How a Modula VLM will Keep You Prepared for the Rest of 2021 and Onward

Material Handling

Due to COVID-19 transmission relying heavily on interpersonal contact, many manufacturing and distribution centers are finding it necessary to implement preventative conduct guidelines to reduce the potential of spread. One solution to reduce the chances of transmission within facilities is to implement automated storage and retrieval systems. Modula’s Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) can easily reduce transmission rates by providing individual workers with all tools necessary to perform logistics tasks and stocking. Below we list three ways a VLM can keep your business running, safe, and prepared for the rest of this year and onward.


1. Further Reduce Human-to-Human Contact

As the majority of COVID transmissions occur during personal interactions, reducing physical contact is crucial. In order to reduce such contact, systemic workflow changes must be implemented to alter how inventory management and manipulation occur in your warehouse.

Modula’s line of Lift models allows almost any business to adopt VLMs into their industrial workflow. VLMs provide independent picking and inventorying flows, thereby reducing the need for inter-employee physical interaction throughout the picking, putting, and stock manipulation processes. Additionally, VLMs require only one operator, further reducing any chances of infection.

Modula’s interactive CoPilot operator interface allows employees to access inventory reports, view product locations, and request items to be delivered to the bay. On top of this, interactive peripherals such as label printers and LED status bars provide operators with all the necessary tools for performing daily order fulfillment tasks without having to meet with other employees.

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On top of these features, Modula also offers a OnePick VLM model, which can be set up to pick items from delivery orders autonomously. This VLM can be incorporated into a conveyor belt system, and place the item onto the belt for packaging later on.

2. Maintain Productivity with a Limited Staff

As many workers have been laid off, opted for absence, or quit, a majority of businesses have felt the pressure of reduced staff. Modula Lift VLMs help combat decreased efficiency by promoting a much higher order-fulfillment count in the same amount of time.

With a high influx of new hires, or complete employee reorganization, many companies are needing to train staff efficiently to minimize lost production time. Modula’s intuitive design, paired with an online learning platform provided by Modula, means that your staff will be up and running at full potential within a matter of days.

Modula VLMs bring product to the workers, rather than workers searching for product, significantly reducing labor time spent navigating warehouse settings. By storing products categorically within the VLM, workers can queue product delivery from the CoPilot interface for quick and efficient picking. Additionally, workers can fulfill and complete orders, readying parcels for shipping in a matter of minutes thanks to Modula’s peripheral add-ons.


3. Anticipate a Potential Freeze in Production/Distribution

Recently, growing concern over a possible ‘second wave’ of COVID outbreaks has led to many businesses fearing another freeze on production or distribution. To prepare for the potential of a second outbreak, manufacturing and distribution centers should take valuable time to build inventories of high-selling products, in case of any supply-chain disconnect. Should a second wave hit, these businesses will have a surplus of stock to provide for customers.

One way many preparing businesses have expanded their storage potential is by utilizing VLMs. Through the implementation of Modula Lifts, your business can recover over 90% of their floorspace. As Modula Lifts utilize vertical storage space, warehouse floors become more readily open for a multitude of needs. With such vast storage space reclamation, overstocking for a potential second wave is made easy.

Modula’s CoPilot and complimentary Warehouse Management Software (WMS) can intelligently track and automatically update inventory counts, locations, and other important logistics information--meaning your inventory will remain accurate and filled.


As many businesses prepare for the last two quarters of the year in a variety of ways, one aspect is clear: being prepared for such an event is crucial to any effective logistics plan. Whether or not a second wave does come to fruition, having a solid production and distribution plan will benefit your company’s ability to be a competitive service and product provider. In addition to the temporary relief that a VLM can provide, VLM’s also provide long-term, high ROI benefits in employee efficiency, safety of staff, and order accuracy.

Keep your business safe.
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