How to Sign an NDA with OnTask

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In modern business settings, confidential trade information and business agreements are often discussed between clients, employers, and employees. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are a form of binding contract that can be issued by a party to hold those involved legally responsible for using sensitive financial or business-related  information to their advantage. OnTask is a digital document workflow application which allows users to create and share with signers NDAs, digital transactions, document reviews, HR contracts, and many other digital forms. Using OnTask grants users the ability to trace document progress, keep digital copies on the cloud, reduce paper use, and many other benefits.

How OnTask Can Be Used for NDA’s

This tutorial demonstrates how to create, prepare, and distribute electronic Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) forms to your recipients via OnTask. To complete this task, you must have an OnTask subscription.

If you choose to use a custom-made NDA form, you can do so by using OnTasks’ conversion suite, which is accessible from your OnTask dashboard.

1. Getting Started

Firstmost, navigate the OnTask sign-in page and log in. Then, go to your organization’s home screen within the OnTask site. After this, you can hover over the tab titled ‘NDA’, on the left-hand side of the screen. After hovering for a second, a small dropdown menu should appear. You will select ‘Run Workflow’ from this menu.

2. Adding Recipients

After you have selected to run the workflow, you will be brought to a screen with contact forms. These contact forms should be filled out with the NDA recipients’ information.

Once you have filled out this information, press continue.

download (9).png

3. Notification of Action Necessary

Once you have pressed continue, an email will be sent to the recipients of the form, alerting them that their signature is needed on the form. Along with the notification is a link to the form, which they can follow to complete it.  

download (1) (1).png

4. Filling the Form

After the recipient opens the link, they will arrive at a digitized, signable version of the NDA form. From here, they can fill initials, produce digital signatures, and other necessary markings.

download (2) (1).png

As the approver/recipient continues to fill out the form, their completion status will be updated in a checklist to the right. From here, they can see progress, visit other portions of the form, or ensure that they did not miss any signatures.

Once they have finished the form, the status bar in the corner will turn from red to green. At this point, the recipient can press continue or decline, which alerts you (the originator) that they have finished and that the form is ready for the final steps.

5. Finishing Up & Digital Copies

Once the recipient approver is done with the form, and presses submit, a non-editable PDF version of the document is emailed to both originator and recipient.  Within the document, you can also find a digital signature verification page.

download (10).png

Note: Retrieval Post-Approval

If you ever need to reference, share, or redownload a copy of the NDA, all completed and in-progress NDA documents are available from the NDA tab on the OnTask organization dashboard.

4 Benefits of OnTask


1. Multi-use workflow platform

OnTask’s SAAS provides users with access to in-progress documents, completed form results, and other important information.

2. Include anyone with an email

Adding recipients with OnTask is as easy as providing an email! Simply share by adding their email during the contract creation process.

3. eForm conversion built-in

If you have preexisting paper forms and contracts, you can easily convert them to digital, signable eforms through OnTask’s eForm Conversion suite--included in any OnTask purchase.

4. Secured on the cloud

OnTask utilizes a secure, password-encrypted cloud hosted environment to store sensitive files such as contracts, employee information, or any other confidential documents. These documents can be accessed from any web browser with proper credentials and access.

Overall, most businesses can greatly benefit from the addition of a digital form manager like OnTask. OnTask provides secure, cloud-hosted digital forms and other documents for easy completion and access. Additionally, OnTask makes digitizing preexisting paper forms easy with a built in conversion suite--vastly reducing paper waste generated by unnecessary printed forms. Any business looking towards the future of digital commerce should understand the value and importance of digital form management

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