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Modula VLMs: Slim or Lift?

Material Handling

When choosing an ASRS (automated storage and retrieval system) to fulfill your storage needs, there are numerous types and models to choose from. One industry brand that has continually garnered positive reception is Modula. A significant advantage of Modula’s Vertical Lift Module (VLM) line is the variety of models to choose from. Two of the most prominent models produced by Modula are the Lift and the Slim. While both function very similarly, there are key distinctions between the two that are worth considering.

Storage Capacities & Configuration

All Modula VLMs have several tray widths, depths and heights to choose from. One unique aspect of Modula’s Lifts is adjustable pitch, meaning that the trays can be optimized to accommodate any product heights. Contrarily, traditional vertical carousels are constructed with fixed shelf height, meaning they cannot be adjusted after installation.

Modula offers multiple tray offerings to store various weight capacities: 551 lbs., 771 lbs., 1,102 lbs., 1,653 lbs. and one-ton (2,000 lbs).

Trays within Modula Slim.
Trays within Modula Slim.
Trays within Modula Lift.
Trays within Modula Lift.


The Modula Slim, depending on the model, is roughly 66 inches deep by 66.3-113.5 inches wide. In comparison, the Modula Lift varies from 91.2-177.8 inches by 124.6-159.7 inches wide. While the Slim has a considerably smaller footprint, it is designed to occupy the same footprint as a vertical carousel. Regardless of the model, both VLMs utilize vertical storage space to optimize warehouse floor space.

Row of Modula Slims in warehouse.
Row of Modula Slims in warehouse.
Rows of Modula Lifts in warehouse.
Rows of Modula Lifts in warehouse.

Speed & Throughput

The Modula Slim VLMs are capable of up to 190 picks per hour, and the Modula Lift VLMs are capable of roughly 120 per hour (depending on use). Between the two, the Slim has the highest potential throughput. Additionally, picking speeds are significantly increased by the operator interface, Copilot, which displays the locations and inventory of products to be handled quickly and efficiently.

Operator interface for Modula Slim.
Operator interface for Modula Slim.
External bay for Modula Lift.
External bay for Modula Lift.


Typically our installation specialists can build and install a lift within one week. As Modula Slim VLMs are delivered as a pre-assembled base unit, their installation process is greatly accelerated. Therefore, Modula Slim VLMs can usually be installed within 2-3 days. In comparison, Modula Lifts require up to a full week to install and accommodate the variety of widths and heights.

Feature Comparison


Modula Slim

  • Ships preassembled (plug & play installation)
  • Can be used with a standard 110 power source
  • Able to store objects up to 25 inches tall
  • Extremely small footprint

Modula Lift

  • Customizable widths and heights
  • Uses three-phase power source
  • Option for dual tray delivery and external bay delivery.
  • Models can store between 25 and 33-inch tall

Both Modula Lift & Slim

  • 99.9% Inventory accuracy
  • Reduce storage footprint by 80%
  • Compatible with Modula WMS (Warehouse Management System)
  • Traceable detailed user  history with permissions to protect your inventories.
  • 10.5” Copilot operator interface capabilities with full WMS integration
  • Both are suited for temperature-controlled and cleanroom environments
  • Full Integration between existing ERP systems

As the Modula Lift and Slim VLMs offer unique advantages, the return on investment is excellent. They typically exceed initial investment within 14-18 months via space savings, increased throughput, and improved accuracy and ergonomics. The Modula VLM is best suited for industrial and manufacturing environments, while the Modula Slim better fits in retail and smaller storage settings.


Contact Mid-America Business Systems and we will be happy to site survey your current storage and see if a Modula VLM will help your corporation. Our team will provide you a turnkey proposal that highlights all of the efficiencies that a Modula VLM will offer. There is no cost or obligation to learn more about implementing a Modula VLM in your facility.

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