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4 Ways Modula Lifts Improve Your Warehouse Workflow

Material Handling

Increase Product Picking Speed and Efficiency

Modula Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) can store a wide variety of stock in a compact vertical storage system, allowing warehouse workers to easily access multiple different products from a VLM. By using intuitive visual aids the users can distinguish products quickly and efficiently. Employees can fulfill orders and update inventories with greater speed and accuracy.  

Additionally, products can be organized by product types, model numbers, part numbers, serial numbers, and lot numbers. Size and weight can also be managed within VLM trays.  

Reduce Warehouse Accidents & Improve Safety

Product picking with vertical lift automation significantly reduces the chances of workplace accidents, as the items are stored within the unit and delivered to the user within the” golden zone”, which is waist to shoulder. Modula Lifts negate any risk of products falling, shelves tipping, step stools, ladders or any other risks associated with manual stock picking.  

Additionally, manual stock movement and manipulation increases strain on order pickers, since the product is often stocked out of the “Golden Zone”, which is the safest area to handle products. Ladders and step stools are eliminated and as a result removing tripping hazards, muscle strain, and many other potentially negative situations for users. Using Modula Lifts significantly reduces the amount of physical strain that employees will be subjected to when fulfilling orders.  

The physical design of Modula VLMs almost entirely nullifies the chances of damaging or dropping products during handling, as the unit contains all stored material on trays within the lift. This means that the product remains in place on each tray as the lift delivers the tray to the user. Your staff will no longer need to rely on ladders and step stools to pick and put products.

Upgrade Stock Storage Capacity

Utilizing Modula VLMs can reduce your storage space footprint significantly. Store vertically, rather than traditional horizontal warehouse footprint. By using vertical storage, Modula Lifts open up valuable floor space for manufacturing equipment. Modula’s VLMs come in a variety of models with differing widths, depths, and height to accommodate any type of product storage and handling environment. Additionally, the Modula lift reads the product height on every delivery and every return. This ensures that each tray is stored optimally,  maximizing the inside of the lift. There are various tray weight capacities to select from, such as 551lbs., 1,022 lbs, and 1,653 lbs. per tray. These trays can be mixed and matched within one Vertical Lift Module.

Organizing your warehouse inventory is easier when paired with Modula WMS software. Modula WMS will allow you to manage your product by a detailed tray location and specific slot within the tray. In addition to location management, Modula WMS allows you to manage products by quantity, part number, description achieving a 99.9% accuracy.  

Convert your warehouse space from this:

To this:

Automate Inventories Using a WMS

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) software suites offer warehouse managers and employees access to a multitude of logistics and fulfillment tools. Modula WMS suite enables workers to trace material quantity, description, and part number; it also tracks the users’ material handling movement. It also reduces redundancy, and organizes orders for fulfillment and kitting processes.

However, one of the greatest advantages of implementing a WMS is the automation of inventories. Traditional inventory methods require long travels and a hunt and peck type picking and putting, compared to the speed and efficiency that a Modula VLM and Modula’s WMS offer. Together, these two Modula products streamline product delivery, product handling, and inventory management.  

Modula WMS integrates with the client’s ERP to jointly: store, handle and deliver items with the greatest efficiency and accuracy. All actions are tracked and then sent back to the client’s ERP in real-time with Modula WMS’s robust reporting capabilities.

Save space, time, and money.
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