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Document Imaging

In today’s age, business practices continuously trend towards a more digital experience. Web content, digital marketing strategy, and online commerce are quickly becoming the norm in most organizations’ workflows. To meet the increased demand for digitized content, businesses must adapt by augmenting their workflow and document processing strategies to a more digital system. Some of the most important considerations to be made while doing this are: what to do with existing physical records, how to convert to digitized contract and invoice processing, and how to effectively provide employees and clients alike with such digital content.

Increased Accountability & Distribution

One major advantage of document digitization is increased document visibility and accountability. Converted documents can be easily uploaded to databases and accessed with proper credentials. Additionally, documents can be scanned and archived as digital duplicates to physical and high-value documents, protecting the information from any accidental damages or destruction. Off-site, cloud-based storage is the optimal way to ensure the protection of important invoices, HR documents, and other important content.

Another great advantage offered by digitized document management is the ease of distribution and duplication. With digital content, sharing of documents is as easy as attaching to an email, sharing a hosted file location, or providing viewers with direct access to file directories with the click of a button. In addition, multiple users can view, manage, and manipulate files accordingly simultaneously, without the need for wasted paper duplicates or file duplication.

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Future-proofing of Fragile Materials

When dealing with fragile or old files, paper deterioration is unfortunately common. Paper-based documents and microfilms can become extremely brittle or fragment, leaving little value in maintaining their records effectively. To prevent this, we highly recommend on-site document digitization through our digitization department, outfitted with specialized scanners and staff to deal with aged and fragile materials. During this process, we digitize, organize, and label documents for easy access and sortation. Once completed, documents can be uploaded to any existing cloud-suite software, or delivered via hard drives.

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How Mid-America Can Help You

Document Scanning and Conversion Services

In order to achieve a digitized workspace, Mid-America offers a variety of solutions for your organization to best suit your individual needs. As aforementioned, we offer in-house document conversion services, which is usually best suited for tackling large-scale, high-densities of documents for government bodies, large corporations, or other entities of the sort.

In this process, we gather the requested files from the customer, and hand them over to our document conversion team. Files can range in shape and size from 8x11 printer paper to large-scale images, maps, and construction blueprints. Our scanning team uses specialty, high-volume scanning systems to digitize, encode, and upload each respective document to a storage system of choice. After the documents are done being scanned, they are either returned to the customer, or are incinerated for protection of information. When all of the organization and indexing is complete for the digital files, they are either uploaded to an ECM, a cloud storage system, or a hard drive for physical delivery.


Software Implementation

Another option for organizations looking to implement digitization firsthand is digital form software such as OnTask or ancoraDocs, which can streamline form processing, AP/AR automation, and digital sales order processing--effectively eliminating the majority of paperwork from an office setting. These solutions offer increased visibility, traceability, and key insight data into your organization’s operation that help to keep customers satisfied, and business on track.

Softwares such as OnTask offer a variety of services, most prominently cloud-hosting document management, and digital form workflow automation. OnTask’s cloud services provide a permanent home for your enterprise content, while their workflow automation suite ensures that your company can maintain a paper-free operation. ancoraDocs, on the other hand, provide your business with the ability to digitally process and automate invoice processing.

In a world of increasingly digital commerce and communication, having digitized records is imperative to the success and organization of a business or institution. In order to best serve the needs of your clients and staff, having easily-accessible and transferable digital documents is essential in establishing and maintaining transparency, organizing projects, and retaining important fiscal information. Here at Mid-America, we have all of the necessary tools to serve you, or help you start on your own workflow transformation with digital document services.

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