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Why You Should Update Your Powered Mobile System

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For decades, Spacesaver has been providing and servicing Spacesaver mobile storage systems for a variety of customers. While many legacy mobile systems may still be fully functional, many customers opt to upgrade to more modern equipment, due to the fact that they have many features that legacy units may not have. Below are three reasons why you should update your powered mobile system

1. Access and Secure Storage
at the Push or Touch of a Button

Many customers love the intuitive and easy-to-use design of traditional Spacesaver mobile storage units. The handles aren’t strenuous to spin, and the shelving glides quite seamlessly. However, with technological advancements, Spacesaver has been able to produce completely electronic mobile storage systems. These systems are reliant on electric motors to drive their movement and can be controlled via the affixed Touch Technology Control screen or Spacesaver’s TUSC Mobile Control app. The  Touch Technology Control screens feature a touch-screen LCD mounted to the aisle-end of each unit, allowing users to easily approach and operate the movement, evaluate the security of the unit, and change unit settings. The unit also features voice prompts and an interactive menu system to fluidly guide users through whatever task they are completing.


The electronically-driven mobile storage units provide the same level of storage density and security as before, with the added ease of effortless, electronic control.

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2. Move the System with a Remote, Tablet, or Phone

Another definitive benefit of upgrading to an electric-driven mobile shelving system is synchronization with Spacesaver’s TUSC mobile control app. Models of Spacesaver’s Eclipse, ActivRac, Wheelhouse can all support TUSC compatibility.  

TUSC allows users to monitor the status of the system, remotely manipulate that placement of carriages, and label/organize sections of shelving. The application syncs with the installed system via Bluetooth to maintain a direct and secure connection. In addition, the application can be set up to require ID verification (fingerprint, PIN ID, etc.) to ensure the security of stored goods.

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In addition to TUSC, certain models of Powered Eclipse mobile storage units can be operated remotely via infrared remote technology. Spacesaver’s Infrared-Capable Control remotes can be conveniently mounted at a distance, allowing users to move shelving without the need of a smart device. These remotes rely on infrared signals, ensuring safe and uninterrupted use.

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3. Increase User Safety with Sensors

On top of TUSC compatibility and ease-of-use, many Spacesaver models can be outfitted with Photo Sweep laser safety sensors and other precautionary equipment. Photo Sweep sensors use infrared beams to detect any blockage or obstruction, person, or object, between two shelves to trip an emergency halt. If a disruption occurs, the two carriages will auto-lockout, meaning that they cannot be moved until they have been manually reset. This further reduces the chance of equipment malfunction or personal injury. Because they utilize infrared beams, they cannot be tripped by sunlight or other UV light sources.


In addition to the Photo Sweep safety sensors, Spacesaver also offers aisle-entry sensors and Zero Force sensors. The aisle entry sensors detect when a person has moved into an aisle, and lock the system from moving until the sensor system is reset. However, the Zero Force sensor uses a grid of infrared sensors, which can detect when a person has entered and left the area--thereby automatically resetting the trip system and eliminating the need to manually reset it.

Zero Force sensors
Zero Force sensors
Aisle-entry sensors
Aisle-entry sensors

These precautionary safety additions are paramount for mobile storage systems that will be mounted in public areas, around children or others with limited mobility; and work together to reduce the chance of any equipment misuse or injury. Spacesaver offers these add-ons at the time of purchase or can be added by a Spacesaver rep post-installation.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing system or implement a mobile storage system for the first time, Spacesaver’s products offer a variety of safety, security, and functionality measures that make them an easy choice. Spacesaver has been the presiding industry leader of mobile storage technology for decades, with durable products that stand strong to the test of time. If you’re ready to make the upgrade to a Spacesaver system, be sure to get in contact with one of our mobile storage sales reps, here at Mid-America Business Systems.

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