3 Areas to Implement Spacesaver’s GROW System

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As demand for space within cities continues to increase, sourcing and distribution of produce and fresh foods is becoming an increasingly difficult logistical task. Some restaurants have turned to growing their own produce on rooftops or sourcing from grow labs to cook with locally-sourced, easily-accessible produce products for maximum freshness and quality. In addition, recent recreational legalization in four US states (AZ, MT, NJ, SD), and medical legalization in two more (MS, SD), has instantiated opportunities for growers to begin cultivation. Spacesaver’s GROW systems technology can be implemented in new or existing grow operations to cultivate high-density, top-quality yields in limited spaces by utilizing vertical grow racking.

1. Spacesaver GROW for restaurants

Spacesaver’s GROW platform builds upon pre-existing ActivRAC mobile storage systems, augmenting the shelving to fit hydroponics systems and offering mounting points for UV lighting. These systems are constructed of high-density steel and can be custom-fitted to best suit the size of the operation. The mobile shelving can be condensed and opened as necessary, all while continuing to provide plants with proper lighting and hydroponics.

Cannabis Grow Room Spacesaver Vertical Racking.jpg

For these reasons, many restaurants choose to grow their own herbs, microgreens, and other small-scale produce items directly within the establishment. Whether a basement operation or a rooftop greenhouse, Spacesaver’s GROW systems can be customized to accommodate and maximize said operation. Additionally, upon purchase, peripheral light and hydroponics systems can be ordered and installed, courtesy of Hawthorne Gardening Company. This further streamlines the installation process and promises an up-and-running system upon completion.

2. GROW for high-efficiency farming

For many high-density urban environments, fresh and accessible produce can sometimes be difficult to find. Some nonprofits and other organizations have banded together to create urban farms; small-scale and high-density indoor farming operations within the thick of an urban environment. Indoor farms usually take advantage of small, otherwise unused facilities or constructed rooftop greenhouses--both of which are constricting spaces.


These indoor farms can be utilized for a variety of uses, such as providing disadvantaged and impoverished communities with healthy, sustainable produce goods; or be used for community cooperative farming for personal use! The options are limitless, and with Spacesaver’s GROW system, volunteers and workers can maximize limited space and resources to yield the highest amount of crop possible.

3. Spacesaver GROW for cannabis markets

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As you can imagine, Spacesaver GROW can easily be configured to serve cannabis growers with a mobile-rack, tiered growing infrastructure. Similar to the aforementioned uses, the Spacesaver GROW racks can be customized both in width and height, allowing for both large-and small-scale operations to benefit from their implementation.

There are a few major advantages to growing cannabis with a Spacesaver GROW system, as well as incentives to purchase via a Spacesaver rep. The advantages of the GROW system are as follows:

  • Vertical racking offers mounting points for lighting, HVAC, irrigation, etc.
  • Steel construction minimizes rust and tarnish
  • Non-off gassing paint coating
  • Customizable sizes and lengths
  • Versatile shelving points compatible with many standard shelving types
  • Mechanical assist mobile operation
  • Anti-tip shelving options available for areas with increased seismic activities
    (California, Nevada, etc.)
  • Increased weight capacity minimizes collapse, damage to systems, or employee injury
Cannabis Grow Increase Yields Spacesaver (1).jpg

When a medical cannabis grow facility was looking to expand their operation and harvest size, while minimizing their carbon footprint,  they turned to Spacesaver’s GROW mobile horticulture systems. By implementing GROW systems into their operation, they were able to quadruple their feasible growing space, all while improving environmental conditions for their plants. On top of this, they greatly reduced their carbon footprint through LED lighting and more conservative irrigation technology.

Another fantastic advantage for both existing grow operations looking to upgrade existing systems, or new operations looking to source equipment, is that Spacesaver offers exclusive horticulture supply packages for customers via Hawthorne Gardening Company. Spacesaver reps are able to provide consumers with GROW systems, as well as source any necessary irrigation, hydroponics, HVAC, and lighting equipment necessary to help an operation get up and running. Overall, Spacesaver’s GROW architecture, paired with Hawthorne horticulture supplies, provide any cannabis grower with ample technology to harvest quality yields, time and time again.

Whether you’re planning to use Spacesaver GROW in an urban farm, restaurant facility, or cannabis grow operation, the GROW system is perfectly designed and customized to accommodate any grow setting. Its modular design, paired with peripheral installations by Hawthorne Gardening Company, will have your operation up and running in no time. Experience bountiful harvests in optimal growing conditions with Spacesaver’s GROW mobile grow system.

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