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4 Modula Options that Improve Picking & Putting Accuracy

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Modula Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) are incredible pieces of storage technology, capable of harnessing overhead vertical space to vastly reduce warehouse storage footprints. On top of that, their automated systems can greatly reduce time and labor spent fetching and moving inventory, meaning your staff can work quicker and safer. In addition to the VLMs, Modula offers a variety of accessories. The following 4 optional features can foster a faster order fulfillment process by catalyzing picking and putting processes.

1. LED Bar

Modula VLM systems can be outfitted with an LED bar/screen, affixed to the top of the access bay, and at eye level. The LED bar can be synchronized with the Modula WMS and CoPilot, displaying the locations and quantities of items for picking/putting.

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2. Laser Pointer

The Laser Pointer accessory will further increase efficiency within your picking strategy by precisely pointing to the necessary items on a VLM tray. The laser will guide users quickly and efficiently to the item required, and when paired with the LED Bar, you can eliminate mis-picks and complete valuable order fulfillment quickly.

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3. Put to Light

A Put to Light (PTL) system allows users to process multiple orders and multiple line items at the same time by illuminating light over a bin/tote that will hold a specific order. There can be multiple orders being picked simultaneously, which greatly increase throughput. This hardware and software allow users to pick and put from the VLM tray to the batch picking location that has staged bins or totes specific to an order number. When an item is picked out of the delivered tray at the opening of the VLM, the interface will flash a light over the bin within the batch picking station and guide the user to then put the item to the correct order/bin. Additionally, the WMS system can print labels to help in the shipping or distribution process.

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4. Access Opening Lighting

Improve your workers’ ability to see details such as SKUs and model numbers with LED bay lighting, which are mounted around at the access opening of the Modula VLM. The LED lights allow the brightest light, create no heat, and consume very little energy. Low light can increase eye strain,  lower-order pick accuracy, and slow throughput. Furthermore, key lighting can be instrumental to the safety and efficiency of your workers.  

The lights also function as an indicator of reach-in safety. When the lights come on, that indicates that the tray bay is safe to interact with. In addition, there are also full-length light curtains that can sense movement and stop tray delivery if disturbed.

illuminazione-led-baia-esterna_95196 (1).jpg

While a Modula VLM on its own will provide you with faster processing and storage speed, the accessories are what will redefine your pick/put workflow and accuracy. Accessories like the laser pointer and the LED bar provide greater pick speeds and accuracy, while others like the Copilot to accelerate the order fulfillment process.  If you’re considering implementing a new Modula VLM into your warehouse, work in process, or kitting environment, be sure to review the valuable options and features described.

Improve picking and putting accuracy.
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