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TUSC: Control Mobile Storage Remotely

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Modern technological advancements have significantly altered the way warehouse storage functions. Today, warehouse systems can automate inventories, direct pickers to product locations, and greatly expedite the order process. Spacesaver, an industry leader, has developed and released a mobile application called TUSC. The application can greatly assist in both moving and maintaining compatible models of Spacesaver’s mobile storage systems.

What is the TUSC Platform?

The Transforming Usable Space & Compatibility (TUSC) Control app is an interactive mobile app developed by Spacesaver which can control the movement of mobile storage systems. Spacesaver products, specifically ActivRAC and Eclipse can be paired to the TUSC app to allow for full control and placement manipulation. TUSC can be utilized for a variety of different functions, from remote movement to organization strategies. [Compatible Model Chart]


In addition to TUSC, Spacesaver has also launched an app interface for maintenance and troubleshooting: TUSC Diagnostics. TUSC Diagnostics provides service workers with faults and trip reports when troubleshooting errors or mechanical issues that Spacesaver mobile storage units may have.


Spacesaver’s ActivRAC and Eclipse mobile storage systems can be purchased equipped with a digital operator interface, which allows for Bluetooth connectivity or manual operation. If you have TUSC installed on your mobile device, you can use the application to easily move shelving aisles around remotely. TUSC also has built-in inventory documentation, meaning you can document item placement for others to see. Additionally, you can use the search feature to easily locate specific items.

How are TUSC apps beneficial?


TUSC Mobile Control is greatly beneficial as both a virtual remote for mobile storage and an organization tool. Mobile shelving can become very heavy when loaded with goods, meaning that manual movement can become difficult. It alleviates the strain necessary to move dense mobile shelving, reducing the risk of operator injury. Additionally, the app can connect with laser-based guides to ensure no product or people are in-between shelves during movement. TUSC can also provide optimized organization strategy, as shelf compartments can be labeled and viewed via the app--thereby reducing picking operation times and eliminating excess travel.

TUSC Diagnostics is of critical importance to service workers as it helps to identify and resolve mechanical-or software-related issues that mobile storage units may face. Additionally, it features ‘wizards’ which can apply automatic hotfixes to the software or further diagnose mechanical failures to expedite the repair process. Additionally, TUSC Diagnostics is capable of storing and transmitting diagnostic and technical data to the Spacesaver central support team if further analysis is needed. For Spacesaver reps, TUSC Diagnostics means you can diagnose issues and provide effective service to clients within a matter of minutes.

TUSC in a Commerce Application

The Abnormal Beer Company, a large-scale brewery in San Diego, was having difficulty with efficiently storing kegs of beer during pre-sale staging. Their previous warehouse layout provided insufficient space for their beer storage. In order to maximize their temperature-controlled warehouse space, they decided to incorporate Spacesaver’ ActivRAC mobile shelving and racking.

unnamed (4).jpg

Pairing ActivRAC with the TUSC Mobile Control app, they were able to neatly organize their space and increased storage capacity by 100%. They were able to condense and manipulate their storage racking via the TUSC app, as well as further organize their inventory. This vast increase in space has allowed for greater beer production and permitted Abnormal Beer Company to rent out extra space to smaller-scale local brewers.

TUSC Mobile Control provides a variety of important assets to almost any mobile storage setting. Whether you’re searching for a file in a records storage archive or manipulating materials stored in a warehouse, TUSC provides the proper tools necessary for quick location and identification. If you’re considering implementing any sort of mobile storage solution, consider implementing Spacesaver TUSC integrated products.

Utilize TUSC with a Spacesaver mobile storage system.
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