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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Intelligent Capture Solution

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Whether you’re simply processing accounts payable line item detail, or handling and converting various document types (sales orders, receivables, HR forms, etc.), there are important differences in intelligent capture applications which may factor into what program you choose. Mid-America Document Imaging has provided a list of eight items to think about before you make your final decision.

Factors to Consider


Are there monthly fees, subscriptions, or various hardware required to effectively run the software? Is the return on the investment higher than the initial software buy-in? This is especially important to consider when dealing with programs that require a monthly subscription; or if you have a tight budget to work with.

Implementation and Integration

Simplicity is key. Finding a product that can be easily and effectively implemented will ensure that your transition to a digital invoicing platform is quick and painless. Integration with your ERP/Accounting software or other Line-of-Business databases is a necessary component of the software you choose.

Ease of Use

Capture solution software should be easy to master, allowing end-users to maximize the product’s potential for your business. A product that is difficult to use will slow down processing times and muddy your cost-saving potential.

Machine Learning and Classification Engines

Programs with a highly-developed classification engine will have no trouble learning and capturing various types of values and data. Well developed intelligent capture software incorporates machine learning capabilities to streamline parameter setup, eliminate the need for manual sorting, and recognize data patterns without templates.


A well-designed capture software should be able to handle documents from any source, including email, scanners, network drives, digital documents, faxes, etc. It should also handle capturing all lines of data, rather than a single parameter at a time.

Multi-language support

In an increasingly-international business environment, handling and processing documents of various languages expand your possibilities for international trade ventures. Therefore, it is incredibly important that your capture software is capable of processing documents of different languages.


When dealing with private documents and sensitive information, it is critical to have a secure intelligent capture application. Be sure to look for products that offer encryption and security measures to ensure the safety of your information.

Cloud Connectivity

As business handlings rely more on web-based content management, access to and storage of digital files is increasingly pertinent to an effective business strategy. Finding an intelligent capture software that utilizes a cloud-based storage platform allows easy access to the documents, integration into other ERP or accounting software, and many other file management tasks to be completed with ease.

These factors are a few of many, but are some of the most critical when researching and deciding upon an intelligent capture solution software. While many options exist, few satisfy all of the requirements.

Our Suggestion: ancoraDocs

ancoraDocs checks off a majority of the factors listed above. Read more about its capabilities in our 4 Areas You can Use ancoraDocs blog.

As you can see, there are vast differences in complexity and implementation cost when it comes to selecting an intelligent capture solution, so making an informed purchase is critical. We hope this list has provided you with guidance as you explore the many options available to make your workflow more streamlined and issue-free.

Learn what ancoraDocs can do for your business.
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