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Art pieces: often delicate, oddly-shaped, or of antiquity; require extensive storage and security measures to ensure the safety and integrity of each piece. In order to securely store large quantities of art, museums and other art repositories often choose to incorporate art-specific storage shelving systems. Spacesaver produces a variety of art-specific storage systems, including condensable, mobile storage systems as well as static hanging shelving. As art collections continue to expand with time, it is critical to consider effective storage for any repository.

Paintings and Other Framed Pieces

Paintings, one of the most common art pieces at most galleries and museums, are often delicate and fragile--often becoming exceptionally brittle with age. Therefore, it is imperative that their storage conditions and arrangement is secure and well-organized. Spacesaver offers an extensive line of hanging art solutions:

1. Art racks

Spacesaver’s suspended, pull-out art rack systems provide sturdy and condensable pegboard storage for paintings, prints, and other hanging pieces of nearly any size. This unit can be custom fit to storage spaces of various heights and widths, providing the storage solution you need in the space you have.

2. Modular hanging racks

Spacesaver also offers pull-out hanging racks in a modular, mobile design. Their modular pull-out rack exists as a unit within a steel chassis, capable of being entirely moved and repositioned as necessary.  However, the aforementioned suspended pull-out racks mount to the ceiling, meaning their ability to be repositioned is limited.

3. Mobile art racks

In addition to these storage options, Spacesaver also offers their hanging art racks, mounted atop their mobile storage carriages. These carriages are connected via metal tracking installed into the ground, allowing the carriages to be repositioned in relation to the room, and stacked against one-another to open up valuable floor space. A carriage-based hanging rack system offers the most condensed and efficient art storage possible.

4. Static art racks

Static hanging art racks offer the same signature design as the other Spacesaver models, but are mounted to a wall space rather than a mobile track system. Static hanging racks best suit smaller collections looking for a more cost effective storage solution. As with the other racks, these static hanging racks can also be used to display art on-the-floor, providing a clean and modular display for visiting patrons.

When a small art museum wanted to redo their storage space, they needed to reconsider a better storage solution than their current system. They utilized small wooden and cardboard boxes, stacked on top of another, on static shelving. Each box was draped with plastic covering, making location and access to each piece difficult. After consulting with an Ontario-based Spacesaver rep, they decided to implement an Eclipse powered mobile shelving system--complete with art racking for hanging art pieces. This allowed the institution employees to easily search for, locate, and access the hung art within the mobile storage system. Paired with Spacesaver’s TUSC mobile storage control application, available for mobile devices, workers can locate and open Eclipse units remotely for efficient access.

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Textiles, Oversized Prints, and Woven Pieces

Along with hanging art racks for paintings and prints, Spacesaver also provides storage solutions for textiles, fashion design pieces, and woven art pieces. With textiles, special care is needed to prevent deterioration, staining, and other damages that can be incurred during transport and display.

1. Cantilever racks for textiles

Spacesaver offers a roller-style cantilever rack system for oversized and long textiles. The textiles can be spun onto a roller system, which floats amid the cantilever system in a row. These rolls can be removed, swapped, and adjusted to fit various sizes and quantities of textile or prints.

Textile racks on cantilever shelving.jpg

2. Flat drawer storage

In addition to such roller-textile cantilever shelving, Spacesaver also offers flat drawer storage for smaller or more fragile items. Flat drawer storage can be implemented in a variety of settings, from small scale counter-heights to warehouse-scale mobile racking.

For smaller-scale implementation, Spacesaver offers Viking 395 oversized drawer storage cabinets, which can be outfitted as counter-height or full height storage. Drawer heights and widths are also adjustable to fit various items.

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For larger-scale implementation, Spacesaver’s mobile racking carriages can be outfitted with drawer systems to provide warehouse-level textile storage. These best suit organizations such as museums and art auction houses.

When staff at the University of Rochester, New York needed space to store historical quilts, flags, and other textiles, they relied on Spacesaver’s textile racks to provide optimal storage conditions. The textile rolls helped to decrease the amount of creasing and folding, as well as keep an intact uniformity to the pieces. Additionally, they paired textile rolls with the Viking 920 storage cabinets to control the storage environment and protect their valuable pieces from any damage.

Sculptures and 3D Art

Storing sculptures, busts, and other 3D art forms, space constraints can vary drastically between each piece. Therefore, providing a secure storage solution for such a breadth of pieces can be somewhat challenging. Thankfully, Spacesaver’s mobile storage rack systems can be outfitted to provide safe art storage for art of any shape and size. Spacesaver’s ActivRAC and Eclipse powered-storage systems are constructed atop steel tracking to guide shelves into a condensed and locked position. On top of providing extra security measures, condensable mobile storage can also provide warehouse and large-scale storage settings with a vast increase in space efficiency--allowing for a larger catalogue of pieces to be stored.

Long term evidence storage solutions.jpg

When Frazier Museum in Louisville, KY decided to revamp their art and artifact storage archives, they wanted to maximize their storage potential within the limited space they had available. To do so, they contacted a local Spacesaver rep, who was able to help design and implement a mobile storage shelving system. Implementing a mobile storage system, outfitted with both cabinetry and racking, allowed the Frazier Museum staff to securely store large art and artifact pieces securely, with little concern of damage. They were able to reclaim vast amounts of storage space, opening their collection up for more pieces.

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Regardless of art medium or size, Spacesaver’s wide range of art storage solutions are sure to provide safe and efficient storage. Reducing your institution’s storage footprints allows you to add more pieces to your collection, diversifying your archives while reducing space usage.

Optimize your art collection storage.
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