Introducing the New Bookeye 5

Document Imaging
Bookeye 5 V3 Professional
Bookeye 5 V3 Professional
Bookeye 5 V2 Kiosk
Bookeye 5 V2 Kiosk

As digital content becomes more relevant to academics and libraries, quick and effective text conversion methods are in necessity. Image Access’ Bookeye scanners have been a staple book scanning solution for libraries and other institutions for the past two decades. Bookeye scanners offer patrons and staff alike intuitive, rapid book scanning solutions that can convert printed text to a variety of digital formats.

Bookeye 5 Comparison

Each model of the Bookeye 5 shares universal features that are standard to the product line. Both the Bookeye 5 V2 and V3 models support Mac and PC compatibility, with USB ports and ethernet port connection for quick and easy transfer to either computer platform. Additionally, each Bookeye model features a touchscreen monitor with sizes that vary between the two.


All Bookeye 5 scanners are able to scan in color with LED illuminated scanning and a convertible flatbed that can pivot 120º to cradle books. They all also offer a live preview camera and a foot switch. Learn how each model differs through the table below.

Bookeye 5 Comparison Table.png

Important differences between the V2 and the V3 distinguish the two lines in their design and use. The most noticeable design change between the two models is the scanning platform size, which is larger on the V2 than the V3. The V3 model features a 3 inch by 5-inch decrease in scanning platform size, making the unit more compact and affordable when compared to the V2 models. Similarly, other small peripheral items have been simplified or swapped out from the V2 to the V3, making the V3 a more affordable version of the Bookeye scanning system, and providing a more compact scanning experience for smaller operations.

Bookeye for Academics

Bookeye scanners can provide a variety of benefits for instructors and students alike. Instructors can create highlightable, quotable, and printable excerpts of text from reading materials for class and research. Additionally, students can digitize sections of textbooks for easier access to study materials and research for assignments.

Scanners can be placed within academic libraries, or within student common areas for easy access by faculty and pupils.


Bookeye for Business

In addition to the vast benefits in education, Bookeye can also be implemented in business settings with many positive impacts. Whether your company is digitizing hand-written ledgers and manifests, or porting printed copies of contracts and NDAs to digital formats, Bookeye scanners perform all of the leg-work. Moreover, Image Access offers an optional add-on invoice and form processing software, which can scan and convert invoices and AP/AR forms to searchable documents--alleviating the need for manual data entry or indexing.


Bookeye’s Versatility

As seen above, Bookeye models can be utilized in a variety of spaces, from education to accounting. One of the main reasons for such expansive use is versatility. Bookeye products have compatibility with many mainline devices and have vast customizable properties.

An advantage that the Bookeye 5 offers is the ability to synchronize your Bookeye document scanning sessions with an iPad or tablet app, to seamlessly deliver scanned content to an e-reader or mobile device for use. This allows for on-the-go access to digitized documents, progress monitoring, and many other useful features.


The swathe of upgrades made by e-Image Data to their Bookeye models makes it a necessary addition to any business or academic institution. The ability to digitize, synthesize, and convert books in-person or wireless adds another dimension of productivity to any conversion process. Whether you are a teacher, digitizing passages of a textbook for in-class use; or a businessperson, converting a physical ledger to an excel spreadsheet, the Bookeye 5 can provide all the tools necessary for quick and easy conversion.

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