How the Modula Slim Can Improve E-commerce Warehouse Logistics

Material Handling

As many businesses transition from brick and mortar stores to online, e-commerce operations, many are seeking to improve order fulfillment speeds and overall efficiency levels. To accomplish this, systemic workflow overhauls must be made; relying on upgrades in the technology to expedite the process. Various operations have transitioned to smart, automated storage systems, such as Modula Vertical Lifts. Modula offers lifts in a variety of sizes and weight capacities to provide intelligent, vertical storage systems for almost any setting. Within the market of retail e-commerce, the Modula Slim is the best solution as it’s relatively compact, easy to install, and offers incredibly high retrieval rates. Even one Modula unit can greatly expedite an e-commerce operation’s order fulfilment and store inventories.

Current Challenges for Brick and Mortar Stores


Currently, brick and mortar stores face many difficulties, from reduced customer presence to rising retail operational costs. In-person shopping experiences demand various additional costs to operate, such as rent, electricity, staffing, and general space maintenance. In addition to this, physical size limitations restrict stores’ abilities to carry wide selections of products and fully represent their brands’ lines.

Consumer trends demonstrate a large growth in digital shopping experiences. Online shops can provide a much wider variety of product options, greater market diversity, and much cheaper prices. The immense amount of e-commerce operations that sprawl the internet provide options for consumers, driving down costs for consumers, limiting product monopolies, and upholding companies to deliver on guarantees. Additionally, E-commerce operations have a significantly cheaper operational cost, as they do not need to own a storefront, employee sales workers, and distribute products to said location(s).

Covid-19’s Impact on E-commerce

Within the first month of the COVID pandemic, most non-essential retail stores and other storefronts were forced to close to prevent further transmission. At the same time, online retailers’ and e-commerce operations’ sales orders drastically increased. Many people resorted to shopping online for at-home essentials, attempting to avoid any unnecessary contact at grocery stores or other retailers. Additionally, many office workers transitioned to working from home, which presented e-commerce retailers with a new market of purchasers. E-commerce operations seized the opportunity, making significant profits from a population who may have been less lenient to buy online beforehand, but given circumstances, now rely on e-commerce for daily items and large purchases alike.

Some retailers feel as though this shift towards e-commerce may be the beginning of a permanent transition, and have opted to permanently close some of their stores. If this is the case, and the future of retail is 100% online, then transitioning early is critical to the success of an e-commerce operation.

Modula's Benefits for Warehouse Logistics

1. Increased storage capacity

Modula Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) take advantage of unused vertical space to compactly and neatly store items for e-commerce and other distribution needs.

Implementation of Modula VLMs can reduce floor space use by up to 90%, meaning a much larger (and more organized) inventory can be held in the same amount of space.

Additionally, the single access location of a Modula VLM access bay means much less time will be spent searching for a product. Instead, workers can queue and search for products within the VLMs via the CoPilot or WMS--directly in front of the unit.

2. Integration to WMS and ERP systems

Modula Systems, and accompanying WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) software, can be integrated into existing ERP software to provide e-commerce employees with up-to-date inventories and sales reports. Such information can be utilized to adjust employee scheduling, address bottlenecks, and handle other administrative tasks.

ERPs can also extract logistics information and automatically update web content to reflect existing on-hand counts for customers.

3. Easy installation process

The Modula Slim is unique in the fact that it is composed of a prefabricated chassis, which significantly expedites the installation process.

Its modular design allows installation specialists to construct the Modula Slim quickly and efficiently--usually complete and operational within 48 hours. This differs from other Modula lifts and competitors, which require a longer installation process.

Lower installation costs compared to other storage solutions due to prefab design.


As the world transitions to an e-commerce market, many businesses are taking the proper steps to prepare their operation for maximum functionality and efficiency. Making the change to a vertical storage system such as the Modula Slim can provide a high ROI in order efficiency, accuracy, and storage space; and, in turn, creating a retail warehouse capable of keeping up with the growing demands of a technology-driven society.

Increase your business' storage capacity.
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