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Mobile Military Storage Containers and UTV Racking

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When it comes to military gear, security and portability are two critical considerations. Gear can range from small, handheld devices, to large-scale vehicles and heavy machinery. In order to handle the storage and movement of said gear, military operations must depend on efficient and secure storage systems. Spacesaver’s TriCon, UTV Racking, and Universal Storage Containers provide dependable storage solutions to mobile military operations, making it easy to deploy gear and garrison efficiently and safely.

TriCon Weapons and Personal Gear Storage

Spacesaver’s TriCon Storage Chassis is a high-density steel container, fitted with exterior strapping, and forklift lift points, and crane attachment points--making it an easily transportable and deployable personal gear locker for troops on the move. TriCon systems take advantage of traditional shipping container design, making it very easy to conform to existing transportation methods. In addition, the TriCon system can be paired with a Universal Expeditionary Weapons Storage System (UEWSS), a specialized storage optimization system designed to protect weaponry and gear during transport.

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TriCon Weapons Transport UEWSS.jpg

The interior walls of a TriCon weapons storage unit are outfitted with UEWSS racking, designed to store as many firearms or as much gear as possible within the limited confines of a storage container. Mounted and lockable shelving lines the walls alongside the weapons for smaller guns, attachments, ammunition storage, or other general use. Each TriCon can be customized with specific parameters to best suit the needs of storage space.


For example, a Spacesaver rep customized TriCon units with day-use military lockers for a U.S. Coast Guard training operation to best suit the needs of students at the training site. This eliminated the need to store personal effects, uniforms, and dive gear at a barracks.

UTV Racking for Vehicular Deployment

For mobile military operations, vehicular deployment is essential. What was once a problematic and strenuous operation is much easier thanks to Spacesaver’s UTV Racking system--constructed in conjunction with the U.S. Military. The UTV Racking system is a high-tensile metal framework designed to encapsulate a vehicle for easy transport via semi, ship, or other systems that utilize shipping containers.

Stackable UTV Rack from Spacesaver (1).jpg

The collapsible systems can be easily constructed around vehicles, offering tie-downs for stability and security, while still offering easy access to the vehicle within. Each system also features a locking roll-on ramp on both ends, four-way forklift access, and a treaded deck. The structure of the UTV allows for unit stacking, up to three vehicles high, for maximum storage efficiency.

unnamed (1).jpg

Universal Storage Containers for High-Density Storage

Military operations require large swathes of personal, situational, and peripheral gear, ranging in size and shape. In order to effectively store large quantities of military supplies, personal gear, and other required goods, many Military operations have turned to Spacesaver’s Universal Storage Containers (USC’s). USC’s are steel, stackable storage bins designed to protect and efficiently store military goods.

parachute-universal-storage-container (1).gif

The USC is a ventilated, lockable, and modular alternative to standard pallet racking containers. Originally designed to store parachutes for Army Quartermasters, the design has since been co-opted to store a multitude of other products.

Whether you’re moving large personnel vehicles or personal storage lockers, Spacesaver’s military storage solutions offer top-of-the-line security and protection from damage. Their high-tensile steel construction ensures the highest durability and accountability in fabrication. Here at Mid-America, we offer the full line of Spacesaver Military Storage solutions and are ready to assist you with whatever solution you need.

Secure and mobilize your military storage.
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