How Car Dealerships Utilize a Modula VLM

Material Handling

In today’s fast-moving, high demand, and client-driven automotive service environments, many dealerships are experiencing an immediate need to improve their internal processes. Service technicians must know where a specific repair part is located, how many there are, and how long it has been inventoried. Sounds easy, right?

So, when using traditional storage technology such as fixed shelving or a mezzanine, certain challenges come with this: where is the part, can we get to the part quickly, is an ergonomic work environment, do we know how long the part has been on the shelf, is their traceability of the part? These impediments usually  result in a decrease in productivity and client satisfaction ratings.

However, implementing a Modula Vertical Lift Module (VLM) can alleviate these pain points through the following features.

Integration with Dealer Management Systems

Between the actual Modula Vertical Lift Module and the Modula’s Warehouse Management software, integration is straightforward. Integration with existing Dealer Management Systems (DMS) allows your dealership to automate invoicing and inventorying processes for both financial and mechanical systems.

Improvements in Efficiency and Time

Due to its relatively low spatial footprint, a Modula Lift can optimize busy service departments by efficiently supplying high-rotation repair and service parts to the maintenance bays and technicians. This helps minimize picking and parts delivery times to technicians working on a vehicle or to a will-call department.

Additionally, Modula WMS allows trays to be mapped in the operator interface to easily visualize the locations of stored products, effectively expediting maintenance projects.

Space Management

Because of its incredibly small floor plan footprint, Modula Lifts can help you regain up to 90% of used floor space. Their vertical storage design utilizes otherwise unused vertical storage space, meaning that your dealership can grow your inventory while saving floorspace. Some dealerships have been able to open additional service and maintenance bays, increasing customer satisfaction, and revenue!

Within the Modula Lift itself, trays are built with customizable and removable partitions and dividers allowing full optimization per tray.

Security & Safety

Expensive auto parts can be stored and retrieved safely and efficiently while providing a managed chain of custody. The Modula Lift’s Co-pilot console has specific customizable security features, and can limit access based on user permissions. This will ensure that only certified technicians and mechanics have access to the lift and its valuable contents.


Whether you’re looking to optimize space or reduce labor hours spent on repairs, Modula Lifts and WMS systems can maximize your storage potential and increase efficiency. Ensure you’re reaching profit potential in your automotive dealership by integrating a Modula Vertical Lift today.


Optimize your dealership's floorspace.
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