Which WideTEK Scanner is Best for You?

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Which WideTEK Scanner Is Best For You?

With digitization becoming a far more common practice, many organizations are opting to create digital archives of fragile, rare, or oversized media items. Digital duplicates of physical media creates backup copies of irreplaceable content, further protecting its existence from natural disasters, fires, flooding, or other damages. Additionally, oversized scanning systems can provide effective conversion services en-suite for design firms, architects, and other organizations which utilize large renderings, drawings, paintings, and other oversized media.

Storing documents in electronic format provides ease of access for authorized users from virtually anywhere, using PCs, tablets and smartphones.  With many people working away from the office, secure access to images is more important than ever. Mid-America provides Enterprise Content Management software for storage and retrieval of documents in a cloud based or on-premise configuration.

What to Expect from a WideTEK Wide Format Scanner

WideTEK, ImageAccess’ signature wide-format scanner line, offers a multitude of scanner models to provide the best scanning solution for almost any setting. Each WideTEK scanner comes with an assortment of special features, making them a stand out choice for oversized scanning needs. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Built-in touchscreen for adjusting settings and walk-up scanning
  • Endless scanning of unlimited lengths to multipage PDF
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi max resolution scanning
  • Fast-paced color scanning
  • Integrated Linux OS with P2P FTP and network sharing capabilities
  • Face-up scanning capabilities
  • Automated crop and skew software
  • Virtual rescan and post-scan editing
  • LED lamps require no warm-up time
  • Standard output locations include Scan2USB, Scan2Print, and Scan2Network

Additional options for each model:

  • Optional 21-22” multifunction touchscreen
  • Transparent document holders for fragile and small documents
  • Foot switch for batch scanning
  • Multifunction stand for scanner
  • Batch Scan Wizard software for easier batch scanning


CCD scanning systems, a cutting edge image scanning technology, allow for easy scanning of fragile or partially deteriorated documents, photos, newspapers, etc. CCD-based scanning provides premium, high-definition scans with great efficiency. Contrarily, CIS scanners may some difficulties when scanning torn or fragile documents, and may also have trouble with newspapers and thinner documents. Compared to CCD, CIS scanning systems provides excellent clarity and scan quality at a more affordable price point.

WideTEK scanners come in both CCD and CIS models, to provide effective scanning solutions for almost any price point. The premium WideTEK scanners are constructed with two-or three-sensor CCD scanning systems, while the CL models are generally equipped with CIS imaging sensors to keep end consumer prices down. The CCD-equipped models generally provide faster scanning at similar dpi resolutions to their counterparts with CIS sensors.

WideTEK 36

WideTEK 36
WideTEK 36
WideTEK 36 CL
WideTEK 36 CL
WideTEK 36 DS
WideTEK 36 DS

The WideTEK 36 is the 36-inch variant of the WideTEK line. It is the smallest of the WideTek scanner series, perfect for settings that require a compact scanning solution. The WideTEK 36 excels in settings that require a compact solution, scanning smaller oversized items such as legal-length contracts, small maps, photos, and other printed media. As with all other models of WideTEK scanners, the 36 is capable of unlimited scan length, meaning long scrolls and other pieces of long-length media can be scanned in one piece.

Additionally, the WideTEK 36 comes in two models: the standard 36, as well as the 36CL. The 36 model features three CCD image sensors, while the 36CL utilizes CIS sensors. The 36 model provides faster scans, and can handle thin and fragile documents, but comes in at a higher price than its counterpart. The WideTEK 36 DS scans the front and back of a document in one pass. This is great for scanning newspapers. Contact us to learn more about auto pagination technology for scanning newspapers in duplex mode.

WideTEK 48

WideTEK 48
WideTEK 48
WideTEK 48 CL
WideTEK 48 CL

ImageAccess’ WideTEK 48 is the next step up, size-wise, from the WideTek 36. Spanning 48 inches, this scanner provides scanning for a multitude of large-scale media. From painting prints, photos, and artwork; to CAD sketches and blueprints, the WideTEK 48 can handle almost any media. In addition to the 36, the 48 also comes in both 48 and 48CL variants. The differences present between the two models is similar to that of the 36; the CL variant is equipped with CIS image sensors, versus the standard is a CCD image sensor system.

As with all WideTEK scanners, the WideTEK 48 offers a variety of export options, such as: Scan2NET (network-based delivery), and Scan2Pad (integration with tablet application for mobile delivery). Additionally, WideTEK also offers add-on softwares for TWAIN integration, Scan2PF (direct to PROGRAF software), Scan2EDIT (proprietary editing software for WideTEK scanners), and Scan2ICC (a subscription-based image color and correction suite for editing).

WideTEK 60

WideTEK 60
WideTEK 60

The WideTEK 60 is the largest scanner available in the WideTEK lineup, capable of scanning documents up to 60 inches wide. The WideTEK 60 makes for a perfect addition to architecture firms, engineering guilds, contractor offices, and other organizations that regularly handle large CAD sketches, blueprints, and other scalar schematics that require large prints. Additionally, the 60 can be utilized by art archivists and other museum workers to digitize large artworks for academic uses and digital archives.

In addition to being their widest scanner, the WideTEK 60 also has a few extra features to produce stunning, wide-scale scans. First most, the WideTEK 60 has an additional sensor upgrade, allowing the scanning dpi resolution to be expanded to 9600 dpi. On top of this, the 60 provides upgraded interface and user customizations to their editing suites and softwares within the onboard touchscreen device. These provide scanner operators with the proper tools for exceptional scan quality and precision.

ImageAccess’ WideTEK wide-format scanners provide the efficiency, clarity, and scan accuracy necessary to produce quality digital scans for almost any setting. Whether you’re looking for a CCD scanner, with cutting edge scanning technology, or a CIS scanner for top-notch scans within budget, WideTEK’s lineup is paired with a variety of models to effectively deliver scans of any size media.

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