Implement Day Use Lockers During a Pandemic

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As businesses and establishments begin to reopen with limited capacity and social distancing guidelines, many have taken the past few months to study and reconsider their workers’ and/or patrons’ experience. Some offices, while their workers are at home, have reconceptualized a socially-distanced office setting, one with minimal cubical organization; instead of focusing on open-concept spaces that foster natural distancing.

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Additionally, libraries and museums have slowly reopened to limited audiences, many still operating with decreased capacity to foster safe operation. These institutions have also taken time to adjust to a ‘new normal’. Many have also introduced personal storage lockers for visiting guests, in hopes to reduce clutter and open up seating spaces and walkways for greater distancing.

Lockers on Business and Academic Campuses

In traditional office settings, employees keep personal effects within their cubicles and only inhabit limited spaces. However, many startups, technology companies, and other creative corporate forerunners have begun to adopt a more collaborative and open-air workspace, devoid of any cubicle-style organization. While this organizational strategy helps culminate collaboration, creativity, and other important factors, it also implicitly shapes optimal social distancing. Workers and students can inhabit areas further apart from each other than traditional cubicles, and open settings also can help increase airflow. This helps to protect personnel from any further COVID transmission, and return to working in a productive, collaborative environment.

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One critical consideration to be made by campuses considering such open work and study spaces is the storage of personal belongings. Most operations opt for day-use lockers, which allow workers or students to securely and easily store belongings in entryways or break rooms--away from the quiet chaos of an active office. Storage in personal, day-use lockers prevents congestion in shared spaces, reduces inter-person contact of belongings, and promotes cleaner workspaces overall.

For example, a large technology company needed to protect their intellectual property by banning the use of personal devices within the research and development sector of their operation. To give their employees safe storage for their devices and other items, they chose to implement Spacesaver day-use locker systems. They provided efficient and secure storage areas for employees and their personal effects.

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Libraries and Museums

As libraries open again to serve the public, many have implemented additional safety measures to protect workers, patrons, and exhibits alike. One key instrument in transforming operations is the implementation of day-use lockers for visitors. Day-use lockers, strategically placed near the entrances of libraries and museums, helps to prevent accidental destruction of exhibits or materials due to the mishandling of bags, umbrellas, or other personal effects.

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Additionally, if library patrons store coats and bags in personal lockers, librarian staff can reduce theft of library technology and books while decreasing personal clutter from seating areas--opening up more room for communal workspace and reading areas.

One East Coast library implemented Spacesaver day-use lockers for visiting guests to their special collections and archives. To protect special collections from damage and reduce food and drink spills, the library designers created banks of storage at the entrance, where patrons can store personal effects and bags. These locker systems complimented the aesthetics of the entryway, provided secure storage, and offered a workspace for visitors to the library.

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Gyms and Spas

New guidelines on business operation have allowed gyms and some spas to reopen partial services, with detailed rules about patrons wearing masks and increased facility cleaning. As these facilities prepare for reopening, many have implemented new or updated existing day-use lockers in locker rooms and main areas for use by visitors. Spacesaver offers sturdy, steel-core day-use lockers with a variety of different lock designs (such as ID swipe, device-enabled & touchless smart locks, and other technologies) for any necessary setting.

One Canadian spa decided to redesign its locker room to accommodate more guests and match the natural, holistic aesthetic that the spa retains. To curate such an experience, they installed a swathe of Spacesaver day-use lockers, complete with natural wood doors and finish. These lockers came equipped with RFID sensors, so the spa could eliminate the use of keys.

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Regardless of the locker use or location, Spacesaver’s high-durability steel and laminate locker solutions will ensure that your guests’ personal belongings are stored securely and accessibly. Make sure that you are providing a safe storage solution to your visitors with Spacesaver day-use locker systems.

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