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3 Ways to Secure and Protect Materials within a Modula VLM

Material Handling

When dealing with large quantities of products or high-value merchandise, storage security is incredibly important. In order to prevent theft, misplacement of items, or other damages that could occur, Modula has created a variety of different optional add-ons for their Vertical Lift Modules. From ID scanners to the automatic opening and closing power door., Modula’s add-ons cover a variety of security measures and help you better protect your warehouse from theft or damages.

1. Automatic Door

The automatic door is an additional option for most Modula VLMs which provides automated access bay security. When not in operation or after use, the door automatically closes, offering greater storage security and protecting stored items from external particulates. The automatic door is powered, meaning no physical effort is necessary.



2. User Authentication via Badge/EKS/RFID

Modula VLMs can be programmed to only permit certain users access to specific trays. EKS and badge readers can be installed to the Modula VLM to allow for user-authenticated access, further securing the items inside from theft or misplacement. Additionally, through the Modula CoPilot, you can establish an automatic logout upon removal of the EKS reader or badge, ensuring that the module is secure, traceable, and inoperable without authorization.

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3. ESD Protection

When dealing with sensitive electronics, microchips, and computing hardware, accidental electrostatic discharge can render products useless. Even slight static from friction can be enough to short certain electrical components. Therefore, including Modula’s ESD Protection System is essential to any company using Modula VLMs to store their electronics.

The ESD Protection System is a toolkit that provides a groundable wristband or floor mat positioned in front of the storage unit. Both options are grounded to the front of the storage unit. Implementing these devices in your warehouse will ensure that no accidental damage occurs to your electronics products.

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Whether you’re looking to secure your items from potential theft or protect them from accidental damages, Modula’s security and traceability options provide all of that and more. Modula’s extensive options selection allows you to tailor your warehouse workflow for peak security, efficiency, and accuracy.

Secure and protect your materials.
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