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Are you looking for the power, speed, and accuracy of a Canon scanner system, but the portability and size of a desktop scanner? Look no further than Canon’s imageFORMULA DR-C225 II Office Document Scanner. This Canon scanner is designed to produce crisp, high definition scans at rapid rates. Additionally, its portability and affordability mean it can serve office settings, home office settings, workgroups, and others with ease.

Space-Saving Design

The Canon DR-C225 is exceptional in size and design, with consideration of office spaces and user operation. It’s sleek and compact design allows the DR-C225 to sit atop a desk space with room to spare, allowing users to operate the scanner from the comfort of their workspace. Additionally, it can further fold and compact when not in use to reduce its already-small operational footprint. The size and relative affordability of this Canon scanner line allows for multiple scanner units to be implemented within an office setting, without breaking the bank or cramping the space.

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Speed and Accuracy

Even with its small stature, the Canon DR-C225 is still a scanning powerhouse. Its efficient, top-loading scanning design means it can scan roughly 25 grayscale or color pages per minute. In addition to high scanning speeds, the Canon scanner can scan pages at a quality of up to 600 dpi, for exceptional readability and printing quality.

When it comes to scannable documents, the Canon DR-C225 is not a limited machine. It can scan a variety of documents, from business cards to 8.5” x 14” legal-length papers. Additionally, the scanner features a ‘long-document mode’, which allows for documents of up to 114” in length. For receipts or other long-form documents, this feature is incredibly useful in digitization.


Wireless Capabilities

The DR-C225 comes in two separate models: DR-C225, and the DR-C225W. The difference between the two options is the capability of wireless transmission and document generation. The DR-C225W supports digitization and distribution over wifi to mobile phones, tablets, and computers alike. For businesses that are frequently attending meetings, or on the go in general, having access to scanned documents from a mobile device can be a huge advantage in meetings or sales calls.

Whether you’re looking for an at-home scanner for photos, personal files, or tax documents; or looking to implement a portable scanning solution for members of your office, the Canon DR-C225 series scanner is the solution for you. With its compact and adaptive design, this scanner will make a handsome addition to any setting, and help digitize your documents for an increasingly digital future.

One-on-one demos are available with a Canon representative. Contact Mid-America Document Imaging to learn more and get a meeting set up.

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