Canon Wide Format for Government Organizations

Document Imaging

Working in a government setting can present a multitude of wide-format printing needs and challenges. Different printing sizes, paper types, and many other factors can drastically affect your choice in wide-format printer. Here at Mid-America, we recommend the Canon TX series printers for any government needs. Canon TX printers are capable of printing a plethora of documents easily and securely.

Overview of the Canon TX Series wide-format printer features.


Dual Roll Feeder

Whether it’s a printable public health infographic or a large-scale blueprint for a civic theatre project, most wide-format printers can handle a variety of large-format sizes. With Canon printers, in particular, the transition between projects is made even easier with a dual roll feeder; allowing users to simultaneously load multiple sizes of printable media.


TX Stacker

Sharing a wide-format printer within or between departments is made much easier with Canon’s TX Stacker, an attachment that supports high volume printing by storing the fresh prints flat. The TX Stacker can store up to 100 fresh prints and reduces the curl of the pages by design. This allows for high volume, continuous printing while reducing the risk of damage to the print.

TX Stacker.png

Scanning Capabilities


You can easily add scanning capabilities to a Canon wide-format TX printer by simply connecting to the internal computer. The on-board user interface features a large touch screen, where you can view print statuses, ink levels, and much more. The scanner option also gives you the ability to digitize wide-format documents in-house for archival purposes.


Ease of Use

Automatic Roll Feeder

Filling paper is made easy with Canon’s automatic roll feeder. Simply place and lock and the printer will feed the paper directly into position for printing.

unnamed (2).png

Direct Printing from USB Drive

Printing on the go is made easy with USB drive printing, directly from the on-board computer. This allows you to share between departments as a self-service printer or print large files directly from the on-board computer.


Print Quality

Print Head & Ink

Often relying on blueprints and city schematics, city planners and architects rely on wide format printers to produce high-depth and resolution images. The 5-color TD ink set provides high quality-CAD printing through fine lines and sharp text. In addition to blueprints and schematics, city planners may need to print out large-print photos and keynotes for board presentations and industry conventions.


Additionally, civic engineers may rely on large-scale prints to study electrical infrastructure, sewage systems, and other types of high-detail mapping. These can also be printed onto waterproof paper and signage, which is a significant advantage for anyone working in the field.



Hard Disk & Internet Encryption

With illicit data breaches becoming more prevalent, protecting sensitive information should be a high priority. Working in government positions sometimes means dealing with sensitive data such as finances and personal identification data.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your printing services do not present a weak link in your digital security. The encrypted internal hard drives protect confidential information for print jobs and other data. IPSec security measures also utilize encryption to bar any tampering of data sent over an IP network.


Device Authentication

Communication between specific devices and printers are made secure through server authentication. Using authentication tokens means that only verified computers have access to the printer, rather than a traditional IP-based print service.

The Canon TX Series wide-format printers excel in a wide range of markets and applications at an affordable cost. Canon’s new printing technology paired with intuitive features makes the TX series an obvious pick for any department’s printing needs. Our knowledgeable, Canon-certified staff are available to discuss product lines and details at your convenience.

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