Modula + Medical Pt. 1: Store Varying Instruments and Equipment

Material Handling

Both biomedical and pharmaceutical manufacturing rely on sanitary conditions and organized storage to ensure the quality and inventory of products in development. Therefore, when implementing any kind of storage solution, sanitation and proper storage space is a top priority. Modula’s Vertical Lift Modules are a perfect solution for both manufacturing fields, as they can be easily integrated into clean rooms, refrigerated spaces, and other specialty settings to ensure proper production and storage. Read on to learn how Modula can store medical manufactured goods.

Varying Instrument and Equipment Storage

Biomedical engineering and manufacturing operations frequently deal with developing products of various sizes, ranging from as small as heart stents to large prosthetic replacements and hospital peripherals. Modula Lift systems have modular trays, meaning trays can be reorganized and modified to handle products of any size or quantity. Additionally, Modula’s vertical storage design and locking bay access ensure that all products are safe and accounted for within the unit itself, as it is impossible to access without permissions from the operator interface through RFID badge readers and password protection.

Reduce Storage Footprint

Innomed biomedical manufacturing was having significant difficulties storing oddly-shaped surgical tools and instruments effectively with traditional warehouse storage techniques. With the inclusion of Modula Lift solutions into their logistics workflow, they were able to store almost 90% of their entire inventory within 308 square feet of space, effectively reducing their storage footprint significantly. Additionally, they were able to dramatically reduce the picking time for online orders, some of which would have 10 to 15 list items at a time. By storing their products in a lift, workers have immediate access to almost every line item with the push of a button.


Protect Goods from Contamination and Damage

Intas Pharmaceutical manufacturing was facing difficulties storing pill casts and other heavy machinery used in production. Traditional racking poses threats of contamination, damage, and excessive use of storage space. The implementation of a Modula Lift system allowed this company to utilize vertical storage space to cleanly and securely store pill casts. Storage in the Lift unit also reduces the chances of damage to such casts, as they are accessible from the access bay (which sits at waist height).


Modula Lifts can be easily installed and integrated into your warehouse with enhancements to sanitary protocols, as their construction and design foster minimal physical interaction. Whether you’re looking to secure your stored product or declutter valuable floor space, Modula’s Lift systems can accomplish all of that and more in both biomedical and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications.

Improve your medical equipment storage.
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