Modula + Medical Pt. 2: Improve Efficiency & Streamline Warehouse Processes

Material Handling

Modula’s Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) make condensing and organizing your medical product inventories easy and economical. VLMs reduce floor space by taking advantage of unused vertical storage, thereby reducing your storage footprint and opening up valuable floor space for additional production/storage. Additionally, intelligent design aspects such as laser-based picking guides, automated invoice processing via the operator interface, and integration into conveyor solutions or systems guarantee an increase in productivity and accountability. Below are examples of how Modula lifts can improve efficiency in medical manufacturing.

Streamline Warehouse Processes

Some of Modula’s greatest advantages over traditional storage techniques are its ability to regulate and partially automate order processing, picking/putting, and inventory management, and lastly, cycle counting. When Modula WMS software is partnered with an ERP, all item actions are accounted for to ensure a vital synopsis of activity. Together, Modula WMS software and ERP will automatically manage the inventories of your lifts. Order requests can be automatically sent to the lift, from the ERP. This will queue up the proper tray(s) for a quick accurate pick or put. The task performed will be instantly updated to the ERP with user history and performance, all while adjusting inventories accurately and quickly.

Ensure Inventory Organization

Gland Pharmaceuticals was challenged by storage overload and misplacement of products due to a limited storage footprint. Fortunately, with the addition of a Modula Lift and WMS software, this company was able to reduce its storage footprint while increasing its inventory accountability.  

With the use of an optional Alpha Numeric Bar, the type of action required can be displayed across the display atop the access opening, acting as a command center to assist with picks, puts, or cycle counts. The optional overhead laser pointer will automatically point to the item that needs to be handled. This takes all the guesswork out for the user, yielding a large return in speed and accuracy.

The Co-Pilot is a full-color touch screen that allows the users to view part numbers, quantities, and top-down images of the vertical lift trays. The Co-Pilot generates a virtual map of the tray layout organization for the operator. Additionally, Gland took advantage of Modula’s customizable tray partitions and dividers to further divide products efficiently. It also helps to assist the users to locate and distinguish products quickly.


Increase Picking Speed & Accuracy

Orfit, a prosthetics production, and design company, redefined their order picking operations through the use of their Modula Lift. They were able to take advantage of the laser pointer to guide and increase picking, putting, and cycle counting speed and accuracy. On top of that, they took advantage of the Co-Pilot operator interface to ensure correct inventory counts and streamline order processing requests. These changes reduce wait time for customers and generate a high ROI.


Another company, Sante Service, has also benefited in their picking speed and accuracy via Modula. Their company specializes in providing essential medication distribution directly to patients’ homes. Therefore, the accuracy and timeliness of deliveries are of the utmost importance. In order to ensure that the correct medication is properly delivered. Installing Modula Lifts into Sante Service’s facility granted them the ability to automate picking operations, monitor stock inventories, and reduce the chances of errors. In addition to these changes, Sante Service was able to integrate their Modula Lifts into their conveyors to move orders quickly and easily, allowing for an almost entirely automated order processing.  

Modula VLM systems serve a variety of functions, with optimization of storage and retrieval processes being highlights of the design. Reduction in invoicing errors or inventorying counts means more satisfied customers, and an increase in workflow and productivity means a shorter timetable for delivery. Streamlining your logistics process can eliminate wasted time in searching, costly picking errors, and deliver a vastly better operator experience. No matter what Modula VLM you choose to incorporate into your warehouse logistics flow, it is guaranteed to vastly improve both storage space and customer experience.

Increase efficiency in your warehouse.
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