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Artifact storage can be a somewhat difficult undertaking, as many artifacts require special humidity and temperature conditions, while others need proper lighting and ventilation to maintain composure. To provide such conditions for artifact storage, many museums and other institutions rely on Spacesaver’s various lines of storage solutions, such as: textile rolls, mobile storage systems, art racking, and metal cabinetry. In the blog below, we have outlined a few possible storage solutions for both large, oblong objects; and smaller, more delicate artifacts.

Secure Mobile Storage
for Large or Oblong Artifacts  

When storing large, long, or otherwise cumbersome artifacts, many considerations must be made to ensure the efficacy of storage and safety of the artifacts. Often, mobile storage solutions provide museums and other storage facilities with the customizable and efficient storage system needed to securely store delicate, large artifacts.

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Spacesaver’s mobile storage systems, such as their ActivRAC and Eclipse powered carriage units, provide condensable and lockable storage for items both large and small. Such powered carriage units can be outfitted with many different shelving systems, ranging from Viking metal cabinetry, to industrial pallet racking for very large artifact storage. Regardless of what system is mounted, Spacesaver’s mobile storage systems help storage facilities to recover up to 90% of used floor space for additional storage space or other facility needs. The powered storage carriages’ ability to condense alongside one-another opens up otherwise wasted walkway space, meaning museums can grow their collections significantly without concern for space requirements.

Climate & Humidity Controlled Storage

When the University of Arizona, Tucson’s Arizona State Museum decided to update their existing storage spaces, they wanted a solution that could store their vast collection of delicate pottery work and woven goods securely and safely. Additionally, they needed to fit their collection within a space that could be climate- and humidity-controlled to prevent any rapid deterioration of said artifacts. Thankfully, with the help of their local Spacesaver rep, they were able to effectively incorporate a few different Spacesaver storage solutions into their museum--namely a Spacesaver mobile storage system. This provided adequate storage space for their pottery and woven artifacts within the temp-controlled location, and also allowed the museum to utilize the mobile storage carriages as displays for each artifact--building placquards and display information onto the shelves.

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Viking Cabinetry for Fragile or Small Artifacts

For the storage and protection of smaller or more delicate artifacts, Spacesaver offers Viking metal cabinets in a variety of shapes and sizes. Viking cabinetry comes in a multitude of specialized storage models, ranging from biological artifact storage to weaponry and firearm artifact storage. Coming in both a full-height and counter-height model, Spacesaver’s Viking 920 Preservation and 414/420 Archival cabinets offer secure, lockable storage systems. Spacesaver also provides full drawer height and width customization for both models, allowing customers to select the most useful interior storage layout for their needs.

Versatile Preservation Cabinet: Viking 920

Spacesaver’s Viking 920 Preservation model specializes in versatile storage, providing a secure and controllable environment for nearly any small-sized artifact. With adjustable interior shelf pegging, the 920 chassis can be reconfigured into a multitude of different storage layouts. Additionally, the 920 series can be customized to best suit storage needs with the following add-ons/adjustments:

  • Removable door hinges for unimpeded access
  • Optional ventilation ports
  • UV-protected glass paneling
  • Non-off gassing paint
  • Closed-cell gasketing for optional airtight seal
  • WaterShield cap to protect from fire sprinklers or other overhead water damage
  • 3-point locking latch system

Lockable Archival Storage: Viking 414/420

In comparison, the 414/420 series Archival storage cabinet is offered with most of the same features as the 920. However, the 414/420 series offers optimal storage for small textiles, maps, scripts, and other historical paper documents. Each offers two-inch drawers for controlled storage, all lockable from a single locking point at the top corner of the storage unit.

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The main advantage of the 414 system, over the 420 counterpart, is that the 414 offers a glass-top counter built into the top of the tabletop-height models--allowing for synchronous display and storage (as seen below).


When a Richmond, VA based Civil War museum needed to rework their collections storage space, they called upon Spacesaver to help with the overhaul. Their local Spacesaver rep was able to outfit the museum with a variety of Spacesaver products, ranging from mobile storage carriages to Viking Preservation and Archival Cabinetry. Through the implementation of Spacesaver 920 and 420 cabinets, the museum was able to greatly condense their small artifact storage while vastly improving storage conditions for delicate materials. Lockable, sealable and ventilate-able Viking cabinetry provided a watertight, stainless steel home for delicate artifacts, most being over 150 years of age.

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If you’re looking for an efficient, secure storage solution for your institution’s artifact collection, Spacesaver’s storage systems are the perfect solution. Spacesaver’s pairing of secured, controlled-environment cabinetry with mobile storage architecture provides any storage space with the shelving needed.

Protect your museum collection.
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