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Solutions to Store Uniquely Shaped Gear in Military Facilities

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When dealing with high-grade, sophisticated military technology, secure and specialized storage solutions are a compulsory consideration. Equipment such as flight suits and dive gear is essential to the safety of those serving and must be securely stored to protect from accidental damages.  To fully protect such delicate equipment, Spacesaver has created and modified a variety of static and mobile storage products to fit the considerations and needs of such specialized gear.

Storing Bulk Goods

Military bases, just like any other institution, require resources and supplies. To effectively sort, distribute, and store such goods, complex organization strategies must be employed. Spacesaver’s products, specifically products such as Eclipse mobile storage, help military bases effectively sort and condense munitions, food goods, and other equipment. Condensable Eclipse systems can reduce storage footprints by up to 90%, allowing for a vastly larger amount of product to be stored in the original space.  Other solutions, such as Spacesaver lockable storage cabinets, better suit storing critical items such as oxygen tanks and medical supplies, and protect them from tipping or exposure to elements.

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When a U.S. Air Force base was having difficulty effectively storing g-suits (specialty flight suits) and helmets for their pilots, Spacesaver reps were able to custom-design a storage locker solution to best fit their needs. The Spacesaver reps created nearly 60 of the unique lockers with specific slots for helmets, slide-out compartments for g-suits, and hanging locker space for personal belongings and fatigues. These lockers helped reduce clutter within equipment rooms, better organized the suit-up process, and reduced chances of misplaced or lost items.  

Oddly-Shaped / Oblong Gear

Military gear can come in many shapes and sizes, with many traditional storage systems being dimensionally incompatible. Spacesaver’s shelving systems are easily modifiable to best suit the storage of any gear: whether it’s hanging parachute packs, storing flight helmets, or storing long-barrel weaponry, Spacesaver shelving and cabinet systems can be altered to adapt. Additionally, FrameWRX and WeaponWRX storage systems incorporate hanging and mountable posts for easy vertical storage of fatigues, packs, and other personal gear.

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Before the incorporation of Spacesaver, a U.S. Navy dive school had been storing their scuba gear in bags along the floor. Improper storage of such equipment can lead to malfunctions, damage, or other detrimental effects. To remedy the situation, a Spacesaver rep modified and installed caster-wheeled parachute racks, complete with ‘arms’ to hold BCDs and other scuba equipment with ease. These storage racks are easily movable, meaning the spaces can be reorganized and optimized to best serve the storage needs. Additionally, these racks helped protect the scuba gear from damage, allowed it to dry quicker, and opened valuable walkway space. In addition, the same storage system can also be implemented to store other pack items such as parachutes or field packs.

The extensive and specific needs of each military branch require much forethought when planning for gear storage. Spacesaver’s product lines provide customizable solutions to the needs of each storage facility, and as demonstrated, can be altered to best suit the needs of the end-users. By saving time and space, military bases and academies alike can share in the storage benefits that Spacesaver products provide.

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