How Bedlifts Can Benefit Your Hospital During and After Covid

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One nagging issue that hospitals often face is the shortage of hospital beds for intake patients. This issue has only been exacerbated by COVID-19, which has strained hospital resources to the breaking point. Many hospitals face full bed capacity from the influx of COVID patients, lacking a single bed for ER patients or severe COVID cases.

Benefits of Vidir Bedlifts

Within a hospital, supply storage must be efficiently compiled to maximize open spaces to reduce walkway congestion and backups. However, hospital beds can occupy substantial amounts of space, especially when not in use. Their size and oblong shape make efficient storage near impossible. To effectively provide hospitals with proper medical bed storage, Vidir designed their Bedlift storage system.

Vidir Bedlifts are an automated storage system providing hospitals with stackable, motorized vertical bed storage. These lifts can be installed at various points within the hospital, providing ‘hallway beds’ with a permanent location. These storage systems alleviate clutter in critical pathways and help hospitals to meet JHACO standards of practice.  

Vidir Bedlifts function by sliding hospital beds into the system from either the front or the side (depending on model), where they are attached to the internal mechanism for storage compaction. From there, the bed is lifted up with the push of a button, exposing an open slot for the next bed to be slid in.

How Deer Valley Medical Center Increased Patient Services

When Deer Valley Medical Center, located within the Phoenix metro area, was regularly hitting ‘surge capacity,’ they needed to reconsider their hospital bed count and facility operation. Snowbirds, who regularly visit and stay for extended periods within the greater Phoenix area, were often attending the Deer Valley Facility. The large fluctuation of patients created a difficult problem for the facility: they needed to have beds on hand for patients during the winter surge, but could not afford to house the necessary beds within the limited storage spaces at hand.  


Therefore, they chose to implement Vidir Bedlifts into their facility, decreasing their storage space greatly and alleviating storage strain on busy hallways. These Bedlifts also permitted the hospital to provide service to their increasing number of patients, while also operating within JHACO patient safety parameters.

Vidir Lift Models

Vidir offers four different Bedlift models to provide hospitals of various sizes and storage needs.  

BedliftR (Standard)

The BedliftR is the standard Bedlift unit, designed to accept most standard hospital bed sizes with a 27” vertical pitch. It can store up to 600 pounds per position, and loads from the front of the unit.  


The BedliftX is built with a larger chassis, designed to fit wider hospital beds. It features a 33” vertical pitch and can handle 900 pounds per position. Like the BedliftR, this model also loads from the front.  


The BedliftS is similar to the BedliftR, except this model load from the side of the unit, rather than the front. This model is especially useful for spaces with unique floorspace constraints, or have smaller load/unload space.  


The BedliftN is specifically designed with lower-profile hospital beds, stretchers, and operating tables in mind. The unit features a 31.5” width, and loads from the front as a standard Bedlift does. These units are most useful in OR units, EMS drop-off locations, or other areas which regularly handle operating tables and stretchers.


With hospital spaces increasingly in high demand, administrators have frequently utilized Vidir’s Bedlift to provide ICU’s, OR’s, and other hospital units with on-scene, deployable hospital beds. Not only do Bedlifts offer the ability to store an increased bed count, they also declutter high-flow walkways and provide efficient storage for otherwise intrusive medical gear. If you are considering implementing a Vidir Bedlift in your medical center, contact us at Mid-America for more technical information, pricing contracts, and free quotes.

Increase your hospital's bed storage space.
Next Steps
Increase your hospital's bed storage space.
VIDIR Bedlifts
Next Steps
Increase your hospital's bed storage space.
Next Steps
Increase your hospital's bed storage space.


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