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4 Areas to Use ancoraDocs

Document Imaging

Based on our experience, we recommend ancoraDocs for your integrated office solution software. ancoraDocs offers solutions for automating invoices, electronically sorting documents in the mailroom and records, processing sales orders, and many other high-demand requirements. ancoraDocs is incredibly powerful companion software to any business of the internet age, providing your company with the proper tools to streamline workflow and lower expenses.

Accounts Payable

ancoraDocs provides streamlined AP invoice processing with its built-in machine learning suite.  It’s Advanced Data Capture’ technologies automate data indexing, file digitization, and line-item detail gathering efficiently and thoroughly with minimal error. You can use the software to create a three-way match of invoices, PO to the delivery receipt, and integrate auto-payment in your ERP or accounting software. ancora recognizes data by learning invoices layouts and does not require zone templates.  

Read more about digitizing accounts payable.

Sales Orders

ancoraDocs also reduces the keystroking labor of sales orders, as it extracts data accurately and efficiently— allowing you to process more volume in less time. Extracted data can be uploaded to your ERP system with the order image and data saved to your ECM system. Implementation of the software allows your company to handle peak volumes easier and minimize clerical errors while providing a searchable repository of orders. Additionally, ancoraDocs compiles sales order information and can produce detailed production reports instantly.

Accounts Receivable

ancoraDocs efficiently captures data from checks, vouchers, and statements to assist in accounts receivable reconciliation. This can help keep track of open balances, reduce paper trail and pile up, and simplify cost analyses for customers.  

See just how much money your company could save through automation.

Electronic Mailroom

ancoraDocs simplifies mail processing by automatically classifying and sorting documents received in the mail and delivering them electronically. Using ancora Record Delivery will expedite the mail sorting process in a secure manner to the respective recipient, or index and archive the file appropriately. You can deliver documents via workflow, ECM storage, cloud sharing services, and email. Additionally, you can generate digital shipping manifests and track inbound packages to ensure proper delivery and maintain control of distribution.


Organizations continually strive to lower costs and improve productivity. By providing tools and platforms that allow employees to be more efficient in daily tasks, ancora can streamline and boost the efficiency of the overall work environment. ancora has unique technology to deliver faster, easier data capture processing for many applications in today’s work environment.

Increase your team's productivity.
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