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Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitation habits are a compulsory facet of life. Coronavirus has drastically altered how we think about public health and our initiatives to curb infections. Many businesses, public facilities, warehouse settings, and government agencies have begun to print and produce directive signage and warnings for those visiting facilities. To meet the massive increase in wide-scale printing solutions, many operations have turned to purchasing and using wide-format printers in-office. Producers such as Canon wide format printers and software offer a variety of options that make the creation of public health posters and signage an easy task at a much lower cost than outsourcing.

Poster Templates on Canon PosterArtist


Alongside Canon’s wide-format printers and scanners, they also offer PosterArtist, a poster creation software suite specifically for wide-format printing. Canon offers both a lite and a full version, the lite being free and the full version being $395. PosterArtist allows users to customize preset caution and sanitation signage, or create their own signs to better suit their needs.


Canon’s PosterArtist offers a variety of public health and sanitation signage available as customizable presets, perfect for printing signage for public areas during the coronavirus outbreak. Proper signage reminds customers and patrons of the state-or city-wide sanctions regarding masks and other PPE.



Water-Resistant Media from Canon

When creating proper signage for public areas, protection from the elements is of top priority. Many signs and posters must be affixed to the outside of restaurants, office buildings, and any other high-traffic areas where PPE is required. This leaves them exposed to rain and sunlight, where ink can fade or disintegrate quickly and easily.


With Canon’s wide-format printers, users can utilize polypropylene printer paper to create innately water-resistant prints. Additionally, Canon printers can print on adhesive matte vinyl banners and signage to create large-scale, waterproof, and hangable posters that can resist any inclement weather.

More Than Health & Safety Signage

In addition to printing public health code signage or customer operational updates, businesses and government agencies can utilize Canon wide-format printers for advertisement signage, in-store promotional displays, and many other uses. The versatility and flexibility of size and material make wide-format printing a necessary addition to any designing and merchandising operation.



In light of recent events, wide-format posters and signage printing are in utmost demand. While businesses could rely on a third-party printing service, a Canon wide-format printer is a cost-effective, versatile, and long-term solution for any sort of small-scale in-house printing. Whether you’re printing COVID-related guidance signage or waterproof outdoor banners, Canon wide-format printers can handle it.

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