The Benefits of Sterile Supply Storage on Mobile Shelving

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Sterility is paramount to the success of a hospital; if tools or equipment are unsterile, it can jeopardize the patient’s immune system and health. Proper sterile storage solutions require extra consideration and planning measures to retain a clean environment that is necessary. Spacesaver’s storage systems promote protective, modular storage to fit almost any sterile medical workspace.

Protection for Sanitary Environments and Sterile Supplies

Sanitation and sterility are critical when dealing with open wounds and surgeries. Ensuring that your tools, bandages, and even bedsheets are being stored in a sanitary environment is of utmost importance to hospital planners and staff. Spacesaver’s storage items, such as ActivRAC and EZ-Rail mobile storage systems, can be easily adapted or modified to meet the sterile requirements of any hospital setting. In addition, Spacesaver’s Wheelhouse mobile storage system is a viable alternative for spaces that cannot have mounted rails. Spacesaver’s storage solutions can be constructed from stainless steel, wire mesh, or high-density polymer plastics for easy cleaning.

Configurations built from stainless steel and wire mesh are best suited for sterile environments, as metal impedes the growth of bacteria, limiting the potential for spread and contamination. Additionally, wire mesh shelving reduces the surface area for dust to collect, further ensuring that no buildups of antigens occur.


A Virginia-based hospital needed a storage system that could foster a sterile environment, and also function effectively in a temperature-controlled setting. In order to do so, they utilized Spacesaver ActivRAC SS (stainless steel) high-density mobile shelving, paired with wire shelving, ensuring that buildup of contamination would be minimized. Even the addition of two ActivRAC shelving units was enough additional storage space to effectively condense their supply collection down to the desired size. The mobility of the storage system allowed for a less crowded workspace, and more secure storage of sterile equipment and pathology equipment.

Customizable and Adaptable Storage for Different Workplaces

While constructing a sterile storage area is one part of the process, maintaining it is a whole other task. Many storage solution products may interfere or compromise the integrity of a sterile area by accidentally exposing it to elements such as wood floors or porous polymers. No matter the setting of the sterile storage, Spacesaver’s products can be customized and integrated with existing systems to provide enhanced storage potential.


When Spacesaver was approached to help construct a sterile storage solution for a US Navy ship, they needed to figure out how to accommodate a large surplus of medical storage in a low-ceilinged, condensed room outfitted below the decks. They were able to devise a plan which consisted of wire shelving on small ActivRAC mobile storage units, mounted to a rail system. They laid vinyl flooring around the rail system to minimize protrusion and allow for easier access with medical carts and other transport devices.

Whether you’re looking to increase your current sterile storage capabilities, or are constructing new sterile storage spaces, Spacesaver’s product variety and flexibility will make certain that whatever is stored is secure and stays properly sterilized. The adaptability of Spacesaver products makes storing easy and efficient, with minimal operational effort.

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