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Military equipment can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to aircraft replacement parts. Thankfully Spacesaver engineers created ActivRAC, a highly adaptable and scalable mobile storage system solution for the secure storage of almost any goods. The ActivRAC systems can be equipped or modified via a variety of different storage systems, such as WeaponWRX weapon storage or traditional pallet racking for heavy goods. ActivRAC provides a multitude of ways to reduce clutter, clear floor space, and further organize the storage of valuable or fragile military goods in almost any large-scale setting.

Custom Storage for PPE and Personal Gear

One area that ActivRAC excels is personal effects and gear storage. In the past, Spacesaver has worked alongside military operations to create specialized storage solutions, such as the Spacesaver Parachute Rack system. This storage system can be custom-fitted to ActivRAC mobile storage to further compact and organize valuable floor space. It incorporates a pegged hanging system to maintain the shape of the parachutes while optimizing the allotted space. Furthermore, the rack system can be used for other gear bags such as Navy SCUBA BCD’s or daypacks.  Within the Spacesaver TUSC Mobile Control app, aisles and sections of storage can be labeled within the app, helping to reduce lost or misplaced gear.

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Bulk Weapon Storage

Along with ActivRAC for PPE and personal effects, Spacesaver has also developed mobile storage options for large-quantity weapon storage. Pairing ActivRAC mobile systems with storage systems such as Universal Weapon Racks (UWR), weapons can be securely stored in great quantities--perfect for military bases and resource depots. These weapon racks are fitted with solid steel, lockable front paneling to protect from any inappropriate interference. Their solid construction exceeds military security requirements, meaning they are capable of storing any military-related personal weaponry.

A small Universal Weapon Rack module storing M4A1’s
A small Universal Weapon Rack module storing M4A1’s

UWR’s stand out as a weapon storage strategy not only because of their high density but because of their modular relationship to ActivRAC.

Military Engineering and Industrial Storage

For many military facilities, large-scale storage is quite an issue. Whether storing heavy aircraft parts, or vehicles themselves, the facilities require systems that can handle oblong and high-weight objects. Spacesaver’s ActivRAC 16 model is capable of high-bay, long object storage for items such as airplane wings and other spare parts. Additionally, the ActivRAC 30 model is load-bearing up to 30,000 pounds, meaning that entire vehicle chassis or motors can be stored within the mobile system. This can greatly reduce the floorspace required for keeping maintenance materials on hand and open up more storage space for additional parts or other use.

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Spacesaver’s ActivRAC mobile storage system can provide a multitude of benefits in almost any military storage setting. With traditional pallet racking, movement of heavy machined parts or raw materials was a complicated process, involving forklifts and manual operation. After ActivRAC, the movement of such material is as easy as opening an app. Mobilized storage provides all the advantages of traditional storage, with the added bonuses of security, density, and mobility.

Optimize your military storage space.
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