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Which Weapons Storage Suits Your Organization’s Needs?

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When storing weapons, restricted access, and security are the number one priority, it is of utmost importance to ensure that only authorized users can access weapon caches. These measures must be taken to reduce accidental discharge, theft, or other dangerous situations.

With Spacesaver storage products, safety and security are at the forefront of their design.  Built from high-grade metal plating and military-grade locking mechanisms, their products are designed to meet a wide range of demands. Additionally, Spacesaver’s products range in size and application from personal handgun storage to large-scale, deployable military supply ordinances. To find out which Spacesaver weapons storage system best suits your storage needs, learn about the different types of options listed below.

Smaller Applications

Freestyle Storage Units

Spacesaver’s Freestyle storage units can excel at handling small-scale weapons and munitions storage by outfitting the interior with machined pegboard backings. Freestyle storage systems can be seamlessly installed alongside other storage cabinets, maximizing storage potential. While some storage units are better suited for certain weapon types, the customizability of the Freestyle makes it appealing for any small arms storage.


Fast Response Lockers

Spacesaver’s Fast Response Lockers are designed with emergency response in mind, with features centered around security, accessibility, and concealment. Designed to appear as a normal, personal storage locker, Fast Response Lockers are equipped with quick-access measures such as pin-pad access and keyless entry. Therefore, these lockers are best equipped to handle the storage of emergency rifles and munitions in courthouses, airports, and primary schools. Because of its low-profile design, these lockers can be placed around public areas for quick access by on-site officers (in case of emergency).


Floor and Wall-Mounted Gun Lockers

Spacesaver Floor and Wall-Mounted Gun Lockers offer the most compartmentalized gun storage capable of being adjusted to weapon sizes and types. Spacesaver can customize lockers for handguns only, rifles only, or any combination of weapon type necessary. Additionally, the locker is separated by individual compartments, each with their own respective combination, pin-pad lock, or keyhole.

Large Applications

Universal Weapon Rack (UWR)

Freestyle and Mounted Gun Lockers may not have enough capacity when storing larger, military-grade weapons. Additionally, such models are limited by the immobility of the unit itself. With Spacesaver’s Universal Weapon Rack (UWR), armaments can be stored in military-grade secure and mobile storage units. The Universal Weapons Rack is lightweight, yet rigid and can be moved by hand when needed. They come in a variety of sizes to suit any type of weapon stored.

TriCON Weapons Storage

If even larger-scale storage is necessary, then Spacesaver’s TriCON Weapons Storage Solution might be needed. TriCON Storage Containers can be outfitted with Universal Expeditionary Weapons Storage System (UEWSS), a weapons storage racking system built in collaboration with the U.S. Navy. The advantage of such a large TriCON storage container is the ability to ship and deploy large armament caches via flatbed trucks or other shipping methods.

Any Size Applications

WeaponWRX Modular Storage System

Spacesaver’s WeaponWRX Modular Storage System is a mountable shelving system that is designed to be wall-mounted, installed inside of a Universal Weapons Storage unit, or any mobile cart. Its easy-to-customize design allows its application in almost any space and size, providing ergonomic and secure storage of most small arms. It can be used on metal pegboarding, shelving, and many other storage architectures.


Specialty Storage

Plastic or Rubber Lined Shelving and Cabinets

When storing electroshock weapons such as tasers and stun guns, it is incredibly important to take the proper precautions to avoid an accidental discharge. Therefore, implementing plastic or rubber-lined shelving and cabinets is of utmost importance to reduce the chances of metal contact. Taking the proper precautions to avoid electroshock discharge will greatly reduce the chances of injury to officers and insure against damage to other stored devices.


No matter which Spacesaver product you choose, each one can be tailored and adapted to maximize storage. Organization systems such as WeaponWRX can accommodate almost any existing storage system; outfitted to high density mobile shelving or small storage lockers alike. Additionally, as seen with electroshock storage, customizations and extra precautionary measures can easily be implemented into the design of any Spacesaver storage system, ensuring that your weapons will be stored safely and securely. Whether you’re storing a small armory, or a personal collection, Spacesaver weapons storage systems are suited to handle any size securely and efficiently.

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