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At Mid-America Packaging & Distribution, we are excited to announce our expansion into the food packaging market! We will be partnering with Aptar Food + Beverage to provide our customer base with active packaging solutions for high liquid foods and seafood.

Aptar’s absorbent bottom tray and pouch systems differ greatly from traditional tray plus diaper packs. The patented designs and absorbent technology help extend shelf life by reducing product exposure to liquid purge inside the package. Below are the three product lines we have available to help you deliver a better product quality to your customers and achieve further distribution.

IceWrap® Frozen Hydrated Sheets


Aptar Food + Beverage IceWrap® provides long-lasting refrigeration for transportation of many items including, but not limited to, proteins, bait, fresh produce, flowers, and medical supplies. Aptar’s IceWrap® is shipped as dehydrated sheets of varying cell sizes composed of highly absorbent technology. These sheets can be rehydrated and refroze if left out for too long. Each sheet can come perforated for ease of use in any application and be hydrated in minutes to max capacity. If left out for too long, these sheets can be rehydrated and refrozen. Lastly, dehydrated sheets can save money on shipping weight, meaning less money spent on receiving your shipping materials.


FreshWell™ Trays, Pads, & Pouches

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The FreshWell™ packaging system reduces the spoilage of many liquid-dense food products such as meat, microgreens, or fruit by absorbing the excess liquid purged via absorbing pads inside the tray. The patented designs have wells located at the bottom of the tray, or pockets on the back of the pouch, where a food-safe absorbent padding is secured. The absorbent technology retains the excess liquid limiting microbial growth and chemical degradation of the food within.  

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The FreshWell™ Pads utilize the same technology and can be placed in any standard container sizes. These come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any already existing snap top or tamper-evident containers.


SeaWell™ Trays & Pouches

SeaWell™ Trays and Pouches maximize the shelf life of various seafood products. A proprietary blend of absorptive, food-safe materials are located in Aptar’s patented tray and pouch designs, specifically formulated for seafood. SeaWell™ technology captures the freshness of the sea from the ocean-to-table by improving product quality and integrity, extending freshness and shelf life, reducing odors, and eliminating potential cross-contamination in the kitchen.

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The SeaWell™ Protective Packaging Systems are truly the next generation of seafood packaging. The technology inside of the packages complies with FDA and EU regulations. SeaWell™ can enable expanded distribution for your brand by leveraging a frozen- to- thaw process inside of the package while still cleanly delivering a fresh product to your customer.


If you’re a fresh food processor looking to improve customer experience, maintain your customer loyalty, and deliver a safer handling product, Aptar Food + Beverage line of active packaging systems can help. For further information, follow the link below or contact Mid-America Business Systems directly.

Minimize food waste.
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