also offer a live preview camera and a foot switch. Learn how each model differs through the table below.

Bookeye 5 Comparison Table.png

Important differences between the V2 and the V3 distinguish the two lines in their design and use. The most noticeable design change between the two models is the scanning platform size, which is larger on the V2 than the V3. The V3 model features a 3 inch by 5-inch decrease in scanning platform size, making the unit more compact and affordable when compared to the V2 models. Similarly, other small peripheral items have been simplified or swapped out from the V2 to the V3, making the V3 a more affordable version of the Bookeye scanning system, and providing a more compact scanning experience for smaller operations.

Bookeye for Academics

Bookeye scanners can provide a variety of benefits for instructors and students alike. Instructors can create highlightable, quotable, and printable excerpts of text from reading materials for class and research. Additionally, students can digitize sections of textbooks for easier access to study materials and research for assignments.

Scanners can be placed within academic libraries, or within student common areas for easy access by faculty and pupils.


Bookeye for Business

In addition to the vast benefits in education, Bookeye can also be implemented in business settings with many positive impacts. Whether your company is digitizing hand-written ledgers and manifests, or porting printed copies of contracts and NDAs to digital formats, Bookeye scanners perform all of the leg-work. Moreover, Image Access offers an optional add-on invoice and form processing software, which can scan and convert invoices and AP/AR forms to searchable documents--alleviating the need for manual data entry or indexing.


Bookeye’s Versatility

As seen above, Bookeye models can be utilized in a variety of spaces, from education to accounting. One of the main reasons for such expansive use is versatility. Bookeye products have compatibility with many mainline devices and have vast customizable properties.

An advantage that the Bookeye 5 offers is the ability to synchronize your Bookeye document scanning sessions with an iPad or tablet app, to seamlessly deliver scanned content to an e-reader or mobile device for use. This allows for on-the-go access to digitized documents, progress monitoring, and many other useful features.


The swathe of upgrades made by e-Image Data to their Bookeye models makes it a necessary addition to any business or academic institution. The ability to digitize, synthesize, and convert books in-person or wireless adds another dimension of productivity to any conversion process. Whether you are a teacher, digitizing passages of a textbook for in-class use; or a businessperson, converting a physical ledger to an excel spreadsheet, the Bookeye 5 can provide all the tools necessary for quick and easy conversion.

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How a Modula VLM will Keep You Prepared for the Rest of 2021 and Onward
Material Handling

Due to COVID-19 transmission relying heavily on interpersonal contact, many manufacturing and distribution centers are finding it necessary to implement preventative conduct guidelines to reduce the potential of spread. One solution to reduce the chances of transmission within facilities is to implement automated storage and retrieval systems. Modula’s Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) can easily reduce transmission rates by providing individual workers with all tools necessary to perform logistics tasks and stocking. Below we list three ways a VLM can keep your business running, safe, and prepared for the rest of this year and onward.


1. Further Reduce Human-to-Human Contact

As the majority of COVID transmissions occur during personal interactions, reducing physical contact is crucial. In order to reduce such contact, systemic workflow changes must be implemented to alter how inventory management and manipulation occur in your warehouse.

Modula’s line of Lift models allows almost any business to adopt VLMs into their industrial workflow. VLMs provide independent picking and inventorying flows, thereby reducing the need for inter-employee physical interaction throughout the picking, putting, and stock manipulation processes. Additionally, VLMs require only one operator, further reducing any chances of infection.

Modula’s interactive CoPilot operator interface allows employees to access inventory reports, view product locations, and request items to be delivered to the bay. On top of this, interactive peripherals such as label printers and LED status bars provide operators with all the necessary tools for performing daily order fulfillment tasks without having to meet with other employees.

gif (1).gif

On top of these features, Modula also offers a OnePick VLM model, which can be set up to pick items from delivery orders autonomously. This VLM can be incorporated into a conveyor belt system, and place the item onto the belt for packaging later on.

2. Maintain Productivity with a Limited Staff

As many workers have been laid off, opted for absence, or quit, a majority of businesses have felt the pressure of reduced staff. Modula Lift VLMs help combat decreased efficiency by promoting a much higher order-fulfillment count in the same amount of time.

With a high influx of new hires, or complete employee reorganization, many companies are needing to train staff efficiently to minimize lost production time. Modula’s intuitive design, paired with an online learning platform provided by Modula, means that your staff will be up and running at full potential within a matter of days.

Modula VLMs bring product to the workers, rather than workers searching for product, significantly reducing labor time spent navigating warehouse settings. By storing products categorically within the VLM, workers can queue product delivery from the CoPilot interface for quick and efficient picking. Additionally, workers can fulfill and complete orders, readying parcels for shipping in a matter of minutes thanks to Modula’s peripheral add-ons.


3. Anticipate a Potential Freeze in Production/Distribution

Recently, growing concern over a possible ‘second wave’ of COVID outbreaks has led to many businesses fearing another freeze on production or distribution. To prepare for the potential of a second outbreak, manufacturing and distribution centers should take valuable time to build inventories of high-selling products, in case of any supply-chain disconnect. Should a second wave hit, these businesses will have a surplus of stock to provide for customers.

One way many preparing businesses have expanded their storage potential is by utilizing VLMs. Through the implementation of Modula Lifts, your business can recover over 90% of their floorspace. As Modula Lifts utilize vertical storage space, warehouse floors become more readily open for a multitude of needs. With such vast storage space reclamation, overstocking for a potential second wave is made easy.

Modula’s CoPilot and complimentary Warehouse Management Software (WMS) can intelligently track and automatically update inventory counts, locations, and other important logistics information--meaning your inventory will remain accurate and filled.


As many businesses prepare for the last two quarters of the year in a variety of ways, one aspect is clear: being prepared for such an event is crucial to any effective logistics plan. Whether or not a second wave does come to fruition, having a solid production and distribution plan will benefit your company’s ability to be a competitive service and product provider. In addition to the temporary relief that a VLM can provide, VLM’s also provide long-term, high ROI benefits in employee efficiency, safety of staff, and order accuracy.

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Mobile Military Storage Containers and UTV Racking
Office Systems

When it comes to military gear, security and portability are two critical considerations. Gear can range from small, handheld devices, to large-scale vehicles and heavy machinery. In order to handle the storage and movement of said gear, military operations must depend on efficient and secure storage systems. Spacesaver’s TriCon, UTV Racking, and Universal Storage Containers provide dependable storage solutions to mobile military operations, making it easy to deploy gear and garrison efficiently and safely.

TriCon Weapons and Personal Gear Storage

Spacesaver’s TriCon Storage Chassis is a high-density steel container, fitted with exterior strapping, and forklift lift points, and crane attachment points--making it an easily transportable and deployable personal gear locker for troops on the move. TriCon systems take advantage of traditional shipping container design, making it very easy to conform to existing transportation methods. In addition, the TriCon system can be paired with a Universal Expeditionary Weapons Storage System (UEWSS), a specialized storage optimization system designed to protect weaponry and gear during transport.

gif (1).gif
TriCon Weapons Transport UEWSS.jpg

The interior walls of a TriCon weapons storage unit are outfitted with UEWSS racking, designed to store as many firearms or as much gear as possible within the limited confines of a storage container. Mounted and lockable shelving lines the walls alongside the weapons for smaller guns, attachments, ammunition storage, or other general use. Each TriCon can be customized with specific parameters to best suit the needs of storage space.


For example, a Spacesaver rep customized TriCon units with day-use military lockers for a U.S. Coast Guard training operation to best suit the needs of students at the training site. This eliminated the need to store personal effects, uniforms, and dive gear at a barracks.

UTV Racking for Vehicular Deployment

For mobile military operations, vehicular deployment is essential. What was once a problematic and strenuous operation is much easier thanks to Spacesaver’s UTV Racking system--constructed in conjunction with the U.S. Military. The UTV Racking system is a high-tensile metal framework designed to encapsulate a vehicle for easy transport via semi, ship, or other systems that utilize shipping containers.

Stackable UTV Rack from Spacesaver (1).jpg

The collapsible systems can be easily constructed around vehicles, offering tie-downs for stability and security, while still offering easy access to the vehicle within. Each system also features a locking roll-on ramp on both ends, four-way forklift access, and a treaded deck. The structure of the UTV allows for unit stacking, up to three vehicles high, for maximum storage efficiency.

unnamed (1).jpg

Universal Storage Containers for High-Density Storage

Military operations require large swathes of personal, situational, and peripheral gear, ranging in size and shape. In order to effectively store large quantities of military supplies, personal gear, and other required goods, many Military operations have turned to Spacesaver’s Universal Storage Containers (USC’s). USC’s are steel, stackable storage bins designed to protect and efficiently store military goods.

parachute-universal-storage-container (1).gif

The USC is a ventilated, lockable, and modular alternative to standard pallet racking containers. Originally designed to store parachutes for Army Quartermasters, the design has since been co-opted to store a multitude of other products.

Whether you’re moving large personnel vehicles or personal storage lockers, Spacesaver’s military storage solutions offer top-of-the-line security and protection from damage. Their high-tensile steel construction ensures the highest durability and accountability in fabrication. Here at Mid-America, we offer the full line of Spacesaver Military Storage solutions and are ready to assist you with whatever solution you need.

Product Insights
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How to Implement eForms for COVID-19 with OnTask
Document Imaging

As COVID-19 continues to alter our everyday lives and how we operate, many organizations have found it necessary to precautionarily screen employees and patrons for symptoms or exposure to limit the chances of further infection. Many businesses have opted for e-forms and questionnaires in order to digitally deliver and collect these responses. Below, we’ve listed how different organizations can benefit from creating their own online health screening forms, along with how OnTask’s software can help you distribute them safely and easily.

How To Build Screening Forms With OnTask

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 12.06.00 PM.png

In order to build an effective questionnaire workflow and protect your employees or visitors, first know and understand the local COVID guidelines and recommendations. Not only will these help you to understand proper conduct, but can also help you to design a better form.

Using OnTask, you can utilize pre-existing digital health screening forms, customize template forms, or create your own form. Within OnTask, you can find a workflow design studio, which allows you to customize recipients, alter question information, and further optimize form workflows to best suit your needs. Then, through the easy-to-use interface, you can select your employees or create a workflow that sends forms to attendees upon reservation creation.

If you’d like to experience what a pre-built health questionnaire is like yourself, try out OnTask’s demo here.

Implementing eForms Into Organization For Covid-19

Many organizations are requiring employees to be on-site to maintain functionality and have been slowly returning to normal function as the year progresses. Simultaneously, many schools are also preparing to return to in-class sessions to maximize student learning potential. With this, compulsory screening is a must to ensure safety and reduce outbreaks of COVID.

For Workers in Essential Businesses

For staff working in medical fields, manufacturing, or other critical industries, daily or weekly questionnaire forms are highly recommended and can be easily distributed via OnTask’s automation process. Any staff who will be in close proximity to one another throughout the course of the day should regularly respond to questionnaires as well as practice social distancing and wear proper PPE.

unnamed (1).jpg

For Students and Teachers

Incorporating these questionnaires into a regular work or school schedule is foundational to their effectiveness, as it maintains employee and student obligations to complete them. Their effectivity is foundational on mutual accountability, and having a regularly scheduled form is critical to achieving this.

Accountability of students to respond accurately is also incredibly important, and parents could also be asked to complete separate questionnaires on behalf of their children to double the scrutiny and limit any false responses. This is especially helpful for younger students in elementary and middle school, who may not be able to detect or correlate symptoms of COVID.


For Customers, Patrons, and Members

Health questionnaires should also be utilized in preventing guests and customers from spreading COVID. Places such as gyms, spas, physical therapy centers, and other recently-reopened health businesses can take advantage of questionnaires to warn customers of risks as well as reduce transmission to workers.

unnamed (2).jpg

For Appointments and Attendees

In addition to questionnaires, liability waivers can also be created and distributed in conjunction with questionnaires to appointment holders or attendees to warn them of the potential risks. Liability waivers, in relation to COVID, can protect your business from lawsuits stemming from the accidental transmission and other potential issues. These waivers can be used in a variety of situations from museums to grooming appointments.


For Contact Tracing in All Organizations and Businesses

Another important form that OnTask can manage are contract tracing forms. Contact tracing forms could be sent out with a positive COVID diagnosis, allowing contact tracing organizations to quickly connect with potential carriers and others exposed. OnTask can manage and compile responses to make data access easy and straight-forward. And with OnTask, any of these created forms can be incorporated within other digital forms, such as enrollment forms, business contracts, or job applications.


Fostering a Safe Work Environment

One important consideration that applies to every workplace, is to foster an environment in which employees or students will not feel obligated to answer no, even if they are experiencing symptoms. This compromises the integrity of the forms and negates their purpose. Fostering a safe environment by providing information on local testing sites and educating everyone on whether or not they should be tested will higher public safety.

COVID-19 Employee Policies & Procedures Sample:
The following images is a document reviewed and signed through OnTask.


Regardless of where you plan to implement a digital health questionnaire, OnTask can provide all of the necessary tools to do so with ease and convenience. Its workflow management suite makes it incredibly easy to utilize form responses and create reports to help better curb the potential of further transmission. Implementing e-forms, as well as other screening techniques, protects employees and guests from the threat of infection and fosters a less stressful in-person experience for all. If you’re considering adding a health questionnaire to your employee or guest workflow, look no further than OnTask.

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How Walser Automotive Updated their Dealership and Reconditioning Facility with Modula
Material Handling

For most dealerships, repair departments are a fast-moving and high-turn environment. Most maintenance requires an extensive inventory of expensive belts, fasteners, sensors, filters, and various parts. The specificity and complexity of car maintenance require significant attention to detail in which parts are used, and how they are handled and stored to minimize inventory discrepancies.

Walser Subaru of Minnesota paired with a Modula dealer to outfit their spare parts department with a Modula VLM. The dealer implemented, in their service bay, two Modula Lift VLMs to provide quick and precise access to their parts inventory directly from the repair bays. By implementing Modula VLMs, they were able to increase productivity and maintain a high-functioning workflow with precise inventory tracking. If you’re considering implementing a vertical storage solution in your service area, be sure to read below about the many benefits they can provide.

Increase Storage Space and Security

When working with massive inventories of spare automobile parts, organization and visibility are critical. Car components, down to individual nuts and bolts, are each unique and critical to the functionality and safety of a vehicle. In order to effectively manage such a vast inventory, innovative storage solutions are necessary. Modula VLMs utilize vertical storage space by allocating part inventories to individual trays, which are placed securely within two Modula VLM units. These trays are only accessible by properly trained staff, and the Modula VLM can be programmed to only operate with employee credential verification (RFID, badge scan, etc.)

Walser Subaru was able to reduce their parts storage footprint significantly and fit over 75% of their inventory in the space of just two Modula Lift VLMs. Saved space can be utilized to open additional repair/service bays, increase on-hand inventories of specialty or high-turnover parts to better prepare for potential repairs.


Increase Parts Inventory Accountability

When working with massive inventories of spare automotive parts, organization and visibility are of utmost importance. Car components, down to individual nuts and bolts, are each unique and critical to the functionality and safety of a vehicle. To effectively manage inventories and boost part traceability from delivery to installation, Walser Automotive relies on their Modula VLMs working in conjunction with Modula WMS/CDK. Modula WMS/CDK software works in sync with the installed VLMs to coordinate picking, putting, and order fulfillment operations. In addition, WMS/CDK tracks inventories and can alert users of low or depleted stocks.

Implementation of VLMs and WMS allows workers to view, manage, and locate item inventories, preventing outages of parts and increasing traceability of general stock and specialty order parts.


Reduce Repair Times

Another great benefit of the Modula WMS/CDK,  in conjunction with the CoPilot operator console, is the ability to quickly and easily locate parts for a repair. With the intuitive CoPilot console-mounted directly in front of the VLM, parts managers and mechanics can access WMS inventory reports, search for part locations, and queue tray delivery to the bay within seconds.

On top of this, parts managers and mechanics can also better organize repairs throughout the week by relying on current part inventories. By scheduling repairs that require special-order parts, they can attend to repairs that have parts in-stock. This reduces work backlogs and sitting repairs and opening valuable repair bays for different appointments.

unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (1).gif

As you can see, Modula VLMs can significantly augment repair department workflows and storage systems. VLMs provide Walser Subaru with secure, traceable storage for parts while being conveniently positioned near the service bays and service counter. In coordination with Modula WMS/CDK, parts inventories can be displayed, automatically reordered, and reported upon to maximize logistics for purchasing staff and administration. Additionally, Modula CoPilot user/operator interface can produce live inventory updates on-the-floor for repair staff to gauge and expedite repair times.

Overall, adding a Modula VLM system to any automotive repair setting promises higher productivity, increased storage space, and greater inventory accountability.

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Why You Should Update Your Powered Mobile System
Office Systems
Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 1.25.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 1.49.02 PM.png

For decades, Spacesaver has been providing and servicing Spacesaver mobile storage systems for a variety of customers. While many legacy mobile systems may still be fully functional, many customers opt to upgrade to more modern equipment, due to the fact that they have many features that legacy units may not have. Below are three reasons why you should update your powered mobile system

1. Access and Secure Storage
at the Push or Touch of a Button

Many customers love the intuitive and easy-to-use design of traditional Spacesaver mobile storage units. The handles aren’t strenuous to spin, and the shelving glides quite seamlessly. However, with technological advancements, Spacesaver has been able to produce completely electronic mobile storage systems. These systems are reliant on electric motors to drive their movement and can be controlled via the affixed Touch Technology Control screen or Spacesaver’s TUSC Mobile Control app. The  Touch Technology Control screens feature a touch-screen LCD mounted to the aisle-end of each unit, allowing users to easily approach and operate the movement, evaluate the security of the unit, and change unit settings. The unit also features voice prompts and an interactive menu system to fluidly guide users through whatever task they are completing.


The electronically-driven mobile storage units provide the same level of storage density and security as before, with the added ease of effortless, electronic control.

unnamed (1).jpg

2. Move the System with a Remote, Tablet, or Phone

Another definitive benefit of upgrading to an electric-driven mobile shelving system is synchronization with Spacesaver’s TUSC mobile control app. Models of Spacesaver’s Eclipse, ActivRac, Wheelhouse can all support TUSC compatibility.  

TUSC allows users to monitor the status of the system, remotely manipulate that placement of carriages, and label/organize sections of shelving. The application syncs with the installed system via Bluetooth to maintain a direct and secure connection. In addition, the application can be set up to require ID verification (fingerprint, PIN ID, etc.) to ensure the security of stored goods.

Heavy-duty Box Evidence Mobile Storage System.jpg
Powered Industrial Storage System Cold Storage.jpg

In addition to TUSC, certain models of Powered Eclipse mobile storage units can be operated remotely via infrared remote technology. Spacesaver’s Infrared-Capable Control remotes can be conveniently mounted at a distance, allowing users to move shelving without the need of a smart device. These remotes rely on infrared signals, ensuring safe and uninterrupted use.

TUSC Control Bluetooth App High-density Phone Control.jpg
unnamed (2).jpg

3. Increase User Safety with Sensors

On top of TUSC compatibility and ease-of-use, many Spacesaver models can be outfitted with Photo Sweep laser safety sensors and other precautionary equipment. Photo Sweep sensors use infrared beams to detect any blockage or obstruction, person, or object, between two shelves to trip an emergency halt. If a disruption occurs, the two carriages will auto-lockout, meaning that they cannot be moved until they have been manually reset. This further reduces the chance of equipment malfunction or personal injury. Because they utilize infrared beams, they cannot be tripped by sunlight or other UV light sources.


In addition to the Photo Sweep safety sensors, Spacesaver also offers aisle-entry sensors and Zero Force sensors. The aisle entry sensors detect when a person has moved into an aisle, and lock the system from moving until the sensor system is reset. However, the Zero Force sensor uses a grid of infrared sensors, which can detect when a person has entered and left the area--thereby automatically resetting the trip system and eliminating the need to manually reset it.

Zero Force sensors
Zero Force sensors
Aisle-entry sensors
Aisle-entry sensors

These precautionary safety additions are paramount for mobile storage systems that will be mounted in public areas, around children or others with limited mobility; and work together to reduce the chance of any equipment misuse or injury. Spacesaver offers these add-ons at the time of purchase or can be added by a Spacesaver rep post-installation.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing system or implement a mobile storage system for the first time, Spacesaver’s products offer a variety of safety, security, and functionality measures that make them an easy choice. Spacesaver has been the presiding industry leader of mobile storage technology for decades, with durable products that stand strong to the test of time. If you’re ready to make the upgrade to a Spacesaver system, be sure to get in contact with one of our mobile storage sales reps, here at Mid-America Business Systems.

Product Insights
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Create Health & Safety Signage with Canon Printers & Software
Document Imaging

Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitation habits are a compulsory facet of life. Coronavirus has drastically altered how we think about public health and our initiatives to curb infections. Many businesses, public facilities, warehouse settings, and government agencies have begun to print and produce directive signage and warnings for those visiting facilities. To meet the massive increase in wide-scale printing solutions, many operations have turned to purchasing and using wide-format printers in-office. Producers such as Canon wide format printers and software offer a variety of options that make the creation of public health posters and signage an easy task at a much lower cost than outsourcing.

Poster Templates on Canon PosterArtist


Alongside Canon’s wide-format printers and scanners, they also offer PosterArtist, a poster creation software suite specifically for wide-format printing. Canon offers both a lite and a full version, the lite being free and the full version being $395. PosterArtist allows users to customize preset caution and sanitation signage, or create their own signs to better suit their needs.


Canon’s PosterArtist offers a variety of public health and sanitation signage available as customizable presets, perfect for printing signage for public areas during the coronavirus outbreak. Proper signage reminds customers and patrons of the state-or city-wide sanctions regarding masks and other PPE.



Water-Resistant Media from Canon

When creating proper signage for public areas, protection from the elements is of top priority. Many signs and posters must be affixed to the outside of restaurants, office buildings, and any other high-traffic areas where PPE is required. This leaves them exposed to rain and sunlight, where ink can fade or disintegrate quickly and easily.


With Canon’s wide-format printers, users can utilize polypropylene printer paper to create innately water-resistant prints. Additionally, Canon printers can print on adhesive matte vinyl banners and signage to create large-scale, waterproof, and hangable posters that can resist any inclement weather.

More Than Health & Safety Signage

In addition to printing public health code signage or customer operational updates, businesses and government agencies can utilize Canon wide-format printers for advertisement signage, in-store promotional displays, and many other uses. The versatility and flexibility of size and material make wide-format printing a necessary addition to any designing and merchandising operation.



In light of recent events, wide-format posters and signage printing are in utmost demand. While businesses could rely on a third-party printing service, a Canon wide-format printer is a cost-effective, versatile, and long-term solution for any sort of small-scale in-house printing. Whether you’re printing COVID-related guidance signage or waterproof outdoor banners, Canon wide-format printers can handle it.

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How to Sign an NDA with OnTask
Document Imaging

In modern business settings, confidential trade information and business agreements are often discussed between clients, employers, and employees. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are a form of binding contract that can be issued by a party to hold those involved legally responsible for using sensitive financial or business-related  information to their advantage. OnTask is a digital document workflow application which allows users to create and share with signers NDAs, digital transactions, document reviews, HR contracts, and many other digital forms. Using OnTask grants users the ability to trace document progress, keep digital copies on the cloud, reduce paper use, and many other benefits.

How OnTask Can Be Used for NDA’s

This tutorial demonstrates how to create, prepare, and distribute electronic Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) forms to your recipients via OnTask. To complete this task, you must have an OnTask subscription.

If you choose to use a custom-made NDA form, you can do so by using OnTasks’ conversion suite, which is accessible from your OnTask dashboard.

1. Getting Started

Firstmost, navigate the OnTask sign-in page and log in. Then, go to your organization’s home screen within the OnTask site. After this, you can hover over the tab titled ‘NDA’, on the left-hand side of the screen. After hovering for a second, a small dropdown menu should appear. You will select ‘Run Workflow’ from this menu.

2. Adding Recipients

After you have selected to run the workflow, you will be brought to a screen with contact forms. These contact forms should be filled out with the NDA recipients’ information.

Once you have filled out this information, press continue.

download (9).png

3. Notification of Action Necessary

Once you have pressed continue, an email will be sent to the recipients of the form, alerting them that their signature is needed on the form. Along with the notification is a link to the form, which they can follow to complete it.  

download (1) (1).png

4. Filling the Form

After the recipient opens the link, they will arrive at a digitized, signable version of the NDA form. From here, they can fill initials, produce digital signatures, and other necessary markings.

download (2) (1).png

As the approver/recipient continues to fill out the form, their completion status will be updated in a checklist to the right. From here, they can see progress, visit other portions of the form, or ensure that they did not miss any signatures.

Once they have finished the form, the status bar in the corner will turn from red to green. At this point, the recipient can press continue or decline, which alerts you (the originator) that they have finished and that the form is ready for the final steps.

5. Finishing Up & Digital Copies

Once the recipient approver is done with the form, and presses submit, a non-editable PDF version of the document is emailed to both originator and recipient.  Within the document, you can also find a digital signature verification page.

download (10).png

Note: Retrieval Post-Approval

If you ever need to reference, share, or redownload a copy of the NDA, all completed and in-progress NDA documents are available from the NDA tab on the OnTask organization dashboard.

4 Benefits of OnTask


1. Multi-use workflow platform

OnTask’s SAAS provides users with access to in-progress documents, completed form results, and other important information.

2. Include anyone with an email

Adding recipients with OnTask is as easy as providing an email! Simply share by adding their email during the contract creation process.

3. eForm conversion built-in

If you have preexisting paper forms and contracts, you can easily convert them to digital, signable eforms through OnTask’s eForm Conversion suite--included in any OnTask purchase.

4. Secured on the cloud

OnTask utilizes a secure, password-encrypted cloud hosted environment to store sensitive files such as contracts, employee information, or any other confidential documents. These documents can be accessed from any web browser with proper credentials and access.

Overall, most businesses can greatly benefit from the addition of a digital form manager like OnTask. OnTask provides secure, cloud-hosted digital forms and other documents for easy completion and access. Additionally, OnTask makes digitizing preexisting paper forms easy with a built in conversion suite--vastly reducing paper waste generated by unnecessary printed forms. Any business looking towards the future of digital commerce should understand the value and importance of digital form management

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Minimize Food Waste with Aptar Protective Packaging Systems
Packaging & Distribution
Case to cook.jpg

At Mid-America Packaging & Distribution, we are excited to announce our expansion into the food packaging market! We will be partnering with Aptar Food + Beverage to provide our customer base with active packaging solutions for high liquid foods and seafood.

Aptar’s absorbent bottom tray and pouch systems differ greatly from traditional tray plus diaper packs. The patented designs and absorbent technology help extend shelf life by reducing product exposure to liquid purge inside the package. Below are the three product lines we have available to help you deliver a better product quality to your customers and achieve further distribution.

IceWrap® Frozen Hydrated Sheets


Aptar Food + Beverage IceWrap® provides long-lasting refrigeration for transportation of many items including, but not limited to, proteins, bait, fresh produce, flowers, and medical supplies. Aptar’s IceWrap® is shipped as dehydrated sheets of varying cell sizes composed of highly absorbent technology. These sheets can be rehydrated and refroze if left out for too long. Each sheet can come perforated for ease of use in any application and be hydrated in minutes to max capacity. If left out for too long, these sheets can be rehydrated and refrozen. Lastly, dehydrated sheets can save money on shipping weight, meaning less money spent on receiving your shipping materials.


FreshWell™ Trays, Pads, & Pouches

Aptar Meat Tray.jpg

The FreshWell™ packaging system reduces the spoilage of many liquid-dense food products such as meat, microgreens, or fruit by absorbing the excess liquid purged via absorbing pads inside the tray. The patented designs have wells located at the bottom of the tray, or pockets on the back of the pouch, where a food-safe absorbent padding is secured. The absorbent technology retains the excess liquid limiting microbial growth and chemical degradation of the food within.  

1sixth tray black Side 2848_retouch - pads.jpg

The FreshWell™ Pads utilize the same technology and can be placed in any standard container sizes. These come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any already existing snap top or tamper-evident containers.


SeaWell™ Trays & Pouches

SeaWell™ Trays and Pouches maximize the shelf life of various seafood products. A proprietary blend of absorptive, food-safe materials are located in Aptar’s patented tray and pouch designs, specifically formulated for seafood. SeaWell™ technology captures the freshness of the sea from the ocean-to-table by improving product quality and integrity, extending freshness and shelf life, reducing odors, and eliminating potential cross-contamination in the kitchen.

Group Seawell Scallops Side 5552901_retouch.jpg

The SeaWell™ Protective Packaging Systems are truly the next generation of seafood packaging. The technology inside of the packages complies with FDA and EU regulations. SeaWell™ can enable expanded distribution for your brand by leveraging a frozen- to- thaw process inside of the package while still cleanly delivering a fresh product to your customer.


If you’re a fresh food processor looking to improve customer experience, maintain your customer loyalty, and deliver a safer handling product, Aptar Food + Beverage line of active packaging systems can help. For further information, follow the link below or contact Mid-America Business Systems directly.

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5 Ways to Update University Spaces During a Pandemic
Office Systems

As many academic institutions discuss reopening campuses for fall enrollment, they must find ways to ensure that their facilities promote sanitary, social-distancing compliant spaces for students and faculty. To do so, many have looked to reorganization strategies and novel seating designs, all featuring barriers of protection against COVID transmission. Find out more about the various ways that institutions have prepared to curb infection rates for incoming students.

1. Reduce On-Site Storage

One critical action to help provide adequate social-distancing space to academic spaces is to remove on-site storage of non-essential materials, such as backlogged books and other printed materials. Reducing or removing backlog catalogs from the floor of libraries or study halls provides ample space for reorganization or updates to seating and collaborative spaces.

In order to handle the multitude of varying storage requirements that many universities have, many have relied on mobile or high-bay storage solutions. Specifically, many large institutions have relied on Spacesaver’s ActivRAC and high-bay storage products to maximize off-site storage. They provide easy accessibility to desired materials via app-controlled hands-free movement and in-app organization tools.

Powered Mobile Storage System University Book Storage Spacesaver.jpg

2. Limit High-Touch Surfaces

When opting for mobile book and print storage, one consideration to make is the human factor in its movement. With Spacesaver’s ActivRAC and Eclipse models, some can be outfitted with hands-free, remote movement technology. Through Spacesaver’s TUSC mobile control app, users can browse, locate, and open condensed mobile storage units to retrieve the necessary materials--all while avoiding unnecessary surface or human contact.


3. Protect Belongings From Contact

As more and more students return to their campuses, storage space for personal belongings is also very important. If students can store belongings in day-use lockers, they can potentially limit contact traces of COVID-19 that could be carried back home on their backpacks or coats. Compact locker storage systems such as Spacesaver’s day-use lockers can maximize small, unused spaces for personal article storage.


4. Implement Sanitizable Furniture

COVID-19 has changed many cleaning procedures for businesses and academic institutions alike. Many schools have employed rigorous disinfection strategies to reduce the chances of lingering viruses on furniture and doorways. However, chemical sanitation can quickly wear the upholstery or integrity of communal furniture, especially couches and upholstered chairs.

To protect the students’ health, and the durability of furniture, many universities have transitioned to glass paneling between study desks, high-durability, and sanitizable upholstery, and other hygienic solutions to curb further spreading of COVID. Glass paneling can help protect transmission via sneezing or coughing, and provide students with further reassurance of safety on campus. Global Furniture’s Performance Textile offers infection-control design and durability to further ensure maintained hygiene in public study/lounge spaces.

unnamed (1).jpg

5. Build Testing Centers on Campus

As COVID testing facilities become more commonplace, many institutions have established de facto testing sites outside of university hospitals or in student unions. With the high number of tests being performed each day, it is of utmost importance to protect the health of the frontline workers who run such sites.

Global Furniture created a new line of products, specifically aimed at protecting the health of medical workers from the transmission of COVID. Specifically, their Consultation Booth products can be implemented into any medical facility on-campus to provide students with proper medical care and access to testing, all while preventing further viral spread. The booths utilize a plexiglass screen with a protected vent to allow for face-to-face contact without compromising social distancing rules. Additionally, booths can be outfitted with computer terminals to further help medical staff record and access important medical information.

unnamed (2).jpg

Regardless of what method your institution chooses to employ, taking the proper precautions to guard dense student populations from COVID is paramount to creating a safe, operational learning space. Protect your students and faculty alike by providing proper furnishings and effective medical testing and treatment centers.

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Ways You Can Work from Home with ancora
Document Imaging

As COVID-19 has made working from home the norm for many, companies have begun to adopt digitized document solution programs, such as ancoraDocs. ancoraDocs offers solutions for automating invoices, electronically sorting documents in the mailroom and records, processing sales orders, and many other options all from the comfort of home.

“ancoraDocs is designed to bring simplicity to a market where applications have historically been complex and overpriced, as well as difficult to configure, install, use, and maintain... it opens the market to SMB organizations, which have historically not been able to take advantage of automated document capture due to the significant costs of getting started.”

— Nick Bova, VP of Sales at ancora Software

If your company is looking to maximize productivity from home, look no further than ancoraDocs. ancoraDocs is incredibly powerful companion software to any business trying to streamline workflow and lower expenses.

How ancoraDocs Can Foster Productivity from Home

As office interactions transition to a more virtual setting, in-person invoice/order processing has become relatively impossible. Through software products such as ancoraDocs, employees can collaborate and handle accounts payable/receivable invoice processing from the comfort of their own homes. With a relatively uncertain future for work environments, making the transition to digitized document processing is an essential measure.

ancoraDocs - 4 Areas.png

Accounts Payable

ancoraDocs provides streamlined AP invoice processing with its built-in machine learning suite.  It’s Advanced Data Capture technologies automate data indexing, file digitization, and line-item detail gathering efficiently and thoroughly with minimal error. You can use the software to create a three-way match of invoices, PO to the delivery receipt, and integrate auto-payment in your ERP or accounting software. ancora recognizes data by learning invoices layouts and does not require zone templates.

Accounts Receivable

ancoraDocs efficiently captures data from checks, vouchers, and statements to assist in accounts receivable reconciliation. This can help keep track of open balances, reduce paper trail and pile up, and simplify cost analyses for customers.


Sales Order Processing

ancoraDocs also reduces time spent drafting sales orders, as it extracts data accurately and efficiently— allowing you to process more orders in less time. Extracted data can be instantiated in your ERP system with the order image and stored in your ECM system. Implementation of the software allows your company to handle peak volumes easier and minimize clerical errors while providing a searchable repository of orders. Additionally, ancoraDocs compiles sales order information and can produce detailed production reports instantly.


Electronic Mailroom

Being away from the office means that mail must be sorted and delivered digitally. ancoraDocs simplifies mail processing by automatically classifying and sorting documents received in the mail and delivering them electronically. Using ancora Record Delivery can expedite the mail sorting process in a secure manner to the respective recipient, or index and archive the file appropriately. You can deliver documents via workflow, ECM storage, cloud sharing services, and email. Additionally, you can generate digital shipping manifests and track inbound packages to ensure proper delivery and maintain control of distribution.


Even while working from home, companies can still handle important document processing virtually thanks to ancoraDocs. By providing tools and platforms that promote employee effeciency in daily tasks, ancora can streamline and boost the efficiency of the overall work environment. ancora has unique technology to deliver faster, easier data capturing and processing for many applications in today’s work environment.

Product Insights
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3 ActivRAC Military Storage Solutions
Office Systems
Heavy Duty Mobile Storage at Central Issue Facility at Camp Ripley (1).jpg

Military equipment can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to aircraft replacement parts. Thankfully Spacesaver engineers created ActivRAC, a highly adaptable and scalable mobile storage system solution for the secure storage of almost any goods. The ActivRAC systems can be equipped or modified via a variety of different storage systems, such as WeaponWRX weapon storage or traditional pallet racking for heavy goods. ActivRAC provides a multitude of ways to reduce clutter, clear floor space, and further organize the storage of valuable or fragile military goods in almost any large-scale setting.

Custom Storage for PPE and Personal Gear

One area that ActivRAC excels is personal effects and gear storage. In the past, Spacesaver has worked alongside military operations to create specialized storage solutions, such as the Spacesaver Parachute Rack system. This storage system can be custom-fitted to ActivRAC mobile storage to further compact and organize valuable floor space. It incorporates a pegged hanging system to maintain the shape of the parachutes while optimizing the allotted space. Furthermore, the rack system can be used for other gear bags such as Navy SCUBA BCD’s or daypacks.  Within the Spacesaver TUSC Mobile Control app, aisles and sections of storage can be labeled within the app, helping to reduce lost or misplaced gear.

Parachute Storage on Powered Mobile Storage System (1).jpg
unnamed (7).jpg

Bulk Weapon Storage

Along with ActivRAC for PPE and personal effects, Spacesaver has also developed mobile storage options for large-quantity weapon storage. Pairing ActivRAC mobile systems with storage systems such as Universal Weapon Racks (UWR), weapons can be securely stored in great quantities--perfect for military bases and resource depots. These weapon racks are fitted with solid steel, lockable front paneling to protect from any inappropriate interference. Their solid construction exceeds military security requirements, meaning they are capable of storing any military-related personal weaponry.

A small Universal Weapon Rack module storing M4A1’s
A small Universal Weapon Rack module storing M4A1’s

UWR’s stand out as a weapon storage strategy not only because of their high density but because of their modular relationship to ActivRAC.

Military Engineering and Industrial Storage

For many military facilities, large-scale storage is quite an issue. Whether storing heavy aircraft parts, or vehicles themselves, the facilities require systems that can handle oblong and high-weight objects. Spacesaver’s ActivRAC 16 model is capable of high-bay, long object storage for items such as airplane wings and other spare parts. Additionally, the ActivRAC 30 model is load-bearing up to 30,000 pounds, meaning that entire vehicle chassis or motors can be stored within the mobile system. This can greatly reduce the floorspace required for keeping maintenance materials on hand and open up more storage space for additional parts or other use.

Screenshot from 2020-05-27 11-46-29.png
unnamed (5).png

Spacesaver’s ActivRAC mobile storage system can provide a multitude of benefits in almost any military storage setting. With traditional pallet racking, movement of heavy machined parts or raw materials was a complicated process, involving forklifts and manual operation. After ActivRAC, the movement of such material is as easy as opening an app. Mobilized storage provides all the advantages of traditional storage, with the added bonuses of security, density, and mobility.

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How to Keep Your Warehouse Running While Socially Distancing
Material Handling

The COVID-19 Outbreak

The Coronavirus viral outbreak has greatly shifted how we conduct work, with some working from home and many others effectively furloughed. Stay-at-home orders have led to a vast increase in online ordering, meaning distribution centers and manufacturing teams have been thrust into overdrive.

In order to protect the vital staff that man distribution centers, proper preventative measures must be enacted to remain socially distant, and ultimately, curb the infection rate of the virus. Such circumstances have required administration and design staff to consider the integration of new warehouse technologies such as automated storage and distribution systems to further reduce potential for human to human contact.

What This Means for
Manufacturing and Distribution Centers

Manufacturing and distribution operations are a critical facet, maintaining economic integrity and providing necessary products to market quickly and efficiently. However, critical expectations that manufacturing and distribution management is requesting is the ability to store  more in less space with less staff in a work area.

What Warehouse
Managers Can Do To Protect Staff

It is critical that distribution centers recognize their role in maintaining infrastructure, as well as provide the highest level of safety for their workers. Without workers, operations will certainly fail or greatly reduce production. To do so, they must enact temporary alterations and adjustments to their current operational strategy. This could include:

  • Using headsets  instead of communicating face-to-face
  • Provide workers who will be in close contact with other proper PPE (masks, gloves, glasses,  etc.)
  • Create a schedule that accounts for potential sick leave
  • Require regular hand washing between shifts or during transitional periods
  • Reduce shared tools or items to prevent accidental transmission
  • Meet with staff and discuss sick leave expectations / other administrative measures
  • Follow all regional business restrictions related to the stay-at-home orders

Storage to Foster Safe Social Distancing

On top of the preventative measures described above, certain workflow alterations and upgrades may have to be made to limit the number of workers and mutual contact of material. To do so, many companies have implemented an ASRS (automated storage and retrieval system). Warehouse solutions such as a Modula Vertical Lift Module (VLM), incorporate automation and powered vertical storage to reduce time spent fetching items, as well as limit the need for shared equipment such as forklifts or inventory scanners.

Modula VLMs can be arranged in rows or alongside conveyors to maximize production throughput  while simultaneously limiting interpersonal contact--thereby reducing transmission rates of COVID-19 and promoting social distancing. Additionally, Modula Lifts’ steel-frame construction means they can be repeatedly sanitized without fear of deterioration. Installing Modula VLMs not only reduces the potential for viral transmission, but via its intelligent design features such as laser pointers and Copilot operator interface, which can greatly improve order accuracy and inventory count management.

Taking the proper precautions to protect your staff will not only protect your operation, but protect their families, livelihood, and reduce the potential for further outbreaks. Simple precautions such as wiping down equipment or distributing masks can prevent unnecessary illness  and look after the wellbeing of your employees. Further steps, such as transitioning to personal workstations affixed to ASRS’s. Not only will such improvements protect essential staff from the risk of illness, but it will increase productivity and efficiency simultaneously. Overall, be sure that your operation is taking the proper precautionary steps to prevent any further transmission of COVID.

Product Insights
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3 Ways to Secure and Protect Materials within a Modula VLM
Material Handling

When dealing with large quantities of products or high-value merchandise, storage security is incredibly important. In order to prevent theft, misplacement of items, or other damages that could occur, Modula has created a variety of different optional add-ons for their Vertical Lift Modules. From ID scanners to the automatic opening and closing power door., Modula’s add-ons cover a variety of security measures and help you better protect your warehouse from theft or damages.

1. Automatic Door

The automatic door is an additional option for most Modula VLMs which provides automated access bay security. When not in operation or after use, the door automatically closes, offering greater storage security and protecting stored items from external particulates. The automatic door is powered, meaning no physical effort is necessary.



2. User Authentication via Badge/EKS/RFID

Modula VLMs can be programmed to only permit certain users access to specific trays. EKS and badge readers can be installed to the Modula VLM to allow for user-authenticated access, further securing the items inside from theft or misplacement. Additionally, through the Modula CoPilot, you can establish an automatic logout upon removal of the EKS reader or badge, ensuring that the module is secure, traceable, and inoperable without authorization.

unnamed (2).png
unnamed (2).jpg

3. ESD Protection

When dealing with sensitive electronics, microchips, and computing hardware, accidental electrostatic discharge can render products useless. Even slight static from friction can be enough to short certain electrical components. Therefore, including Modula’s ESD Protection System is essential to any company using Modula VLMs to store their electronics.

The ESD Protection System is a toolkit that provides a groundable wristband or floor mat positioned in front of the storage unit. Both options are grounded to the front of the storage unit. Implementing these devices in your warehouse will ensure that no accidental damage occurs to your electronics products.

unnamed (3).png
unnamed (4).png

Whether you’re looking to secure your items from potential theft or protect them from accidental damages, Modula’s security and traceability options provide all of that and more. Modula’s extensive options selection allows you to tailor your warehouse workflow for peak security, efficiency, and accuracy.

Product Insights
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Tools for Modula Vertical Lift Productivity & Organization
Material Handling

When it comes to any type of storage, no matter the situation,  organization is of great importance. With Modula Vertical Lift Modules, customizable and adaptable organization is at the forefront of design. From modular trays to an interactive operator interface, the organizational accessories for Modula’s VLM can provide your warehouse with a more productive and accurate workflow.

Partitions & Dividers

Modular steel divider trays and partitions help you to maximize the storage space of each VLM tray. Dividers and partitions can be recognized and schematized by the onboard WMS software, creating displayable Copilot inventory matrices, usable by other accessories like the Laser Pointer for locating items.


Sliding Console (Copilot)

One of the most important additions to any Modula VLM is that of a Copilot sliding console. This attachment is a mounted touchscreen interface that slides laterally in front of the VLM access bay. The console can be synchronized with WMS’ order processing software to display current and upcoming orders for processing. Additionally, it can help display item values and locations within the Modula Vertical Lift.

gif (9).gif

Barcode Reader

Another essential tool to consider adding to your Modula VLM workstation is a barcode scanner. A barcode scanner can simplify the process of adding or modifying serial numbers, SKUs, or other barcodes within the Copilot console. This can greatly reduce the time spent on manually entering SKUs or inventory levels manually.

unnamed (1).jpg

Label Printer

Adding a label printer alongside your Modula VLM provides your workers with convenient access to packaging utilities, further expediting your logistics workflow. Label printers can be seamlessly connected to the CoPilot operator interface to best suit your workers’ needs.

gif (3).gif


Modula’s extensive accessories provide the productivity and organization necessary to run an efficient distribution center or warehouse. The Modula Copilot provides workers with up-to-date, critical information regarding order statuses, promise times, and other statistics. Other add-ons such as the label printer and scanner further expedite order fulfillment processes, meaning an overall happier staff and satisfied customers.

Product Insights
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4 Modula Options that Improve Picking & Putting Accuracy
Material Handling

Modula Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) are incredible pieces of storage technology, capable of harnessing overhead vertical space to vastly reduce warehouse storage footprints. On top of that, their automated systems can greatly reduce time and labor spent fetching and moving inventory, meaning your staff can work quicker and safer. In addition to the VLMs, Modula offers a variety of accessories. The following 4 optional features can foster a faster order fulfillment process by catalyzing picking and putting processes.

1. LED Bar

Modula VLM systems can be outfitted with an LED bar/screen, affixed to the top of the access bay, and at eye level. The LED bar can be synchronized with the Modula WMS and CoPilot, displaying the locations and quantities of items for picking/putting.

520 (1).jpg


2. Laser Pointer

The Laser Pointer accessory will further increase efficiency within your picking strategy by precisely pointing to the necessary items on a VLM tray. The laser will guide users quickly and efficiently to the item required, and when paired with the LED Bar, you can eliminate mis-picks and complete valuable order fulfillment quickly.

gif (2).gif
unnamed (1).jpg


3. Put to Light

A Put to Light (PTL) system allows users to process multiple orders and multiple line items at the same time by illuminating light over a bin/tote that will hold a specific order. There can be multiple orders being picked simultaneously, which greatly increase throughput. This hardware and software allow users to pick and put from the VLM tray to the batch picking location that has staged bins or totes specific to an order number. When an item is picked out of the delivered tray at the opening of the VLM, the interface will flash a light over the bin within the batch picking station and guide the user to then put the item to the correct order/bin. Additionally, the WMS system can print labels to help in the shipping or distribution process.

pasted image 0.png

4. Access Opening Lighting

Improve your workers’ ability to see details such as SKUs and model numbers with LED bay lighting, which are mounted around at the access opening of the Modula VLM. The LED lights allow the brightest light, create no heat, and consume very little energy. Low light can increase eye strain,  lower-order pick accuracy, and slow throughput. Furthermore, key lighting can be instrumental to the safety and efficiency of your workers.  

The lights also function as an indicator of reach-in safety. When the lights come on, that indicates that the tray bay is safe to interact with. In addition, there are also full-length light curtains that can sense movement and stop tray delivery if disturbed.

illuminazione-led-baia-esterna_95196 (1).jpg

While a Modula VLM on its own will provide you with faster processing and storage speed, the accessories are what will redefine your pick/put workflow and accuracy. Accessories like the laser pointer and the LED bar provide greater pick speeds and accuracy, while others like the Copilot to accelerate the order fulfillment process.  If you’re considering implementing a new Modula VLM into your warehouse, work in process, or kitting environment, be sure to review the valuable options and features described.

Product Insights
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Solutions to Store Uniquely Shaped Gear in Military Facilities
Office Systems

When dealing with high-grade, sophisticated military technology, secure and specialized storage solutions are a compulsory consideration. Equipment such as flight suits and dive gear is essential to the safety of those serving and must be securely stored to protect from accidental damages.  To fully protect such delicate equipment, Spacesaver has created and modified a variety of static and mobile storage products to fit the considerations and needs of such specialized gear.

Storing Bulk Goods

Military bases, just like any other institution, require resources and supplies. To effectively sort, distribute, and store such goods, complex organization strategies must be employed. Spacesaver’s products, specifically products such as Eclipse mobile storage, help military bases effectively sort and condense munitions, food goods, and other equipment. Condensable Eclipse systems can reduce storage footprints by up to 90%, allowing for a vastly larger amount of product to be stored in the original space.  Other solutions, such as Spacesaver lockable storage cabinets, better suit storing critical items such as oxygen tanks and medical supplies, and protect them from tipping or exposure to elements.

unnamed (3).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg

When a U.S. Air Force base was having difficulty effectively storing g-suits (specialty flight suits) and helmets for their pilots, Spacesaver reps were able to custom-design a storage locker solution to best fit their needs. The Spacesaver reps created nearly 60 of the unique lockers with specific slots for helmets, slide-out compartments for g-suits, and hanging locker space for personal belongings and fatigues. These lockers helped reduce clutter within equipment rooms, better organized the suit-up process, and reduced chances of misplaced or lost items.  

Oddly-Shaped / Oblong Gear

Military gear can come in many shapes and sizes, with many traditional storage systems being dimensionally incompatible. Spacesaver’s shelving systems are easily modifiable to best suit the storage of any gear: whether it’s hanging parachute packs, storing flight helmets, or storing long-barrel weaponry, Spacesaver shelving and cabinet systems can be altered to adapt. Additionally, FrameWRX and WeaponWRX storage systems incorporate hanging and mountable posts for easy vertical storage of fatigues, packs, and other personal gear.

IMG_1001 (1).png
unnamed (4).jpg

Before the incorporation of Spacesaver, a U.S. Navy dive school had been storing their scuba gear in bags along the floor. Improper storage of such equipment can lead to malfunctions, damage, or other detrimental effects. To remedy the situation, a Spacesaver rep modified and installed caster-wheeled parachute racks, complete with ‘arms’ to hold BCDs and other scuba equipment with ease. These storage racks are easily movable, meaning the spaces can be reorganized and optimized to best serve the storage needs. Additionally, these racks helped protect the scuba gear from damage, allowed it to dry quicker, and opened valuable walkway space. In addition, the same storage system can also be implemented to store other pack items such as parachutes or field packs.

The extensive and specific needs of each military branch require much forethought when planning for gear storage. Spacesaver’s product lines provide customizable solutions to the needs of each storage facility, and as demonstrated, can be altered to best suit the needs of the end-users. By saving time and space, military bases and academies alike can share in the storage benefits that Spacesaver products provide.

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TUSC: Control Mobile Storage Remotely
Office Systems

Modern technological advancements have significantly altered the way warehouse storage functions. Today, warehouse systems can automate inventories, direct pickers to product locations, and greatly expedite the order process. Spacesaver, an industry leader, has developed and released a mobile application called TUSC. The application can greatly assist in both moving and maintaining compatible models of Spacesaver’s mobile storage systems.

What is the TUSC Platform?

The Transforming Usable Space & Compatibility (TUSC) Control app is an interactive mobile app developed by Spacesaver which can control the movement of mobile storage systems. Spacesaver products, specifically ActivRAC and Eclipse can be paired to the TUSC app to allow for full control and placement manipulation. TUSC can be utilized for a variety of different functions, from remote movement to organization strategies. [Compatible Model Chart]


In addition to TUSC, Spacesaver has also launched an app interface for maintenance and troubleshooting: TUSC Diagnostics. TUSC Diagnostics provides service workers with faults and trip reports when troubleshooting errors or mechanical issues that Spacesaver mobile storage units may have.


Spacesaver’s ActivRAC and Eclipse mobile storage systems can be purchased equipped with a digital operator interface, which allows for Bluetooth connectivity or manual operation. If you have TUSC installed on your mobile device, you can use the application to easily move shelving aisles around remotely. TUSC also has built-in inventory documentation, meaning you can document item placement for others to see. Additionally, you can use the search feature to easily locate specific items.

How are TUSC apps beneficial?


TUSC Mobile Control is greatly beneficial as both a virtual remote for mobile storage and an organization tool. Mobile shelving can become very heavy when loaded with goods, meaning that manual movement can become difficult. It alleviates the strain necessary to move dense mobile shelving, reducing the risk of operator injury. Additionally, the app can connect with laser-based guides to ensure no product or people are in-between shelves during movement. TUSC can also provide optimized organization strategy, as shelf compartments can be labeled and viewed via the app--thereby reducing picking operation times and eliminating excess travel.

TUSC Diagnostics is of critical importance to service workers as it helps to identify and resolve mechanical-or software-related issues that mobile storage units may face. Additionally, it features ‘wizards’ which can apply automatic hotfixes to the software or further diagnose mechanical failures to expedite the repair process. Additionally, TUSC Diagnostics is capable of storing and transmitting diagnostic and technical data to the Spacesaver central support team if further analysis is needed. For Spacesaver reps, TUSC Diagnostics means you can diagnose issues and provide effective service to clients within a matter of minutes.

TUSC in a Commerce Application

The Abnormal Beer Company, a large-scale brewery in San Diego, was having difficulty with efficiently storing kegs of beer during pre-sale staging. Their previous warehouse layout provided insufficient space for their beer storage. In order to maximize their temperature-controlled warehouse space, they decided to incorporate Spacesaver’ ActivRAC mobile shelving and racking.

unnamed (4).jpg

Pairing ActivRAC with the TUSC Mobile Control app, they were able to neatly organize their space and increased storage capacity by 100%. They were able to condense and manipulate their storage racking via the TUSC app, as well as further organize their inventory. This vast increase in space has allowed for greater beer production and permitted Abnormal Beer Company to rent out extra space to smaller-scale local brewers.

TUSC Mobile Control provides a variety of important assets to almost any mobile storage setting. Whether you’re searching for a file in a records storage archive or manipulating materials stored in a warehouse, TUSC provides the proper tools necessary for quick location and identification. If you’re considering implementing any sort of mobile storage solution, consider implementing Spacesaver TUSC integrated products.

Product Insights
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Modula + Medical Pt. 2: Improve Efficiency & Streamline Warehouse Processes
Material Handling

Modula’s Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) make condensing and organizing your medical product inventories easy and economical. VLMs reduce floor space by taking advantage of unused vertical storage, thereby reducing your storage footprint and opening up valuable floor space for additional production/storage. Additionally, intelligent design aspects such as laser-based picking guides, automated invoice processing via the operator interface, and integration into conveyor solutions or systems guarantee an increase in productivity and accountability. Below are examples of how Modula lifts can improve efficiency in medical manufacturing.

Streamline Warehouse Processes

Some of Modula’s greatest advantages over traditional storage techniques are its ability to regulate and partially automate order processing, picking/putting, and inventory management, and lastly, cycle counting. When Modula WMS software is partnered with an ERP, all item actions are accounted for to ensure a vital synopsis of activity. Together, Modula WMS software and ERP will automatically manage the inventories of your lifts. Order requests can be automatically sent to the lift, from the ERP. This will queue up the proper tray(s) for a quick accurate pick or put. The task performed will be instantly updated to the ERP with user history and performance, all while adjusting inventories accurately and quickly.

Ensure Inventory Organization

Gland Pharmaceuticals was challenged by storage overload and misplacement of products due to a limited storage footprint. Fortunately, with the addition of a Modula Lift and WMS software, this company was able to reduce its storage footprint while increasing its inventory accountability.  

With the use of an optional Alpha Numeric Bar, the type of action required can be displayed across the display atop the access opening, acting as a command center to assist with picks, puts, or cycle counts. The optional overhead laser pointer will automatically point to the item that needs to be handled. This takes all the guesswork out for the user, yielding a large return in speed and accuracy.

The Co-Pilot is a full-color touch screen that allows the users to view part numbers, quantities, and top-down images of the vertical lift trays. The Co-Pilot generates a virtual map of the tray layout organization for the operator. Additionally, Gland took advantage of Modula’s customizable tray partitions and dividers to further divide products efficiently. It also helps to assist the users to locate and distinguish products quickly.


Increase Picking Speed & Accuracy

Orfit, a prosthetics production, and design company, redefined their order picking operations through the use of their Modula Lift. They were able to take advantage of the laser pointer to guide and increase picking, putting, and cycle counting speed and accuracy. On top of that, they took advantage of the Co-Pilot operator interface to ensure correct inventory counts and streamline order processing requests. These changes reduce wait time for customers and generate a high ROI.


Another company, Sante Service, has also benefited in their picking speed and accuracy via Modula. Their company specializes in providing essential medication distribution directly to patients’ homes. Therefore, the accuracy and timeliness of deliveries are of the utmost importance. In order to ensure that the correct medication is properly delivered. Installing Modula Lifts into Sante Service’s facility granted them the ability to automate picking operations, monitor stock inventories, and reduce the chances of errors. In addition to these changes, Sante Service was able to integrate their Modula Lifts into their conveyors to move orders quickly and easily, allowing for an almost entirely automated order processing.  

Modula VLM systems serve a variety of functions, with optimization of storage and retrieval processes being highlights of the design. Reduction in invoicing errors or inventorying counts means more satisfied customers, and an increase in workflow and productivity means a shorter timetable for delivery. Streamlining your logistics process can eliminate wasted time in searching, costly picking errors, and deliver a vastly better operator experience. No matter what Modula VLM you choose to incorporate into your warehouse logistics flow, it is guaranteed to vastly improve both storage space and customer experience.

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Modula + Medical Pt. 1: Store Varying Instruments and Equipment
Material Handling

Both biomedical and pharmaceutical manufacturing rely on sanitary conditions and organized storage to ensure the quality and inventory of products in development. Therefore, when implementing any kind of storage solution, sanitation and proper storage space is a top priority. Modula’s Vertical Lift Modules are a perfect solution for both manufacturing fields, as they can be easily integrated into clean rooms, refrigerated spaces, and other specialty settings to ensure proper production and storage. Read on to learn how Modula can store medical manufactured goods.

Varying Instrument and Equipment Storage

Biomedical engineering and manufacturing operations frequently deal with developing products of various sizes, ranging from as small as heart stents to large prosthetic replacements and hospital peripherals. Modula Lift systems have modular trays, meaning trays can be reorganized and modified to handle products of any size or quantity. Additionally, Modula’s vertical storage design and locking bay access ensure that all products are safe and accounted for within the unit itself, as it is impossible to access without permissions from the operator interface through RFID badge readers and password protection.

Reduce Storage Footprint

Innomed biomedical manufacturing was having significant difficulties storing oddly-shaped surgical tools and instruments effectively with traditional warehouse storage techniques. With the inclusion of Modula Lift solutions into their logistics workflow, they were able to store almost 90% of their entire inventory within 308 square feet of space, effectively reducing their storage footprint significantly. Additionally, they were able to dramatically reduce the picking time for online orders, some of which would have 10 to 15 list items at a time. By storing their products in a lift, workers have immediate access to almost every line item with the push of a button.


Protect Goods from Contamination and Damage

Intas Pharmaceutical manufacturing was facing difficulties storing pill casts and other heavy machinery used in production. Traditional racking poses threats of contamination, damage, and excessive use of storage space. The implementation of a Modula Lift system allowed this company to utilize vertical storage space to cleanly and securely store pill casts. Storage in the Lift unit also reduces the chances of damage to such casts, as they are accessible from the access bay (which sits at waist height).


Modula Lifts can be easily installed and integrated into your warehouse with enhancements to sanitary protocols, as their construction and design foster minimal physical interaction. Whether you’re looking to secure your stored product or declutter valuable floor space, Modula’s Lift systems can accomplish all of that and more in both biomedical and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications.

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The Benefits of Sterile Supply Storage on Mobile Shelving
Office Systems

Sterility is paramount to the success of a hospital; if tools or equipment are unsterile, it can jeopardize the patient’s immune system and health. Proper sterile storage solutions require extra consideration and planning measures to retain a clean environment that is necessary. Spacesaver’s storage systems promote protective, modular storage to fit almost any sterile medical workspace.

Protection for Sanitary Environments and Sterile Supplies

Sanitation and sterility are critical when dealing with open wounds and surgeries. Ensuring that your tools, bandages, and even bedsheets are being stored in a sanitary environment is of utmost importance to hospital planners and staff. Spacesaver’s storage items, such as ActivRAC and EZ-Rail mobile storage systems, can be easily adapted or modified to meet the sterile requirements of any hospital setting. In addition, Spacesaver’s Wheelhouse mobile storage system is a viable alternative for spaces that cannot have mounted rails. Spacesaver’s storage solutions can be constructed from stainless steel, wire mesh, or high-density polymer plastics for easy cleaning.

Configurations built from stainless steel and wire mesh are best suited for sterile environments, as metal impedes the growth of bacteria, limiting the potential for spread and contamination. Additionally, wire mesh shelving reduces the surface area for dust to collect, further ensuring that no buildups of antigens occur.


A Virginia-based hospital needed a storage system that could foster a sterile environment, and also function effectively in a temperature-controlled setting. In order to do so, they utilized Spacesaver ActivRAC SS (stainless steel) high-density mobile shelving, paired with wire shelving, ensuring that buildup of contamination would be minimized. Even the addition of two ActivRAC shelving units was enough additional storage space to effectively condense their supply collection down to the desired size. The mobility of the storage system allowed for a less crowded workspace, and more secure storage of sterile equipment and pathology equipment.

Customizable and Adaptable Storage for Different Workplaces

While constructing a sterile storage area is one part of the process, maintaining it is a whole other task. Many storage solution products may interfere or compromise the integrity of a sterile area by accidentally exposing it to elements such as wood floors or porous polymers. No matter the setting of the sterile storage, Spacesaver’s products can be customized and integrated with existing systems to provide enhanced storage potential.


When Spacesaver was approached to help construct a sterile storage solution for a US Navy ship, they needed to figure out how to accommodate a large surplus of medical storage in a low-ceilinged, condensed room outfitted below the decks. They were able to devise a plan which consisted of wire shelving on small ActivRAC mobile storage units, mounted to a rail system. They laid vinyl flooring around the rail system to minimize protrusion and allow for easier access with medical carts and other transport devices.

Whether you’re looking to increase your current sterile storage capabilities, or are constructing new sterile storage spaces, Spacesaver’s product variety and flexibility will make certain that whatever is stored is secure and stays properly sterilized. The adaptability of Spacesaver products makes storing easy and efficient, with minimal operational effort.

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3 Ways Spacesaver Can Improve Medical Supply Storage
Office Systems

Due to the nature of their work, hospitals perform tasks quickly, efficiently, and frequently. Whether it is intubating a patient in the ER, or dressing a wound in the OR, hospital staff are expected to provide 100% effort at any time. In order to function fluidly, hospitals must have organized supply chains and easy access to the necessary equipment.


Three common issues within the hospital supply chain include the improper or poor organization of equipment within resupply stations, ineffective storage solutions in small areas (such as pathology labs or sterile rooms), and lack of easy access to necessary supplies. Whether resupply stations are poorly inventoried, far away, or disorganized, all of these factors contribute to the waste of critical time, which could be spent attending to patients.

1. Ensure Consistent Organization of Supplies

Spacesaver’s FrameWRX storage systems can be outfitted with color-coded plastic storage bins, which can be affixed to the pegs of the FrameWRX back-plate for hanging storage. This pairing allows for modular swapping of bins, color coding organization of medical equipment, and an overall reduction of organization errors. Additionally, Spacesaver’s metal cabinets can be outfitted with FrameWRX pegging to hang oddly-shaped equipment such as hosing and cables--maximizing the limited space available in ORs and post-op rooms.


Organizations such as the Nebraska Heart Institute have implemented Spacesaver’s Viking Metal cabinets to store oblong catheters, stints, and tubing with ease, allowing for convenient and secure storage. Spacesaver was able to design a custom cabinet that was sectioned into pull-out drawers and hanging space to best suit the needs of the OR and post-op staff.

2. Adapt to Temperature-Controlled Spaces

Temperature-controlled rooms are another imperative addition to any effective hospital storage or research lab. Hospitals store bacterial samples, tissue samples, Petri dishes, and a variety of other pathology materials that require low-temperature environments. Storage in such environments must be durable and dense, as most temperature-controlled rooms are relatively small. Spacesaver’s ActivRAC mobile shelving system is capable of functioning at extremely cold temperatures without restriction. Additionally, ActivRAC systems can be outfitted with sterile wire shelving, slotted test tube storage, plastic bins, and many other storage solutions to maximize your storage footprint.


For a pathology lab in Spokane, WA, Spacesaver products helped streamline and increase storage capabilities by at least 130%. Through the implementation of  high-density mobile storage, the pathology lab was able to manipulate the stored samples with ease, and condense inactive storage space to alleviate floor space congestion.

3. Optimize Item Access

Spacesaver can improve access to items through many additional features. This includes ActivRAC storage systems that can be synced with the TUSC Mobile Control app to quickly move shelving units and locate inventoried items. Viking metal cabinets can also be outfitted with glass doors to help staff more easily locate equipment when in demand. Furthermore, color-coded plastic storage bins can be used to organize medical supplies by use, operating room number, etc. These additions can further preserve the sanitation and security of stored products while reducing wasted search time for products.

At the Atrium Medical Center in Middletown, Ohio, designers were able to incorporate Spacesaver FrameWRX storage pegging systems with plastic bin storage. Hospital staff devised color-coding to ensure that nurse staff was able to access the proper products quickly. Additionally, the plastic bins’ open-top hanging design affords minimal physical contact with the bin itself, reducing the potential of contamination in sanitary spaces.

Improper or poor organization of equipment within resupply stations, ineffective storage space use, and inaccessibility of essential supplies are critical issues that can quickly derail efficient hospital operation. All three of these discussed factors contribute to the waste of critical time and manpower, time which should be allotted to procedures and patient care.

Our goal at Mid-America is to enhance quality while reducing the volume of critical storage spaces. Whether you are reworking a resupply station, or the interior cabinetry of an operating room, Spacesaver’s products can be tailored and customized to fit almost any storage need.

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Digital Document Processing with OnTask
Document Imaging

Process & Sign Documents in a Fully Digital Workflow

For many of us, working from home or remotely is the new normal as we try to be effective and productive in our virtual environment. One way organizations can operate more efficiently is to convert all documents to a completely digital process. Meaning, any form required for the operation of your organization should start as an electronic form, be filled out electronically, signed digitally, and archived in a secure electronic storage environment.


Electronic forms have been an industry standard for a long time, with many organizations implementing end-to-end digital processing for records management. Converting forms to online, fillable documents can be time-consuming and expensive, but online records can provide better customer service, faster processing and higher levels of visibility with reduced operational costs.

OnTask’s Digital Workflow

Mid-America Document Imaging offers many products and services to create and implement a completely digital process for all your records. One of our solutions, OnTask, allows you to easily convert existing forms to electronic, fillable documents. With OnTask, basic forms can be converted in minutes and prepared for certified digital signature approval by necessary personnel.

Process Tracking & Signature Certificates

OnTask can help you create automated processes to send forms to approvers, regardless if they are inside or outside of the organization. Additionally, OnTask completely tracks and audits all updates and changes made to documents. When the document is completely filled out, signed and submitted, OnTask will email a non-editable PDF copy of the form to each approver. You also have the option of adding a Signature Certificate to the signed document with time and date stamps creating a legally binding transaction.


Mobile Access & ECM Integration

As technology progresses, so does our reliance on mobile device access. OnTask forms can be accessed, edited, and signed on smartphones and tablets as well as PCs and laptops, giving you the freedom to work from the office or on-the-go. Completed forms can also be automatically archived to Enterprise Content Management systems such as ApplicationXtender from OpenText, which provides user access security and retention management for your digital forms and documents.

Change can be easier than you think. Electronic form processing can be affordable and quickly implemented, with an almost immediately visible ROI. Contact us to see if Mid-America can help your organization improve document management and create your completely digital processing environment.

Product Insights
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How Car Dealerships Utilize a Modula VLM
Material Handling

In today’s fast-moving, high demand, and client-driven automotive service environments, many dealerships are experiencing an immediate need to improve their internal processes. Service technicians must know where a specific repair part is located, how many there are, and how long it has been inventoried. Sounds easy, right?

So, when using traditional storage technology such as fixed shelving or a mezzanine, certain challenges come with this: where is the part, can we get to the part quickly, is an ergonomic work environment, do we know how long the part has been on the shelf, is their traceability of the part? These impediments usually  result in a decrease in productivity and client satisfaction ratings.

However, implementing a Modula Vertical Lift Module (VLM) can alleviate these pain points through the following features.

Integration with Dealer Management Systems

Between the actual Modula Vertical Lift Module and the Modula’s Warehouse Management software, integration is straightforward. Integration with existing Dealer Management Systems (DMS) allows your dealership to automate invoicing and inventorying processes for both financial and mechanical systems.

Improvements in Efficiency and Time

Due to its relatively low spatial footprint, a Modula Lift can optimize busy service departments by efficiently supplying high-rotation repair and service parts to the maintenance bays and technicians. This helps minimize picking and parts delivery times to technicians working on a vehicle or to a will-call department.

Additionally, Modula WMS allows trays to be mapped in the operator interface to easily visualize the locations of stored products, effectively expediting maintenance projects.

Space Management

Because of its incredibly small floor plan footprint, Modula Lifts can help you regain up to 90% of used floor space. Their vertical storage design utilizes otherwise unused vertical storage space, meaning that your dealership can grow your inventory while saving floorspace. Some dealerships have been able to open additional service and maintenance bays, increasing customer satisfaction, and revenue!

Within the Modula Lift itself, trays are built with customizable and removable partitions and dividers allowing full optimization per tray.

Security & Safety

Expensive auto parts can be stored and retrieved safely and efficiently while providing a managed chain of custody. The Modula Lift’s Co-pilot console has specific customizable security features, and can limit access based on user permissions. This will ensure that only certified technicians and mechanics have access to the lift and its valuable contents.


Whether you’re looking to optimize space or reduce labor hours spent on repairs, Modula Lifts and WMS systems can maximize your storage potential and increase efficiency. Ensure you’re reaching profit potential in your automotive dealership by integrating a Modula Vertical Lift today.


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Which Weapons Storage Suits Your Organization’s Needs?
Office Systems

When storing weapons, restricted access, and security are the number one priority, it is of utmost importance to ensure that only authorized users can access weapon caches. These measures must be taken to reduce accidental discharge, theft, or other dangerous situations.

With Spacesaver storage products, safety and security are at the forefront of their design.  Built from high-grade metal plating and military-grade locking mechanisms, their products are designed to meet a wide range of demands. Additionally, Spacesaver’s products range in size and application from personal handgun storage to large-scale, deployable military supply ordinances. To find out which Spacesaver weapons storage system best suits your storage needs, learn about the different types of options listed below.

Smaller Applications

Freestyle Storage Units

Spacesaver’s Freestyle storage units can excel at handling small-scale weapons and munitions storage by outfitting the interior with machined pegboard backings. Freestyle storage systems can be seamlessly installed alongside other storage cabinets, maximizing storage potential. While some storage units are better suited for certain weapon types, the customizability of the Freestyle makes it appealing for any small arms storage.


Fast Response Lockers

Spacesaver’s Fast Response Lockers are designed with emergency response in mind, with features centered around security, accessibility, and concealment. Designed to appear as a normal, personal storage locker, Fast Response Lockers are equipped with quick-access measures such as pin-pad access and keyless entry. Therefore, these lockers are best equipped to handle the storage of emergency rifles and munitions in courthouses, airports, and primary schools. Because of its low-profile design, these lockers can be placed around public areas for quick access by on-site officers (in case of emergency).


Floor and Wall-Mounted Gun Lockers

Spacesaver Floor and Wall-Mounted Gun Lockers offer the most compartmentalized gun storage capable of being adjusted to weapon sizes and types. Spacesaver can customize lockers for handguns only, rifles only, or any combination of weapon type necessary. Additionally, the locker is separated by individual compartments, each with their own respective combination, pin-pad lock, or keyhole.

Large Applications

Universal Weapon Rack (UWR)

Freestyle and Mounted Gun Lockers may not have enough capacity when storing larger, military-grade weapons. Additionally, such models are limited by the immobility of the unit itself. With Spacesaver’s Universal Weapon Rack (UWR), armaments can be stored in military-grade secure and mobile storage units. The Universal Weapons Rack is lightweight, yet rigid and can be moved by hand when needed. They come in a variety of sizes to suit any type of weapon stored.

TriCON Weapons Storage

If even larger-scale storage is necessary, then Spacesaver’s TriCON Weapons Storage Solution might be needed. TriCON Storage Containers can be outfitted with Universal Expeditionary Weapons Storage System (UEWSS), a weapons storage racking system built in collaboration with the U.S. Navy. The advantage of such a large TriCON storage container is the ability to ship and deploy large armament caches via flatbed trucks or other shipping methods.

Any Size Applications

WeaponWRX Modular Storage System

Spacesaver’s WeaponWRX Modular Storage System is a mountable shelving system that is designed to be wall-mounted, installed inside of a Universal Weapons Storage unit, or any mobile cart. Its easy-to-customize design allows its application in almost any space and size, providing ergonomic and secure storage of most small arms. It can be used on metal pegboarding, shelving, and many other storage architectures.


Specialty Storage

Plastic or Rubber Lined Shelving and Cabinets

When storing electroshock weapons such as tasers and stun guns, it is incredibly important to take the proper precautions to avoid an accidental discharge. Therefore, implementing plastic or rubber-lined shelving and cabinets is of utmost importance to reduce the chances of metal contact. Taking the proper precautions to avoid electroshock discharge will greatly reduce the chances of injury to officers and insure against damage to other stored devices.


No matter which Spacesaver product you choose, each one can be tailored and adapted to maximize storage. Organization systems such as WeaponWRX can accommodate almost any existing storage system; outfitted to high density mobile shelving or small storage lockers alike. Additionally, as seen with electroshock storage, customizations and extra precautionary measures can easily be implemented into the design of any Spacesaver storage system, ensuring that your weapons will be stored safely and securely. Whether you’re storing a small armory, or a personal collection, Spacesaver weapons storage systems are suited to handle any size securely and efficiently.

Product Insights
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OnTask Partners with Mid-America Document Imaging
Document Imaging

About OnTask

OnTask is a business process automation tool that makes it easy for users to create digital documents and forms for routing, review, and approval. Whether internal or external, participants can work on documents and forms with ease, while giving the administrator the ability to track the files as they travel through review, and gain acceptance through verified digital signatures.

About Mid-America Document Imaging

Mid-America Document Imaging, a division of Mid-America Business Systems, has been helping organizations improve their information processing and document management since 1976. We are committed to helping our clients increase efficiency and reduce operational costs with quality products and services. Our solutions range from document scanners to hosted and on-premise Enterprise Content Management software systems that improve document management efficiencies. Our services include installation, training and maintenance support of the products we represent along with document scanning conversions.

TAMPA, Fla. –  OnTask announced its partnership with Mid-America Document Imaging today. The partners will focus on serving clients who need to make manual paper processes digital.

“Our enterprise content management solutions (ECM) help organizations streamline paper processes. OnTask automates these processes,”

Al Slayton, VP of Document Imaging at Mid-America.

“We are excited to partner with OnTask, especially because of its ability to convert paper documents and forms to electronic documents and fillable forms. It has workflow capabilities that streamline processes inside and outside an organization’s network.”

OnTask helps users create digital documents or forms for routing, review, and approval. The tool also simplifies certified digital signatures, enabling internal or external users to sign off without needing an OnTask account.

“OnTask is delighted to partner with Mid-America Document Imaging. They are a leader in the ECM space, and we believe that together we can make an impact on organizations looking to reduce paper waste and streamline business processes,”

Steve Wilson, President of OnTask.

OnTask and Mid-America Document Imaging look forward to working together to improve document management across many organizations.

Company News
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ScanPro Scanners at the Family History Library
Document Imaging

The Family History Library is an organization out of Salt Lake City, housing the largest collection of familial and genealogical records in the world. They offer free genealogical counseling to help families connect with ancestors and lost relatives. The Library houses over 1.4 million rolls of microfilm records on retainer, as well as ScanPro microfilm conversion scanners to process and convert selected microfilm. With their large collection of ScanPro scanners, patrons can easily access and convert unprocessed records.

Video tour of the new workstations at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As of  January 2020, The Family History Library implemented 65 ScanPros within their workstations. Through the integration of the ScanPro, they have been able to drastically alter the way their microfilm viewing area functions. The ScanPros have been integrated with the desktop computers, displaying the film images on the PC monitor on hand, maximizing the number of visitors they can handle. Additionally, they have been able to remove large, obstructive standing microfilm scanners and substitute small computer desks with a tabletop ScanPro. This has allowed the Library to create an open, well-lit area capable of handling large flows of visitors.

ScanPro microfilm scanners allow you to efficiently digitize and compile microfilm images into readable information repositories. Pairing the ScanPro unit with its complementary software allows you to automate scanning, adjust scanning functions, and utilize optical character recognition (OCR)--exporting digital documents that are keyword-searchable.  In addition to conversion capabilities, ScanPros also offers editing and touch-up software, allowing you to correct any image inconsistencies post-scan. The clarity of viewing the film images on the ScanPro, wide zoom ranges and exceptional image quality make it easier for patrons to perform research on the microfilm.

Workstation with a ScanPro microfilm scanner.
Workstation with a ScanPro microfilm scanner.

3 Benefits of a ScanPro Microfilm Scanner


PowerScan, the software included with the ScanPro microfilm scanners, reduces the learning curve for both occasional and first-time users. An on-screen help menu is available at your fingertips that provides details on how to use any button control.


ScanPro has exceptional features like continual image focus, wide range optical zoom, automatic film scanning, library quiet operation, and low power usage. It is not unusual to find a ScanPro that has made millions of scans and is working just like new.


Heavy gauge steel is used throughout the microfilm scanner and all moving parts use steel ball bearings for smooth operation. Best combination microfilm and microfiche carriers in the industry.

ScanPro All-In-One 3000
ScanPro All-In-One 3000

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Modula VLMs: Slim or Lift?
Material Handling

When choosing an ASRS (automated storage and retrieval system) to fulfill your storage needs, there are numerous types and models to choose from. One industry brand that has continually garnered positive reception is Modula. A significant advantage of Modula’s Vertical Lift Module (VLM) line is the variety of models to choose from. Two of the most prominent models produced by Modula are the Lift and the Slim. While both function very similarly, there are key distinctions between the two that are worth considering.

Storage Capacities & Configuration

All Modula VLMs have several tray widths, depths and heights to choose from. One unique aspect of Modula’s Lifts is adjustable pitch, meaning that the trays can be optimized to accommodate any product heights. Contrarily, traditional vertical carousels are constructed with fixed shelf height, meaning they cannot be adjusted after installation.

Modula offers multiple tray offerings to store various weight capacities: 551 lbs., 771 lbs., 1,102 lbs., 1,653 lbs. and one-ton (2,000 lbs).

Trays within Modula Slim.
Trays within Modula Slim.
Trays within Modula Lift.
Trays within Modula Lift.


The Modula Slim, depending on the model, is roughly 66 inches deep by 66.3-113.5 inches wide. In comparison, the Modula Lift varies from 91.2-177.8 inches by 124.6-159.7 inches wide. While the Slim has a considerably smaller footprint, it is designed to occupy the same footprint as a vertical carousel. Regardless of the model, both VLMs utilize vertical storage space to optimize warehouse floor space.

Row of Modula Slims in warehouse.
Row of Modula Slims in warehouse.
Rows of Modula Lifts in warehouse.
Rows of Modula Lifts in warehouse.

Speed & Throughput

The Modula Slim VLMs are capable of up to 190 picks per hour, and the Modula Lift VLMs are capable of roughly 120 per hour (depending on use). Between the two, the Slim has the highest potential throughput. Additionally, picking speeds are significantly increased by the operator interface, Copilot, which displays the locations and inventory of products to be handled quickly and efficiently.

Operator interface for Modula Slim.
Operator interface for Modula Slim.
External bay for Modula Lift.
External bay for Modula Lift.


Typically our installation specialists can build and install a lift within one week. As Modula Slim VLMs are delivered as a pre-assembled base unit, their installation process is greatly accelerated. Therefore, Modula Slim VLMs can usually be installed within 2-3 days. In comparison, Modula Lifts require up to a full week to install and accommodate the variety of widths and heights.

Feature Comparison


Modula Slim

  • Ships preassembled (plug & play installation)
  • Can be used with a standard 110 power source
  • Able to store objects up to 25 inches tall
  • Extremely small footprint

Modula Lift

  • Customizable widths and heights
  • Uses three-phase power source
  • Option for dual tray delivery and external bay delivery.
  • Models can store between 25 and 33-inch tall

Both Modula Lift & Slim

  • 99.9% Inventory accuracy
  • Reduce storage footprint by 80%
  • Compatible with Modula WMS (Warehouse Management System)
  • Traceable detailed user  history with permissions to protect your inventories.
  • 10.5” Copilot operator interface capabilities with full WMS integration
  • Both are suited for temperature-controlled and cleanroom environments
  • Full Integration between existing ERP systems

As the Modula Lift and Slim VLMs offer unique advantages, the return on investment is excellent. They typically exceed initial investment within 14-18 months via space savings, increased throughput, and improved accuracy and ergonomics. The Modula VLM is best suited for industrial and manufacturing environments, while the Modula Slim better fits in retail and smaller storage settings.


Contact Mid-America Business Systems and we will be happy to site survey your current storage and see if a Modula VLM will help your corporation. Our team will provide you a turnkey proposal that highlights all of the efficiencies that a Modula VLM will offer. There is no cost or obligation to learn more about implementing a Modula VLM in your facility.

Product Insights
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ActivRac vs Static Pallet Racking
Office Systems

These days warehouse space is becoming limited and more expensive. One way to ensure every square foot in your warehouse is utilized is by reassessing the type of pallet racking you are using. We’ve reviewed the basic features of static pallet racking and Spacesaver’s ActivRAC.

Static Pallet Racking

Static pallet racking is one of the traditional methods of product storage in a warehouse environment, reliant on open metal shelving for pallet storage. The open structure of the racks allows the pallets to be placed and seated into the racking by a forklift. The architecture of the racking is usually mounted to the ground, immobilized by anchor points and structural support to reduce chances of tipping or other failures.

Spacesaver ActivRAC

Industrial Freezer High-density Mobile Storage System.jpg

Spacesaver’s ActivRAC is a high-density racking system that incorporates movable racking carriages to maximize space. The electronic carriages supplement traditional racking by reducing the number of dedicated aisles and the space that they occupy. ActivRAC shelving comes in a variety of sizes and options, customizable to store a multitude of various products.

What are their weight capacities?

Both static pallet racking and ActivRAC are capable of storing fairly similar stock items, ranging from commercial merchandise to raw materials. Static pallet racking weight capacities vary greatly depending on the size of the cross beam. Due to this, there is a wide selection of items and weights pallet racking can handle while ActivRAC models are capable of storing up to 30,000 pounds of product.

Both utilize the pallet racking framework as a base structure, but ActivRAC incorporates electronic shelf storage technology to further maximize usable warehouse space.

How many pallets can they store?

In a simulation performed by Spacesaver, ActivRAC shelving was capable of storing 4,000 pallets in 635,670 cubic ft. Compared to static racking, which stored said pallets in 1,186,584 cu. ft., ActivRAC stored the same amount of product within 17,761 sq. ft. Meanwhile, static racking used 32,830 sq. ft.—almost double the occupied space.

Rather than expanding your warehouse or changing locations, consider optimizing your current space.

SR vs MS.png

How secure are they?

ActivRAC carriages can all be closed and locked to secure items. Their mobility and electronic integration allows them to be strategically sealed for security by sliding into place and locking down, blocking access to the aisles. This is especially useful when storing inventory in retail or evidence within police departments. This feature is built into all powered ActivRAC storage models and can be done so through the TUSC app.

Commonly, warehouses have security from the exterior but not within the pallet rack aisles. While wire cages can be implemented to cover high-priced items and prevent theft, they may slow workflow and add time to closing procedures. When considering static pallet racking security, rely on a strong warehouse exterior as your primary security measure.

How versatile are they?

ActivRAC pallet racking can be used in a variety of storage locations, including freezer storage (down to -20°F), sterile storage environments, manufacturing storage spaces, or product storage warehouses. Smaller models can even be suited for retail backrooms and in-store backstock. Additionally, minor shelving modifications can be made to store products like beer kegs and plant hydroponics systems.

Static pallet racking comes in numerous options that can fit your warehouse environment but without the mobility of an ActivRAC. Most locations that already house pallet racking can also be outfitted to accommodate ActivRAC.

How accessible are they?

Most static pallet racking allows pallets of products to be stored for access via scissor or forklift. ActivRAC maximizes storage density (approximately 635,670 cu. ft per 4,000 pallets) while providing total inventory accessibility by fork truck.

Additionally, ActivRAC’s incorporation of TUSC Mobile Control allows workers to quickly identify and locate products for picks, boosting warehouse speed and efficiency.

How are the costs affected?

While it's not a secret that static pallet racking has a lower initial implementation cost, the advantages to efficiency and storage density that ActivRAC provides greatly outweigh its higher initial investment. With ActivRAC mobilized storage, storage volumes and area are almost half of static racking, reducing your warehouse footprint while opening up floor space.

Although the initial price of ActivRAC is slightly more than traditional static racking, the increased storage space and optimized picking strategy make up for a significantly higher ROI in the long term.

Static Pallet Racking

  • Lower immediate cost
  • Weight limit broader
  • Stationary shelving
  • Anchored in place
  • Easier to reorganize & replace
  • Various models and sizes
Industrial Freezer Storage Mobile Storage System (1).jpg

Spacesaver ActivRAC

  • Higher ROI
  • Movable, storable heavy-duty shelving
  • Built along a rail-system for easy storage
  • Bluetooth integration for remote access
  • Security of stored items
  • Increase storage within smaller footprint
  • Various models and sizes, with some suited to store up to 30,000 lbs

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Canon Wide Format for Government Organizations
Document Imaging

Working in a government setting can present a multitude of wide-format printing needs and challenges. Different printing sizes, paper types, and many other factors can drastically affect your choice in wide-format printer. Here at Mid-America, we recommend the Canon TX series printers for any government needs. Canon TX printers are capable of printing a plethora of documents easily and securely.

Overview of the Canon TX Series wide-format printer features.


Dual Roll Feeder

Whether it’s a printable public health infographic or a large-scale blueprint for a civic theatre project, most wide-format printers can handle a variety of large-format sizes. With Canon printers, in particular, the transition between projects is made even easier with a dual roll feeder; allowing users to simultaneously load multiple sizes of printable media.


TX Stacker

Sharing a wide-format printer within or between departments is made much easier with Canon’s TX Stacker, an attachment that supports high volume printing by storing the fresh prints flat. The TX Stacker can store up to 100 fresh prints and reduces the curl of the pages by design. This allows for high volume, continuous printing while reducing the risk of damage to the print.

TX Stacker.png

Scanning Capabilities


You can easily add scanning capabilities to a Canon wide-format TX printer by simply connecting to the internal computer. The on-board user interface features a large touch screen, where you can view print statuses, ink levels, and much more. The scanner option also gives you the ability to digitize wide-format documents in-house for archival purposes.


Ease of Use

Automatic Roll Feeder

Filling paper is made easy with Canon’s automatic roll feeder. Simply place and lock and the printer will feed the paper directly into position for printing.

unnamed (2).png

Direct Printing from USB Drive

Printing on the go is made easy with USB drive printing, directly from the on-board computer. This allows you to share between departments as a self-service printer or print large files directly from the on-board computer.


Print Quality

Print Head & Ink

Often relying on blueprints and city schematics, city planners and architects rely on wide format printers to produce high-depth and resolution images. The 5-color TD ink set provides high quality-CAD printing through fine lines and sharp text. In addition to blueprints and schematics, city planners may need to print out large-print photos and keynotes for board presentations and industry conventions.


Additionally, civic engineers may rely on large-scale prints to study electrical infrastructure, sewage systems, and other types of high-detail mapping. These can also be printed onto waterproof paper and signage, which is a significant advantage for anyone working in the field.



Hard Disk & Internet Encryption

With illicit data breaches becoming more prevalent, protecting sensitive information should be a high priority. Working in government positions sometimes means dealing with sensitive data such as finances and personal identification data.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your printing services do not present a weak link in your digital security. The encrypted internal hard drives protect confidential information for print jobs and other data. IPSec security measures also utilize encryption to bar any tampering of data sent over an IP network.


Device Authentication

Communication between specific devices and printers are made secure through server authentication. Using authentication tokens means that only verified computers have access to the printer, rather than a traditional IP-based print service.

The Canon TX Series wide-format printers excel in a wide range of markets and applications at an affordable cost. Canon’s new printing technology paired with intuitive features makes the TX series an obvious pick for any department’s printing needs. Our knowledgeable, Canon-certified staff are available to discuss product lines and details at your convenience.

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4 Ways Modula Lifts Improve Your Warehouse Workflow
Material Handling

Increase Product Picking Speed and Efficiency

Modula Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) can store a wide variety of stock in a compact vertical storage system, allowing warehouse workers to easily access multiple different products from a VLM. By using intuitive visual aids the users can distinguish products quickly and efficiently. Employees can fulfill orders and update inventories with greater speed and accuracy.  

Additionally, products can be organized by product types, model numbers, part numbers, serial numbers, and lot numbers. Size and weight can also be managed within VLM trays.  

Reduce Warehouse Accidents & Improve Safety

Product picking with vertical lift automation significantly reduces the chances of workplace accidents, as the items are stored within the unit and delivered to the user within the” golden zone”, which is waist to shoulder. Modula Lifts negate any risk of products falling, shelves tipping, step stools, ladders or any other risks associated with manual stock picking.  

Additionally, manual stock movement and manipulation increases strain on order pickers, since the product is often stocked out of the “Golden Zone”, which is the safest area to handle products. Ladders and step stools are eliminated and as a result removing tripping hazards, muscle strain, and many other potentially negative situations for users. Using Modula Lifts significantly reduces the amount of physical strain that employees will be subjected to when fulfilling orders.  

The physical design of Modula VLMs almost entirely nullifies the chances of damaging or dropping products during handling, as the unit contains all stored material on trays within the lift. This means that the product remains in place on each tray as the lift delivers the tray to the user. Your staff will no longer need to rely on ladders and step stools to pick and put products.

Upgrade Stock Storage Capacity

Utilizing Modula VLMs can reduce your storage space footprint significantly. Store vertically, rather than traditional horizontal warehouse footprint. By using vertical storage, Modula Lifts open up valuable floor space for manufacturing equipment. Modula’s VLMs come in a variety of models with differing widths, depths, and height to accommodate any type of product storage and handling environment. Additionally, the Modula lift reads the product height on every delivery and every return. This ensures that each tray is stored optimally,  maximizing the inside of the lift. There are various tray weight capacities to select from, such as 551lbs., 1,022 lbs, and 1,653 lbs. per tray. These trays can be mixed and matched within one Vertical Lift Module.

Organizing your warehouse inventory is easier when paired with Modula WMS software. Modula WMS will allow you to manage your product by a detailed tray location and specific slot within the tray. In addition to location management, Modula WMS allows you to manage products by quantity, part number, description achieving a 99.9% accuracy.  

Convert your warehouse space from this:

To this:

Automate Inventories Using a WMS

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) software suites offer warehouse managers and employees access to a multitude of logistics and fulfillment tools. Modula WMS suite enables workers to trace material quantity, description, and part number; it also tracks the users’ material handling movement. It also reduces redundancy, and organizes orders for fulfillment and kitting processes.

However, one of the greatest advantages of implementing a WMS is the automation of inventories. Traditional inventory methods require long travels and a hunt and peck type picking and putting, compared to the speed and efficiency that a Modula VLM and Modula’s WMS offer. Together, these two Modula products streamline product delivery, product handling, and inventory management.  

Modula WMS integrates with the client’s ERP to jointly: store, handle and deliver items with the greatest efficiency and accuracy. All actions are tracked and then sent back to the client’s ERP in real-time with Modula WMS’s robust reporting capabilities.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Intelligent Capture Solution
Document Imaging

Whether you’re simply processing accounts payable line item detail, or handling and converting various document types (sales orders, receivables, HR forms, etc.), there are important differences in intelligent capture applications which may factor into what program you choose. Mid-America Document Imaging has provided a list of eight items to think about before you make your final decision.

Factors to Consider


Are there monthly fees, subscriptions, or various hardware required to effectively run the software? Is the return on the investment higher than the initial software buy-in? This is especially important to consider when dealing with programs that require a monthly subscription; or if you have a tight budget to work with.

Implementation and Integration

Simplicity is key. Finding a product that can be easily and effectively implemented will ensure that your transition to a digital invoicing platform is quick and painless. Integration with your ERP/Accounting software or other Line-of-Business databases is a necessary component of the software you choose.

Ease of Use

Capture solution software should be easy to master, allowing end-users to maximize the product’s potential for your business. A product that is difficult to use will slow down processing times and muddy your cost-saving potential.

Machine Learning and Classification Engines

Programs with a highly-developed classification engine will have no trouble learning and capturing various types of values and data. Well developed intelligent capture software incorporates machine learning capabilities to streamline parameter setup, eliminate the need for manual sorting, and recognize data patterns without templates.


A well-designed capture software should be able to handle documents from any source, including email, scanners, network drives, digital documents, faxes, etc. It should also handle capturing all lines of data, rather than a single parameter at a time.

Multi-language support

In an increasingly-international business environment, handling and processing documents of various languages expand your possibilities for international trade ventures. Therefore, it is incredibly important that your capture software is capable of processing documents of different languages.


When dealing with private documents and sensitive information, it is critical to have a secure intelligent capture application. Be sure to look for products that offer encryption and security measures to ensure the safety of your information.

Cloud Connectivity

As business handlings rely more on web-based content management, access to and storage of digital files is increasingly pertinent to an effective business strategy. Finding an intelligent capture software that utilizes a cloud-based storage platform allows easy access to the documents, integration into other ERP or accounting software, and many other file management tasks to be completed with ease.

These factors are a few of many, but are some of the most critical when researching and deciding upon an intelligent capture solution software. While many options exist, few satisfy all of the requirements.

Our Suggestion: ancoraDocs

ancoraDocs checks off a majority of the factors listed above. Read more about its capabilities in our 4 Areas You can Use ancoraDocs blog.

As you can see, there are vast differences in complexity and implementation cost when it comes to selecting an intelligent capture solution, so making an informed purchase is critical. We hope this list has provided you with guidance as you explore the many options available to make your workflow more streamlined and issue-free.

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How to Keep Your Library Updated in 2020 with Spacesaver
Office Systems

As internet-based technologies continue to change our access to information, libraries have adapted and augmented their roles to suit the needs of their patrons. To meet the new expectations of physical library spaces, designers have relied on a few essential changes which can maximize use while minimizing physical storage space.  

Regardless if a library is academic or civic, the trending growth towards an increasingly digital world means that physical media must be more efficiently organized to foster a fulfilling experience.  

Below, you will find a list of a few critical changes that libraries must consider when designing their space to meet the requirements of their visitors.  

Flexible, Moveable Storage
(Library Carts and Modular Storage)

Flexible and modular storage systems create library study spaces that are transient and customizable, suited to whatever situation may arise. Using library carts and rolling shelving systems, library atriums and arcades can be opened for exhibitions, book readings, academic conventions, and many other high-priority events that may demand such space. Academic settings greatly benefit from such adaptable organization systems, as the multi-use spaces shift to meet the needs of the student body and faculty alike.

High-Bay Library Archive and Storage

High-bay library storage excels at optimizing warehouse-style archival storage and retrieval. It allows for increased vertical storage and reduction in shelving width without compromising storage density. The vertical storage model permits the storage of large art pieces, high-density literary works, and various other forms of media with ease and integrity.

High-Density Compact Shelving

Shelving and archival space can take up prime real estate your library space, minimizing space for other attractions. Rows of shelving can compartmentalize and restrict patron flow to certain areas of a library, or confuse and disorient patrons searching for a specific file. Utilizing high density storage shelving minimizes the rows of library shelving racks while enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of the implemented storage units.  

Water Deflection Systems

An important consideration to make regarding archival storage is its protection from disaster. With paper making up a majority of archival materials, misfiring sprinkler systems could mean the end of an unprotected archive. However, with water-deflecting shelving systems, your archive can be protected and easily recovered from such accidents, free of severe water damage.

TUSC Bluetooth Control for Archival Storage

You can easily optimize archival retrieval methods using Spacesaver’s TUSC Control application, which allows you to remotely move motorized shelving and locate stored materials. The application has built-in organization tools, and allows you to easily find and open access to stored goods. This minimizes retrieval times and allows for quick, easy access from any library employee’s mobile phone or tablet.

Off-Site Shelving

Maximize library seating space, communal areas, and aesthetic presentation by creating off-site storage solutions. Creating high-bay, high-density storage for archival materials will free much storage space for higher-priority materials and declutter your library space. While smaller libraries may find off-site storage unnecessary, larger and high-volume libraries may find this solution to be quite advantageous.

While there are many ways to update your library for the new decade, we feel that these innovations from Spacesaver should be on the top of any designer’s list. The aforementioned products open spaces up, condense storage areas, and protect documents from potential damage. To survive in the world of digital information technology, libraries must consider implementing these spatial measures to ensure a successful future.

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4 Areas to Use ancoraDocs
Document Imaging

Based on our experience, we recommend ancoraDocs for your integrated office solution software. ancoraDocs offers solutions for automating invoices, electronically sorting documents in the mailroom and records, processing sales orders, and many other high-demand requirements. ancoraDocs is incredibly powerful companion software to any business of the internet age, providing your company with the proper tools to streamline workflow and lower expenses.

Accounts Payable

ancoraDocs provides streamlined AP invoice processing with its built-in machine learning suite.  It’s Advanced Data Capture’ technologies automate data indexing, file digitization, and line-item detail gathering efficiently and thoroughly with minimal error. You can use the software to create a three-way match of invoices, PO to the delivery receipt, and integrate auto-payment in your ERP or accounting software. ancora recognizes data by learning invoices layouts and does not require zone templates.  

Read more about digitizing accounts payable.

Sales Orders

ancoraDocs also reduces the keystroking labor of sales orders, as it extracts data accurately and efficiently— allowing you to process more volume in less time. Extracted data can be uploaded to your ERP system with the order image and data saved to your ECM system. Implementation of the software allows your company to handle peak volumes easier and minimize clerical errors while providing a searchable repository of orders. Additionally, ancoraDocs compiles sales order information and can produce detailed production reports instantly.

Accounts Receivable

ancoraDocs efficiently captures data from checks, vouchers, and statements to assist in accounts receivable reconciliation. This can help keep track of open balances, reduce paper trail and pile up, and simplify cost analyses for customers.  

See just how much money your company could save through automation.

Electronic Mailroom

ancoraDocs simplifies mail processing by automatically classifying and sorting documents received in the mail and delivering them electronically. Using ancora Record Delivery will expedite the mail sorting process in a secure manner to the respective recipient, or index and archive the file appropriately. You can deliver documents via workflow, ECM storage, cloud sharing services, and email. Additionally, you can generate digital shipping manifests and track inbound packages to ensure proper delivery and maintain control of distribution.


Organizations continually strive to lower costs and improve productivity. By providing tools and platforms that allow employees to be more efficient in daily tasks, ancora can streamline and boost the efficiency of the overall work environment. ancora has unique technology to deliver faster, easier data capture processing for many applications in today’s work environment.

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