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These days warehouse space is becoming limited and more expensive. One way to ensure every square foot in your warehouse is utilized is by reassessing the type of pallet racking you are using. We’ve reviewed the basic features of static pallet racking and Spacesaver’s ActivRAC.

Static Pallet Racking

Static pallet racking is one of the traditional methods of product storage in a warehouse environment, reliant on open metal shelving for pallet storage. The open structure of the racks allows the pallets to be placed and seated into the racking by a forklift. The architecture of the racking is usually mounted to the ground, immobilized by anchor points and structural support to reduce chances of tipping or other failures.

Spacesaver ActivRAC

Industrial Freezer High-density Mobile Storage System.jpg

Spacesaver’s ActivRAC is a high-density racking system that incorporates movable racking carriages to maximize space. The electronic carriages supplement traditional racking by reducing the number of dedicated aisles and the space that they occupy. ActivRAC shelving comes in a variety of sizes and options, customizable to store a multitude of various products.

What are their weight capacities?

Both static pallet racking and ActivRAC are capable of storing fairly similar stock items, ranging from commercial merchandise to raw materials. Static pallet racking weight capacities vary greatly depending on the size of the cross beam. Due to this, there is a wide selection of items and weights pallet racking can handle while ActivRAC models are capable of storing up to 30,000 pounds of product.

Both utilize the pallet racking framework as a base structure, but ActivRAC incorporates electronic shelf storage technology to further maximize usable warehouse space.

How many pallets can they store?

In a simulation performed by Spacesaver, ActivRAC shelving was capable of storing 4,000 pallets in 635,670 cubic ft. Compared to static racking, which stored said pallets in 1,186,584 cu. ft., ActivRAC stored the same amount of product within 17,761 sq. ft. Meanwhile, static racking used 32,830 sq. ft.—almost double the occupied space.

Rather than expanding your warehouse or changing locations, consider optimizing your current space.

SR vs MS.png

How secure are they?

ActivRAC carriages can all be closed and locked to secure items. Their mobility and electronic integration allows them to be strategically sealed for security by sliding into place and locking down, blocking access to the aisles. This is especially useful when storing inventory in retail or evidence within police departments. This feature is built into all powered ActivRAC storage models and can be done so through the TUSC app.

Commonly, warehouses have security from the exterior but not within the pallet rack aisles. While wire cages can be implemented to cover high-priced items and prevent theft, they may slow workflow and add time to closing procedures. When considering static pallet racking security, rely on a strong warehouse exterior as your primary security measure.

How versatile are they?

ActivRAC pallet racking can be used in a variety of storage locations, including freezer storage (down to -20°F), sterile storage environments, manufacturing storage spaces, or product storage warehouses. Smaller models can even be suited for retail backrooms and in-store backstock. Additionally, minor shelving modifications can be made to store products like beer kegs and plant hydroponics systems.

Static pallet racking comes in numerous options that can fit your warehouse environment but without the mobility of an ActivRAC. Most locations that already house pallet racking can also be outfitted to accommodate ActivRAC.

How accessible are they?

Most static pallet racking allows pallets of products to be stored for access via scissor or forklift. ActivRAC maximizes storage density (approximately 635,670 cu. ft per 4,000 pallets) while providing total inventory accessibility by fork truck.

Additionally, ActivRAC’s incorporation of TUSC Mobile Control allows workers to quickly identify and locate products for picks, boosting warehouse speed and efficiency.

How are the costs affected?

While it's not a secret that static pallet racking has a lower initial implementation cost, the advantages to efficiency and storage density that ActivRAC provides greatly outweigh its higher initial investment. With ActivRAC mobilized storage, storage volumes and area are almost half of static racking, reducing your warehouse footprint while opening up floor space.

Although the initial price of ActivRAC is slightly more than traditional static racking, the increased storage space and optimized picking strategy make up for a significantly higher ROI in the long term.

Static Pallet Racking

  • Lower immediate cost
  • Weight limit broader
  • Stationary shelving
  • Anchored in place
  • Easier to reorganize & replace
  • Various models and sizes
Industrial Freezer Storage Mobile Storage System (1).jpg

Spacesaver ActivRAC

  • Higher ROI
  • Movable, storable heavy-duty shelving
  • Built along a rail-system for easy storage
  • Bluetooth integration for remote access
  • Security of stored items
  • Increase storage within smaller footprint
  • Various models and sizes, with some suited to store up to 30,000 lbs

Mobilize your pallet racking.
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